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ATC can have additional indexing through a dash as two digits – 01, 03, 04, etc., to determine the model or modifications as a transitional or any additional equipment. Table 2 Classification of engines on the working volume KlassRabochy volume l1do 0.752svyshe 0.75do 1.23svyshe 1.2do 2.04svyshe 2.0do 4.05 over 4.0do 7.06svyshe 7.0do 10.07svyshe 10.0do 15.08svyshe 15.0 Prior to the digital index put an abbreviation or code name of the manufacturer. The right to assign numeric index provided sue U.S " With the designation of trailers and semi-first position numeric index indicates: trailer – 8, semitrailer – 9, the second – the type of trailer or indicated in accordance with the type of car (3 – flatbed, 5 – dump, 6 – tank, 7 – van 9 – special). Basic models of automobile engines, their components and parts are denoted by the same normal ten-digit numerical index. The first digit of the index determines the class engine depending on the working volume (Table 2).

Subsequent figures indicate the index number of the basic model, engine, parts and components. Currently, each type of car also receives a number of technical According to the most harmonized All-Russian Classification of production (CCP), the 45th class which allows to expand the description of the modifications of the exchange. In some cis countries for this purpose continues to be used All-Union Classifier. Given the global automotive standards adopted in the un European Economic Commission, cargo vehicles are classified into categories (Table 3). Table 3 Classification freight vehicles by category maximum weight *, ATSN1Do 03.05 ** For transportation gruzovN2Svyshe 3.5 to 12.0 ** 12.0 ** N3Svyshe 01Do 0.75Buksiruemye pbx – pritsepy02Svyshe 0,75 to 3.5Buksiruemye pbx – trailers polupritsepy03Ot 3.5 to 10.0 10.0 *** *** 04Bolee * Special equipment installed in special ats is considered as an equivalent load. ** For tractors designed for towing semi-trailers as a permitted maximum weight considering the amount of the mass of the tractor in running condition and the mass corresponding to the maximum static vertical load exerted by the tractor from the trailer through the fifth wheel device, and also, if necessary, the maximum weight of the cargo truck. *** For semi-trailers coupled with a tractor or trailer with the central axis as the maximum permissible weight of considering the mass corresponding maximum static vertical load on the bearing surface of the axle (s), when the semitrailer or trailer with the central axis attached to the tractor and the maximum load.

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