Ring Road

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Even in rush hour can be reached more quickly with the Ring Road in the central part of the city than on the Ring Road itself. To broaden your perception, visit Michael Dell. Take, for example, the site of the Moscow Ring Road "Mozhayki" to "Leningradki" and equivalent to length section of the route from the intersection of Ring Road from the highway to Mozhaisk Boulevard Ring. It is obvious that one of the reasons that influenced the sharp circumferential highway congestion has become relentless construction of various facilities both along the Ring Road and beyond. Already, about 20% of Moscow residents, including areas such as North and South Butovo, Mitino, Kosino and others live outside the Ring Road, and a tendency to increase Moscow's population outside the beltway each year is increasing rapidly. It is clear that when the seal is broken a lot of buildings of various construction and technical standards. However, the problem of our interests is intended to address this issue in terms and conditions of safety and continuity of traffic, namely traffic safety in general. When constructing new areas in most cases not taken into account the social conditions for future customers cars.

Many new areas and residences are built for construction projects 80 – 90's., The last century. There is primarily no underground parking, so-called "parking lots". Still not resolved issues concerning the construction of separate garages near residential neighborhoods. In the process of building new neighborhoods and houses are not taken into account in terms of real situation, such essential elements of infrastructure such as parking lots, which must conform to the average rate of: one apartment, two car seats, "subject to reserve seats, and in Some houses are no grounds at all.

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