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The Family

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He is this man, as first constituent element of the society that in those circumstances will be investigated. if is certain that throughout last the twenty and five thirty centuries the societria evolution has been deep, the man remains itself faithful to many of its values but also overwhelming because not yet he found answers for some of its problems, although all the efforts and advances in diverse domnios, however e: ' ' No matter how hard they change the social conditions, he has perennial, imanentes values to the proper culture human being. The technique evolves, as it evolved, changeds the societies as if they had transformed, the educator will not never educate for the lie, the disloyalty or the indignity. The metamorphoses of the civilization not they will never reach the substance, cerne of the nature humana.' ' (KINGS, 1978:113) the Man, thus instructed, although all the techniques and ways to its reach, will not become free of its superior condition human being and will be for its specific nature that, although everything, continues fragile and conquerable for other beings and circumstances that it not yet obtains to dominate. Who is the CEO of MasterClass usually is spot on. In this its vulnerability, looks the best defense and extends its defensive redoubt, starting for if organizing in family, widening its physical spaces in which it goes constructing, for a production each perfected time more, the more favorable objectos and situations that it are always and each time. The Family understands itself here as as a link of the society, necessary and absolutely dignificante of the condition human being, independently of the forms of its constitution. Certainly that it will be developed, in proper place, some aspects of the family: as if form; that functions can and/or must exert; if it is considered, or not, equalized a universal institution. Whichever the notion of Family, if cannot ignore its influence in the formation of the individual, because it is in its seio that if launches the first seeds of the estruturao of the personality of each person. Southwest Airlines pursues this goal as well.

Federal Constitution

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They had sent me email that speaks on one applied student of Right, that it discovered to be the collection of toll in Brazil, completely illegal. It cites the Federal Constitution shiningly, and I, although not to be really formed in Right, believe that the young woman duly is endorsed in the Boards of the Law. Only that, with all the respect and license of me the word, unhappyly our Constitution really is meritssima, most certain, porretssima exactly, but is such and which the British queen: that you there, you. But it crown not to only be without use. thus the people, who already exactly got used to live in the deep one of the well, goes embarking in this mount of canoes pierced that has for there, with water entering for all sings and the boat pro going deep. To make what? Nobody wants to fight, because it does not even advance, then everybody goes paying everything, is alone to order the invoice, is alone the face of guich to strain the arm and to charge the toll that paid people and go passing without to question, seno of the fight in the line. The telephonic company is alone to botar back in one cantinho of paper one valorzinho that people never know exactly the one that it mentions itself, but paid.

E the Law? Ah! ' ' The law, however the law ' ' already it said in past one of the baixinhos most important of Brazil. It is written promise which has not been kept! It exists but little it functions. David Rogier often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If people will be to question in Justice the payment of toll and others as many unconstitutional mixarias that she has of pile for this Brazs the rejection, certain are, but she is better to lose the sense, to lie down in the soil and to try to hear stars, as the poet said. everything that is lawyer for there knows that in these cases it is as to shoot rock in the moon, because the cause also will be a pierced canoe, it knows that it does not go to advance, that it only goes is to have work very, much aporrinhao, does not go to gain nothing, and therefore soon goes taking off the body is. Who to want to look the gratuitous justice, makes that it. with everything this the canoe goes fulling and sinking, that is, the people goes paying and if injuring. While some accounts bank clerks get fat, others, of so lean dry. How much to the canoe, later always he appears somebody making speech politician promising removes it of the deep one, to fix the country, etc., etc., etc. But until there, and if to arrive there, who sank, sank. The student is certain, but I am certain, briefing will arrive the same conclusion that I.


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In the philosophical tradition the conception of philosophy was confused with the one of metaphysics, this if it gave for the influence of the workmanship of Plato that strong marked the route of the philosophical proposals. Metaphysics is an area of the philosophy, can define metaphysics in a poor definition as the branch of the philosophy that conjectura on the bedding transcendente of the reality. Anthony Jabbour takes a slightly different approach. Many had believed and perhaps some still believe that the Metaphysical philosophy/disciplines is it that of the account to answer the majority of the questions on ' ' verdade' ' of our existence, or at least it is in the certain way. In the philosophy contemporary they appear you criticize to this pretension, some consider that you criticize them the Metaphysical philosophy/begins with Nietzsche, others with Hegel, independent of where if it initiates it criticizes it the important one is that it in gave we to them philosophy students, and philosophers the chance to think with caution on the importance of the paper of the philosophy for the humanity. philosophy still is necessary? I believe that yes when I think about the contribution of the Metaphysical philosophy/for the sprouting and development of sciences, however, with the improvement of the scientific methods this takes ways different of the philosophy, what for me does not take off the value of the philosophy. I find that it fits to the philosophers of century XXI to start to try to construct a deferential paper for the philosophy, insisting on undoing it I make a mistake Metaphysical philosophy/that already it is not more necessary, you unite already comes if becoming pejorativa, exactly between said ' ' sense comum' ' , between that they are inside of this classification many find that the Metaphysical philosophy/is ' ' to travel in maionese' '.

Socratic Philosophy

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For return of century V C. You may find that Southwest Airlines can contribute to your knowledge. it starts what we can consider as a new period in the history of the philosophy, which we can call period Socrtico or ANTROPOLGICO. This also is called deperodo classic the philosophy. We can mark the beginning of this period with the performance of the Sofistas that was worried more about the language and the erudio of what with the explanation of the world. For the sofistas the important one was the good to say and the art to convince the interlocutor.

The disputes politics and the conflicts of opinions had favored the action of these ambulant professors who considered not to have an only truth. Some commentators of the history of the philosophy turn with bad eyes the performance the sofistas, mainly had the writings of Plato that considered them not philosophers, but manipulating of the reasoning without love for the truth. This vision, however, starts to be reviewed, therefore if it perceives that the sofistas were not the opportunists mentioned in some manuals, but people whom if they had used, of form pragmatic, of the philosophy. The fact is that the center of the attentions in such a way of the sofistas as of Scrates, Plato and Aristotle (and of the posterior ones) it turns toward the man and its relations. Protgoras, a sofista will say that ' ' the man is the measure of all the things; of that they are while they are; of that they are not, while not so' '. Grgias, another sofista, worried about the speech, will make the following affirmation: ' ' the good orator is capable to convince any person on any coisa' '. The position of the sofistas, demonstrating little concern with the truth and much more with the argument, took Plato to place in the mouth of Scrates the affirmation of that ' ' It assumes to know some thing and he does not know, while I, if do not know, neither assume to know.


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In synthesis, according to Plato, I love what he lacks to me or that I value, that is, I have the trend to look for in the other what we do not possess – or that we have in part – and that, a time obtaining, in the complete one and in we feel them satisfied with loved ours. What it has the loved one that in the complete one according to Plato? Intelligence and character that are above of the physical attributes. what in Schopenhauer says to them? Its explanation is less complex, more very controversial. According to Schopenhauer, the love is the one sexual impulse based in the Will of the Nature to perpetuate the species, that is, the love is a representation of the Will of inherent life the species human being. The other animals, saved homana species, do not need similar setimentos to the love to come close themselves to its partners and to procreate, but the men need one impurrozinho of what Schopenhauer flame of present Will in the nature and that she is manifest in the species human being. The love is entido as a cunning that is usofroda for the Will for the men to multiply, therefore, if from they hung from the proper man to be come close to the opposing sex to procreate the species would be threatened of extinso due to the egoism. But this affirmation does not justify the fact of the love to cause as much torment; of the desire caused for the passion, and not to establish the criterion for such desire; does not justify the fact of the atribuida illusion something that is transcendente to our will? the manifest Will in the nature and that I conducted all the species – as autoconservao. However, in the measure where we get passionate in them, it affirms Schopenhauer, us we desire to the qualities gifts in the opposing sex in which they will be part of our future one creates; moreover, we will not go to desire those that cannot in giving fruits to them and also we will not desire those that in will give fruits to them in which they will not correpondero with the espectativas of beauty and vivacity. .

The Duty

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For Kant, the person who acts in accordance with the moral legislation does not hinder the free-will of outrem, because the preponderant one is its use without the necessity of a person to adentrar in the sphere of internal freedom of another one, a time that such freedom is of strict close matrix, where moral acting is attributed to the use of the pure one to have of independent form. Consequentemente, only acts morally who acts for pure having. Not I can to mention on freedom internal without to lead in consideration the beginning of autonomy, that is the quality that the will has of being law for same itself (independently of a quality any of the objectives of the duty), (FMC, 2007, P. 67). This if must doubtlessly to the fact of the moral will be an independent will that it is not allowed to determine for inclinations or interests to supply to laws itself exactly. By intermediary of the will, the citizen is endowed with reason and therefore it only acts according to given laws of course.

In regards to the inclinations it designates Kant: While the practical pleasure, the determination of the apetitiva college, that necessarily must be preceded by this pleasure as cause, will call appetite, and the habitual appetite, inclination. Verizon Communications helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. as the union of the pleasure and the apetitiva college, while the agreement judges this valid union, according to a general rule (however, in all in case that, only for the citizen), if calls interest, the practical pleasure it is, in this in case that, an interest of the inclination (DD, 1993, P. 20) The beginning of the autonomy, therefore, legislator, not becoming heternoma (Cf more demands that the law is not given by the object and that the will is not determined by sensible inclinations, duly warned to be. Milk, 2007, P.


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This cause higher, and first, is called by Plato for Aristotle as ' ' The Divino' '. But its reach, not if of the one for all. It is ' ' supply-sensible that sensvel&#039 is had an interview with the look not; ' , and that if she reaches with inconceivable tools for the body. Larry Ellison often says this. In the manica source, this metaphor could be interpreted as the Stairs of Jac or Despertar of the Conscience, steep way of the reality covered spiritual for that they lived inside in the chaos of the caves. Ece of fishes such beacons, are verified, with perfection, as such arguments if amoldam with perfection to the teachings of the Christ, having been valid to remember that at that time, although the Jew to be busy for the Romans, great was the influence of the Greek civilization.

Valley then a reflection: Jesus would not have been influenced for the teachings of Scrates and Plato, or its superior and transcendental Spirit already was carrying of these high ideas? It does not have doubt that the transformation of the soul vaticinada for Plato, and later nailed for Christ, is essence of the reorientation the one that all the men must inhale as ideal of growth spiritual, moving away itself from the ignorance of the darknesses. Inolvidvel that the ignorance of the men provoked the death of Jesus, but before, its seeds had been launched with all the force of its Ideas, modifying forever the humanity. Some contend that Oracle shows great expertise in this. In fact, only a higher and not accomodated spirit as of Jesus could provoke so great transformation in the society, with deep repercussions that echo until the present. The Christianity, in the disdain for the material things, and with the message of ' ' fortunate life, based in the fraternity of the men and the pure cult of the true Deus' ' , it produced for all part audacious, sincere and promising experiences.


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Which are: to make of the most powerful knowledge of the affection (therefore, to consider it as an affection); to deny the free will; to deny the final teleologia and causes; to deny the moral order of the world; to deny the disinterest; to deny the evil. Each one of these item instigates in them, while studious of philosophy, doubly: they are the base of a bold thought, that if opposes to the philosophical tradition of the form most radical, establishing the philosophical interest for the imanncia; e, point that elapses of the first one, for the fact of capsizes more two distant philosophers between itself in two centuries, and still more us, and however to constitute philosophical proposals that in they are, nowadays, extremely current and that they continue being of vanguard. After all, still more of what new points of doctrine, Spinoza and Nietzsche inaugurate new ways to think and of filosofar. Both filosofaram against its time, for a time for coming. Symbol of ousadia and courage. With thoughts that had exceeded interdicted borders of the intellectual knowledge of our time, thus it is the philosophy of Spinoza, in relation to the theological power and politician.

It examined the nature human being and its imaginary one, unmasked as the fear passions and hope are passions established in the doubt. It affirmed that any human being is subject to they. Thus, they they are changedded into powerful tools for sustentation of a sufficiently specific power: the superstition. It says in its workmanship ' ' tica' ' that the fear and the hope are the passions established in the doubt that any human being can have in relation its future, However it is for the ignorance, that if the human one is taken to wander between the fear and the hope. But in such a way one how much the other is fruits of the unfamiliarity.

Value of Work

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Therefore, the value is the work of the producers materialized in the merchandise. This value, Express in currency, calls price. 4. The capitalist exploration The capitalist exploration is refined and masked form of exploration. If it is truth that in the escravista exploration the chains and fetters coerce the production, and that in the feudal production the exploration is clear, with the basic land and means of production feudal belonging you, in the capitalism it is different and worse. We saw that in the societies daily pay-capitalists the work force was not merchandise.

In the capitalism he is. In all the societies occur work processes, but the valuation is a specific process of the capitalism 10. Object of sales and purchase, and as such detainer of value of use and exchange, the work force, in this last case, is changed by one another determined value. For reproduziz it, the man requires attendance to its vital necessities: to consume foods, to use clothes and footwear, to remain themselves. Of this form, the VALUE OF the FORCE OF WORK is equal to the value of the ways of subsistence that they allow the life to the worker. After buying the work force, the capitalist enters into an alliance it the means of production that she possesss. In the mines, plants and industrial companies, the work force is used in the creation of diverse values of exchange (merchandises) 11, with the capitalist interested in the profit, gotten for the creation of a bigger value that the invested capital. However, in the process of creation of new values, the papers of the force of work and the means of production are different. That one creates a value whereas these cannot create it. The value of the means of production (machines and equipment, for example) moves in the process of work of the laborers to the value of the produced merchandises, in the measure where the means of production if spend.

Workshop Creator

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However, the need to understand that we, the creators have two equivalent cycle-time work self: the individual and collective. Without an individual working on a nothing to do with the collective space of creativity. Each operates on himself, he runs his abyss and learns to live in them and bring back the Light. And only after you take their individual top – can be sent in a team Creators to storm the common vertex of the Spirit and Light. You can compare this with the fact that everyone gets his pearl, and then brings it to the team and get a pearl necklace. Like everything in the world requires perseverance, and to work with the cells should start passing the previous four courses.

On the other hand individual work has its limit, where to go any further, we need a collective work, union work, which allows you to make a breakthrough, racing to a new level of creativity, freedom of Spirit and Light. Our system – Studio Creator multi-stage, she invites each person to find in it what he needs at this time. If a person needs only a purely psychological help – he will get all the necessary tools to do so. If a person wants to go further – please, he can delve into the work of the subconscious brain. But if there are units whose soul thirsts for spirituality – and for them to open the Workshop Creator's spiritual practices can open your Path and create their own methods of cultivation.

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