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Tuning word comes from the English turning – setting adjustment. Tuning – is to upgrade the car to make it unique, as well as to improve its characteristics. Changes can be as minor, and the cardinal, changed markedly over the appearance and specifications of the vehicle. Moreover, modifications can be subjected to almost all parts of the car, from body paint and upholstery Salon specific materials, ending the suspension and engine modifications. Auto tuning for many years flourished in western Europe and the U.S., but came to Russia recently. However, the number of unique cars on the roads of our country is growing at a tremendous speed. Motorists sometimes spend enormous sums on various improvements to its avtolyubimchika, but it is not surprising, since it is typical for enthusiastic person.

So, first things first, in this article we will talk about current uses and their tuning characteristics. Let's start with a simple – airbrush. The easiest and quickest way to give your car a unique – paint it. Airbrushing – a kind of drawing, in which the airbrush is used as the main tool of the artist as an airbrush spray paint, the artist can easily perform color conversions, it adds a liveliness and naturalness of the pictures. So, if you decide to paint your car – go to the studio airbrushing. Please visit Philip Vasan if you seek more information. There's your car photographed and will inflict on the image thumbnail. Then the car and literally disassemble pomoyut on cogs, removing it, all parts that may interfere with spray pattern.

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