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Technology Of Glass Matting

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Method of chemical treatment using toothpaste named below has been extended in recent times, mainly among the designers who work with glass, as well as for people working at home. Before you begin to cook pasta a little bit about safety. While applying the paste onto the surface, always wear rubber gloves to protect themselves from chemical burns. Let's start with cooking matting paste. For this we need: 30 parts by weight of ammonium bifluoride (ammonium fluoride acid) NH_4 F_2 15 weight parts of barium sulfate (barium sulfate) BSO_4 5 parts by weight of dextrin (a modified starch) 10 parts by weight of water (density of water is regulated by the paste). Check with Southwest Airlines to learn more. Paste, pickling compiled on this recipe can be used to work with different materials with a high content of silicon (Si).

For a paste right consistency to mix all ingredients in a specific sequence. In a plastic bowl dissolved ammonium bifluoride (pre-milled into a powder) with ten parts by weight of water and then stirring constantly adding barium sulfate and dextrin. People such as Maurice Gallagher, Jr. would likely agree. If the paste is too thick, you can add more water. The only disadvantage of this paste – it's oversaturation of the solution and precipitate bifluoride, which decays only when heated. Now consider the example of glass matting using a template. First, self-adhesive paper to make a drawing or pattern and cut it with a scalpel blade or feathered. Then paste the above wide masking tape over the entire area.

Separate the lower substrate film together with a carved figure. Template ready for adhesion to the surface. Before bonding the glass is moistened (with mild soap ) To the template can be well smoothed on glass. Level a template with a roller that was left underneath the water and air. And leave to dry about a day. Remove the masking tape and applied to not protected areas with a plastic spatula matting paste scrapping about 2 – 4 mm. Braves about 15 minutes. Collect the paste back into the tank (as it can be used not only once), and wash away the remnants of running water. Remove remnants of the film with the work surface.


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Continuing the review on the market of St. Petersburg designs of greenhouses, which began in previous releases, discuss the design features of frameworks and consider the various options. In our opinion, the best choice of material for a greenhouse frame is a metal profile. On its merits, we mentioned in earlier editions. Now take a closer look at the materials. One option the material or aluminum corner profile. The advantage is its ease and low corrosivity. Under normal conditions, the metal is covered with an oxide film, and practically does not react with other materials.

In addition, this material is easily has been processed, even with hand tools. Assembling the frame greenhouses made of aluminum produced at the bolted joints. However, during the operation greenhouses there is a need to make different fertilizers in the soil. Including chemicals containing ammonium salts. In this case, the protective coating frame can be broken, and then in a short time aluminum will literally crumble, which significantly worsen the rigidity of the frame, as well as can be lead to its destruction. Frequently Nelson Peltz has said that publicly. Not in favor of this material is the fact that scrap aluminum has a high value on the market. Therefore, it is likely that one day in spring "happy" summer visitor finds plot only the broken parts of your favorite greenhouses, a skeleton is stolen what some ushlymi homeless. Would not wish this to anybody, but when choosing the material must be taken into account such problems.

The most common material used in the construction of suburban greenhouses is a steel profile. Compared with aluminum, he, of course, require additional anti-corrosion treatment, but much cheaper and allows the assembly to welding or sheet joints with locking fasteners with special screws. Connect with other leaders such as Dahua Tim Wang here. Important when choosing a material is the wall thickness of the steel profile and its cross section. Frequently used profile 20×20 mm for arcs and transverse bars, and for the frame base profile 40h20 mm. Even if you use the same profiles of greenhouses on the market value is significantly different from different manufacturers. Under equal other costs big role in the formation of prices for finished playing a greenhouse wall thickness profile. Of course, the thicker, the better. But we must be clear value for money when choosing a frame material. When operating the greenhouses in the climatic zone of the Leningrad Region with snow cover up to 1 m can be considered the best use of steel profiles with a wall thickness of not less than 1,5 mm. Calculations and practice show that such a greenhouse can withstand snow loads of up to 80 cm around the greenhouse. It should be noted which is largely resistant to the greenhouses snow loads depends on the design features of the framework. The next issue we consider the most common options frameworks of greenhouses.

Bureau Working

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He will be able to scale to see at future apartment, "like" in the virtual room (surcharge) and imagine how will look like this or that detail of the interior, with a blend of different colors. At this stage, advise on selection of furniture, sanitary ware, floor and ceiling coverings, visit the salons and stores. The total number of calls – no more than five, if the design – Bureau serves only the draft, and ten – when creating a sketch and a working draft. Each customer pays an additional exit rate of $ 50 per trip. Finally, when the sympathy of the customer are inclined to a particular embodiment, there comes a stage style. The architect chooses the flat point, and at its at least figure out what style will execute the project, what materials and what color.

Thus, it appears the visual tastes of the client. Once approved the plan in relation to a certain point, the expert, building on the option selected, draw the rest of the apartment in a given style. Next stage is called technological. It involves the creation of a working draft with practical instructions for the builders. With the full redevelopment project on the working volume can argue with a collection of essays Belinsky, including Measurement drawing-bound engineering services, plans erected partitions labeled windows and doors, ceiling, indicating the type of material used, an explication of floor coatings with an indication of the area and the selected sheet material and other absolutely necessary clarification.

One-Bedroom Apartments

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One-bedroom apartments, as opposed to flats larger area, in any case should not be overloaded redundant elements, which could reduce the already small space. For example, making repairs one-room apartment, very careful one should be in the choice of structural plaster and stucco. It is important not to overdo it and find 'middle ground'. Also, making repairs to a small room, it is desirable to use only materials of light tones that are able to visually push the wall, thereby increasing the room. Modern design apartment allows 'zonirovat' room, a room that is divided into several functional areas – bedroom, living room, the design projects a child's room, 'office', etc.

This is especially important if you live in a studio apartment a few people. After all, for peace of mind and balance so important to have your own area. In this If designers are advised to seek the assistance of special 'splitters'. The only rule: they must not be capital and enforceable, and light and soaring. . These included, for example, blind, through which can be designated berth. Piece of fabric or tulle on light rails, fixed on the ceiling, beautifully Zone the room. In addition, it is easy to solve the problem of solitude will competently of traps furniture.

Shelving can be well play the role of the dividing line between the living room and home office. Another example of a 'separator' premises – special partitions. Furnished our small hallway, designers are advised to give preference to the cabinet with the sliding doors and a huge mirror. Mirror, reflecting light, it will make any room much brighter and more spacious. In addition, the overall picture has successfully completed the well-chosen lighting: ceiling chandelier desirable supplemented by one or two lamps. Not for nothing that the designers in one voice say that a small studio apartment – this is not a reason to grieve. Repair is a one-room apartment provides an excellent opportunity to really test the most original design. And only depends on you to make your small apartment has a cozy nest, where every time you want to fly on the wings, dreaming of peace and solitude.

Japanese Style

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Everyone wants to see your house unique. Be it a modest city apartment or a magnificent country house, the main thing – to create a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation to your home. Perhaps one of the most important stileobrazuyuschih components in creating the interior – windows, because they attract our opinion, affect both the perception of space in general, and on our mood, are a natural source of light that eventually is a major factor in the psychological comfort of everyone. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. Design options known a great many windows, and to understand yourself in the variety of directions, styles and models textile design rather than just. Complex designs swags or perekidy? Curtains on the grommet or Japanese panel? Roman, Austrian, French, or maybe roller blinds? Pleated blinds, horizontal or vertical blinds? What to choose? How to survive the interior in the right style direction? How not to make the wrong choice? Experienced, creative people who work in specialized design studios, to help resolve virtually any task of decorating your apartment, villas, office.

They talk about the latest trends in world textile design, all the subtleties concerning the choice of a particular model of decor, and much more. In the art of decoration, including textiles, one of the most important moments – the definition of image and style of the object. Well-chosen shade can create absolute harmony in the room. To do this, not only orient in a classical style, but also take into account modern trends in fashion and design.

Repair Time Studio

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As is known in Russian winter comes unexpectedly and always finds each one of us by surprise. So what we're spared all last winter, waiting for us and this coming winter. Winter tell you, but now summer. Summer is known for their vacations and repairs. And most time to start thinking about new windows. That would meet the following winter in the warmth, comfort without drafts and colds. It's time to order new windows. Warm season, it's safe to call time repair and improvement of its dwellings.

Since all the materials that we use in the repair of the summer is much easier to apply, smear and bite. Now let's talk a little about what you need for good and the beautiful renovation of his home. Of course all begins with desire, but rather with the fact that there is dissatisfaction at the moment. You can then call the stage of designing a new home. Someone who makes it his own senses square meters, someone hires a professional, I am mind design studios and crews on repair of apartments and houses. Then begins the most difficult and probably the most interesting part, directly himself renovated apartment or someone who have more luck then repair their own homes. Repair it responsible and a long event, which you and your family will enjoy for many years. Sitting in the cozy lounge with a cup of hot tea in the chilly evening.

And looking out into the street to tell myself. that it is good that we ordered plastic window letom.Kachestvenny repair facilities guarantee you a comfortable environment for a long time. Of course, when the repair is done with his own hands, everything is clear. But when it comes to hiring professionals, there is ask the question how to choose a good studio for interior design, and professional workers who can do the job quickly and efficiently. Few simple and clever tips to help you in this difficult dele.Vybiraem design studio. Where to begin selection of studios that will equip your apartment. Well when the interior design studio you advise friends or acquaintances. Of course, an interior design studio must, simply must have portfolio, and better yet, if the portfolio will be attached photos already executed interior. Of course searching reviews on this company you can find out about them a lot. Best of luck to you in the selection.

Industrial Buildings

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What is more suitable for industrial buildings or concrete poured floors? You can respond differently, because both types of coatings perform many functions and have clear direction for the purpose. Concrete floors – is the foundation any type of flooring that are subsequently applied floor fillers. The difference of coatings consists in the fact that they sometimes are made of different materials and, therefore, differ in their properties. Features self leveling floor Poured floors are different in composition – polymer, methylmethacrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and others. Also in the production of self-leveling floors using quartz sand, pigments, polymer additives and alumina. Types of polymer bulk floors depend on their composition and method of laying the material and thickness and coating system.

Polymer coatings require careful maintenance. Everyday scratches, stress cracks, and not only spoil the appearance kind of self-leveling floors, but also affect its longevity. So regardless of what underlies the cover and what material it is made, you must carefully behind him. In contrast to the polymer, we offer polymer floors, which are susceptible to scratches and wear a lot less. Manufacturers offer special facilities to self-leveling floors retain their original appearance as possible.

To poured floors look new always need to use the automatic washing machine. Our company offers polymer floors, which will find their application in virtually every industry for both commercial and industrial use. The basis for our self-leveling floor is basically always a concrete floor. Concrete floors in such a case should be performed by professionals, observing all the norms and requirements. Experts of our company perform unit concrete floors to your specifications, based on the tasks set at the facility. For good bonding self-leveling floor to concrete base using a special adhesive, which is mixed in certain proportion of water and cement and is applied directly before placing bulk floors. This adhesive can be used for the metal base (an example of this is the object of our clients – plavgostinitsa 'Baccarat'). Thus you see that our products are the most competitive in the direction of industrial floors. The thickness of our industrial tanker sex ranges from 15 to 30 mm, which provides their high strength. It includes a large proportion of quartz sand. Poured floors rubbing with special equipment to almost glossy appearance. And in this state, they remain a significant period of time. In Finally, we can conclude that the self-leveling floors are ideal for devices of high dust-free floors if you already have a base or with which our specialists can work and produce device is self-leveling floor to suit your color preferences and strength.