Investing: Rating The Yield Results Of December

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Was the most dynamic currency pair Eur / rur: up to December 2008 rate of European currencies against the ruble was 41.44 rubles per euro against 35.72 at the beginning of the month, ie during this period the Russian ruble weakened against the euro at 16.01%, which contributed to the policy pursued by the Central Bank of smooth devaluation of the ruble corridor through the expansion of the currency basket. During 2008, the currency pair Eur / usd was extremely ambiguous: in the second half there was stronger dollar against the euro, but only in December to strengthen the European currency has exceeded 10% and return on investment in Eur / usd was 10.24%. As a result of December 2008 the Russian ruble against the U.S. dollar, the Bank of Russia amounted to 29.38 rubles per dollar against 27.61 rubles at the beginning of the month, ie for a specified period of profitability Usd / rur was 6.41%, due to the smooth conduct of a controlled devaluation of the ruble, the Central Bank through the ongoing expansion of the corridor currency basket. In December 2008 there was a significant strengthening of the greenback against the pound: the course of currency pairs Gbp / usd was 1.4575 against 1.5372 in the early months, so return on investment in dollar in this case for December was 5.19%, due to the fact that the pound is under pressure because of fears of investors about the state of the British banking system. Showed a similar yield and the Japanese yen.

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