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In domestic and foreign practice has developed several criteria for the classification of bulldozers, the main ones being the engine power, towing capacity, towing tractor base class (used only in Russia and CIS countries), weight. Specialists have divided all the machines into three broad categories: mild, moderate and severe. The main criterion for the classification adopted by the power of the engine bulldozer. Given that the power and weight bulldozer bound by certain analytical dependences, such selection criteria can easily be taken as a basis for classification. Proceeding from this to the easy category usually refers bulldozers up to 100 …

130 horsepower, working weighing up to 10 … 11 m (corresponding to drawbar category 1 … 4). Light bulldozers may be used also for work in the unit with another road-building equipment on soils I. .. II categories for moving soil, digging ditches, clearing trails, construction of embankments, trench backfilling, grading, cutting ditches and terraces on the slopes, cleaning and preparation work in construction and agriculture.

Easy Category Layout light bulldozers carried out on the traditional pattern – a front power unit and rear cabins, tracked bypass – an oval shape. In world practice, worked out two main directions in construction light bulldozers – making modifications based on industry-plowing farm tractors and tractors on the basis of industrial use. Plowing, tractors first direction of design, as the easiest to quickly master the production of simple bulldozers without large capital investments. Of the drawbacks of these machines, we note less traction capabilities, understated aggregation characteristics.

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