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Investing: Rating The Yield Results Of December

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Was the most dynamic currency pair Eur / rur: up to December 2008 rate of European currencies against the ruble was 41.44 rubles per euro against 35.72 at the beginning of the month, ie during this period the Russian ruble weakened against the euro at 16.01%, which contributed to the policy pursued by the Central Bank of smooth devaluation of the ruble corridor through the expansion of the currency basket. During 2008, the currency pair Eur / usd was extremely ambiguous: in the second half there was stronger dollar against the euro, but only in December to strengthen the European currency has exceeded 10% and return on investment in Eur / usd was 10.24%. As a result of December 2008 the Russian ruble against the U.S. dollar, the Bank of Russia amounted to 29.38 rubles per dollar against 27.61 rubles at the beginning of the month, ie for a specified period of profitability Usd / rur was 6.41%, due to the smooth conduct of a controlled devaluation of the ruble, the Central Bank through the ongoing expansion of the corridor currency basket. In December 2008 there was a significant strengthening of the greenback against the pound: the course of currency pairs Gbp / usd was 1.4575 against 1.5372 in the early months, so return on investment in dollar in this case for December was 5.19%, due to the fact that the pound is under pressure because of fears of investors about the state of the British banking system. Showed a similar yield and the Japanese yen.

Anticrisis Strategy

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We present an interview with the director of Constantine akpr Koblova. – What is anti-crisis? – "Crisis", as you say, searching for new methods of work in new conditions. We believe that now, these services should be in demand as never before. First, the crisis requires a restructuring of the organizational structure of the work on financing of investment projects. Secondly, the crisis should be a catalyst for a culture of training investment projects. Credit institutions here have become a conduit for this culture.

In most cases, business planning is perceived by potential investors just as the burden to establish of a formal document required to obtain credit. At the same time in real life, this document can not be applied. Such a formalism is generated primarily by credit institutions. Established practice – business plan for the business and the business plan for the bank. The second format indicates some extremely simplified quasi-document bears a formal nature. This situation is understandable. For a critical assessment of mortgage lender to the Borrower.

Himself business project, in fact, goes into the background. The crisis changed the situation. Production facilities, which are exhibited as collateral, is rapidly depreciating. Increasingly, the transition in ownership of productive assets is only one loss. Therefore, in these conditions becomes relevant not only the availability of collateral, but also the analysis of viability of the business project. This requires the search for new forms of work. It is clear that credit institution is unable to independently analyze the entire mass of incoming requests.

Industrial Buildings

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What is more suitable for industrial buildings or concrete poured floors? You can respond differently, because both types of coatings perform many functions and have clear direction for the purpose. Concrete floors – is the foundation any type of flooring that are subsequently applied floor fillers. The difference of coatings consists in the fact that they sometimes are made of different materials and, therefore, differ in their properties. Features self leveling floor Poured floors are different in composition – polymer, methylmethacrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and others. Also in the production of self-leveling floors using quartz sand, pigments, polymer additives and alumina. Types of polymer bulk floors depend on their composition and method of laying the material and thickness and coating system.

Polymer coatings require careful maintenance. Everyday scratches, stress cracks, and not only spoil the appearance kind of self-leveling floors, but also affect its longevity. So regardless of what underlies the cover and what material it is made, you must carefully behind him. In contrast to the polymer, we offer polymer floors, which are susceptible to scratches and wear a lot less. Manufacturers offer special facilities to self-leveling floors retain their original appearance as possible.

To poured floors look new always need to use the automatic washing machine. Our company offers polymer floors, which will find their application in virtually every industry for both commercial and industrial use. The basis for our self-leveling floor is basically always a concrete floor. Concrete floors in such a case should be performed by professionals, observing all the norms and requirements. Experts of our company perform unit concrete floors to your specifications, based on the tasks set at the facility. For good bonding self-leveling floor to concrete base using a special adhesive, which is mixed in certain proportion of water and cement and is applied directly before placing bulk floors. This adhesive can be used for the metal base (an example of this is the object of our clients – plavgostinitsa 'Baccarat'). Thus you see that our products are the most competitive in the direction of industrial floors. The thickness of our industrial tanker sex ranges from 15 to 30 mm, which provides their high strength. It includes a large proportion of quartz sand. Poured floors rubbing with special equipment to almost glossy appearance. And in this state, they remain a significant period of time. In Finally, we can conclude that the self-leveling floors are ideal for devices of high dust-free floors if you already have a base or with which our specialists can work and produce device is self-leveling floor to suit your color preferences and strength.

Information Communication

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Globalization of the Communication is fruit of conquests of commercial interests of international corporations, that acted according to interests occidental politicians and military, predominantly American. This process produced a new form of domination, for the medias, the Symbolic Domination and Ideological, where, through the invasion them values, treated for the medias, the culture articuladamente is assimilated, and the cultural structure that occupied the land previously is restrained. This Cultural Imperialism was studied and projected by American studies North of the decade of 1920, Mass Communication Research. According to Shiller, cited for Thompson, the American ideology North grew in function of the evolution of the domain American North in the period Postwar period; when the traditional colonial empires (French, British, dutch, Spanish and Portuguese), had entered in decline. The new imperial regimen, the American, if bases on the domination economic, result of the power of the main international economic corporations, and the domination of the developed systems of Communication.

A System of total commercial Communication that if inserted in the majority of the countries of Third World. The studies of Communication of the American School North have as characteristic vertebrais the empiricistas orientaes and the quantitative dimensions, that had as objective to project formulas for one better communication. They have, as also objective, to understand as the communicative processes function to optimize its results, in such a way, becoming manipulable the communication and its effect on receives who it. The studies American North divide the process of Communication as a process of: transmission of a message, using a signal, for a source, through a canal, to the one destination; being able to be intervened by a noise. The objective of these studies is to define the amount of information to be to transmit through a mechanical canal, preventing the possible distortions to occur in this process. The Theory of the Information, one of the main theories of the School, developed for Claude E.


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It is the properly educative intervention that develops the educator to give form to the educative objectives that is marked with and for each individual and group through: – The taking of brings back to consciousness of the problems, causing changes of attitudes. – The unfreezing of the obstructions that obstruct their development. – The process of social integration. – The qualification in abilities that allow a greater independence. – The discovery of situations social rejection. – The prevention of other circumstances of risk that can derive towards the social marginalization. – Analysis of the individual and social demands and generation of answers that bring about a personal and group growth. – Derivation of proposals towards other services (associations, organizations, institutions) and pursuit of the same, etc.

– the awareness of the cocontributor community like in the search of solutions and alternatives to its problems. – The animation to the participation in communitarian tasks. Within the corporative frame the Educator of Street has common functions to the rest of the equipment and that allow: – Programming of activities, adapting the programs to groups and people. – To realise steps related to the activities. – The study of alternatives for the social incorporation of groups at a disadvantage.

– To control and to measure the results, evaluating objectives, activities, methods – To coordinate themselves and to collaborate with other similar organizations, programs or services. – To coordinate criteria and to determine priorities to a work party. – To compensate objectives, aims and benefits of the institution with the resources really available. – To look for alternatives new needs, studying them in group and distributing responsibilities. – To be related to other organizations and to facilitate the reciprocal knowledge of experiences, philosophy, methods – To realise steps of bureaucratic or economic character when they comprise of the project and we must assume that assignment.

The Flies

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The part that is not only incased can badly be said in this tragic mosaic, therefore while its characteristics are colored? critical plurality -, of the people-mass they are painted in black person and white: unilateral indoctrination. Why these people thus remain? For mere maintenance of the status quo? Why of the skill that if finds it is very good? Why they hate science, a time that is fanatic? Some questionings if join to this corporativista theater that, had to its complex characteristics, remains difficult to be answered or same without answers, exactly for the critical spirit. In the truth, the effective critical reply only the critical individual search, a time that the fanatic corporativistas elaborate its frivolous rotulaes and are only waiting for one said confirmation that, in case that it does not happen, still thus does not abandon it, but are waiting e, in the lesser chance, will play in the face of the part: ' ' It only saw! Here it is the test! ' '. Resentment and hatred always become feelings gifts in this disastrous theater that consecrates the flies and innumerable sanitary aterros (corporativismos) and excludes the catadores of garbage (those that, of some form, tries to find something of good or usable in way to the garbage). Exactly for said ' ' arrogncia' ' of the catadores of garbage, to separate the good one of bad, they will detestaro it to the flies and be, return and stocking, making the rounds to play its depraved eggs e, thus, to knock down the catadores. But, the catador is the part that is not incased, and the fly, a letter is of the baralho-critical. An obvious example of critical of the part to the corporativista hypocrisy is this: said ' ' cowboys' ' , that they do not know to mount in a horse, they represent a vulgarization of the spirit of the man of the field, understood here while a citizen that knows to mount in horse, to take off milk of cow, etc.