The Flies

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The part that is not only incased can badly be said in this tragic mosaic, therefore while its characteristics are colored? critical plurality -, of the people-mass they are painted in black person and white: unilateral indoctrination. Why these people thus remain? For mere maintenance of the status quo? Why of the skill that if finds it is very good? Why they hate science, a time that is fanatic? Some questionings if join to this corporativista theater that, had to its complex characteristics, remains difficult to be answered or same without answers, exactly for the critical spirit. In the truth, the effective critical reply only the critical individual search, a time that the fanatic corporativistas elaborate its frivolous rotulaes and are only waiting for one said confirmation that, in case that it does not happen, still thus does not abandon it, but are waiting e, in the lesser chance, will play in the face of the part: ' ' It only saw! Here it is the test! ' '. Resentment and hatred always become feelings gifts in this disastrous theater that consecrates the flies and innumerable sanitary aterros (corporativismos) and excludes the catadores of garbage (those that, of some form, tries to find something of good or usable in way to the garbage). Exactly for said ' ' arrogncia' ' of the catadores of garbage, to separate the good one of bad, they will detestaro it to the flies and be, return and stocking, making the rounds to play its depraved eggs e, thus, to knock down the catadores. But, the catador is the part that is not incased, and the fly, a letter is of the baralho-critical. An obvious example of critical of the part to the corporativista hypocrisy is this: said ' ' cowboys' ' , that they do not know to mount in a horse, they represent a vulgarization of the spirit of the man of the field, understood here while a citizen that knows to mount in horse, to take off milk of cow, etc.

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