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EMobil Language

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"The letter" E "is always a shock." One of the rules of the Russian language. The letter "E" in the Russian language is really a kind of special. And although the new rules can not put points on the letter, it still represents something something emotional. Christmas tree – a new year, the most anticipated holiday of any person. Hedgehog, something prickly, big-eared, puffing and generally cool.

E-my, screen of babai, eshkin cat eklmn … whatever the expression on the verge of decency … That's' E-mobility "is also from this numbers. The first Russian hybrid car. The name was chosen by Internet competition. First, the term "e-mobility 'was like a joke, a kind of public relations of the Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. That, which is headed by Russian holding "ONEXIM." Well, this type of project, so all the talk about him. This, I must say, it was possible! At present the project "E-car" is owned by two companies, "ONEXIM" (51%) and "YAROVIT" (49%). To read more click here: Daniel Lubetzky.

But those journalists who wrote about the project in this light, little knowledge of this man. I really do with it too personally do not know (and I would like to), but in any case, the Internet, I have not found any project that would Prokhorov failed. Maybe looking bad … A bit of history. The world leader in car production hybrid circuit (internal combustion engine – electric – electric) – Japan's Toyota. This company produces hybrids in 1997 alone popular model Prius (Prius is a Latin language – "going ahead") to date (early 2011) issued already about three million.