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Literary Magazine literary magazine The Crow The Crow is a digital magazine or ezine dedicated to Argentine literature in general. It is published in Argentina from 25 July 2009, and has a monthly basis. The publication had the peculiarity of settling in a digital format, presents the unpublished manuscripts of the contributing authors. To date, has maintained as a literary magazine without any political inclination, rather than the dissemination of literary works of young authors or that have remained indifferent to the eyes of publishers. Its director is far Argentine Lucas M. Vallejo, followed by a prominent poets and writers writing.

Diploma in Business

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Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Cadiz, and a Masters in eBusiness from the Faculty of Politeno Valencia.
In the year 2000, establishing AandM Network Technologies and Design Ltd., a company focused on Internet and the development of a software web development, along with Manuel Garcia. Alberto and Manuel have been friends since childhood.
In 2006, the brand recorded Startweb owned AandM Network Technologies and Design Ltd., which operates under a commercial AandM Network.
Co-founder of the company also Madvers SL Media Center, dedicated to electronic commerce, founded in 2005. Madvers focuses on imports and exports of health, fitness and sold.
In 2008, together with Alberto Manuel, created a society in England, Pamkert Global Logistics ( and establish a permanent headquarters in Swindon for daily operations.

The advertising concept

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The brief is the document which is based an advertising campaign commercial or institutional and has to be created by the client company in response to market information and marketing objectives of the brand. This document is essentially a condensed summary which must facilitate the work of the agency. It is the presentation of the environment and the sales strategy that will take your product or service. It has to do a lot with marketing strategies that are going to use the product image and especially the characteristics. The use of the briefing is purely internal, since there are reflected all kinds of confidential customer data, which are in this case advertisers. To elaborate, any advertising agency or commercial communication professional / institutional should know at least the following data presented in the Table of Contents:


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By the mid ’50s, “the union of a car workshop and a group of metallurgical engineers in the city of Lujan conform ASYCO-METAL, embryo FAMIQ future, dedicated to the manufacture and installation of special equipment for the food and textile industry in the area. His earliest works were tanks, reactors, driers and tubs for cotton and dyed in vats to make cheese in dairy plants. In 1959 he formed FAMIQ (Factory Equipment and Machinery for Chemical Industry) in order to attend the special equipment manufacturing industry and also adding the manufacturing of pipe fittings and stainless steel pipe. The first major contract for the provision of fittings including joints Doubles Danish rule, which is then quickly imposed in Argentina as the standard equipment used in dairies and milk.During the 60’s and 70’s, was growing and developing FAMIQ preferably in the manufacture and marketing of pipes, tubes and accessories under standard rules, leaving gradually as equipment manufacturing. In the early 90 ‘, FAMIQ begins to diversify their stock, importing raw material both for marketing and for their production units, achieving a leading position rapidly as sales of pipes and fittings in stainless steel, providing materials in an almost integral large-scale works. In 1997, FAMIQ enters the market design and architecture, with its business unit ARQUINOXIDABLE point of reference for furniture and special works in stainless steel, as shown by our major works Airports, Shopping Malls, Banks, and various exhibitions design among others.To sustain the growing demand for stainless steel, from 1999 onwards, FAMIQ opened a distribution center in the town of Florida (Buenos Aires Province) of 14.000m2 (8000m2 covered) and 4 branches in Rafaela, Rosario (Sta . Fe), Mendoza and Tucuman. Also, since 2003, were set up 3 new units of production, including the first standardized factory covers and doors for Tanks and Reservoirs in the city of Rafaela and manufactured these products under the license Boyer of France, world leader in this item .



25 NOVEMBER DAY OF NON-VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN “The story of the Mirabal sisters – On 17 December 1999, through resolution 54/134, the General Assembly has declared 25 November the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize on that day activities designed to sensitize public opinion on the issue of violence against women. Since 1981, activists for the rights of women have marked 25 November as a day against violence. The date was chosen as the brutal murder in 1960 of the three Mirabal sisters, political activists in the Dominican Republic, on orders of Dominican ruler Rafael Trujillo (1930-1961). Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa Mirabal were three women from Ojo de Agua, a place belonging to a small province of the Dominican Republic called Salcedo These women had the courage to fight for political freedom in his country, strongly opposed the tyrannies against a more railways that Latin America has had, that of Rafael Leonidas Trujillo.Attitude by which they were persecuted, imprisoned several times and finally brutally murdered on November 25, 1960 In honor of these brave sisters, every November 25th marks the International Day of No Violence Against Women. This was established at the First Latin American and Caribbean Feminist held in Bogota, Colombia in 1981. The Mirabal sisters are also known and represented as the “Butterflies” as this is the secret name of Minerva in clandestine political activities against the Trujillo tyranny. Years later, Pedro Mir (Dominican national poet) used this name in his poem “Amen of Butterflies” which expresses the tragedy was the murder of the three heroines. In this decade, the prominent Dominican-American writer Julia Alvarez called his novel based on the life of the Mirabal sisters, In the Time of the Butterflies.Publication that provides further representation of the Mirabal sisters as the Butterflies Cristian Vasquez Minerva – Maria Teresa – Patria Heroines of the struggle against Trujillo. Daughters of Mercedes Reyes Camilo (aka Chea) and Enrique Mirabal, merchant and landowner. They were born in Ojo de Agua, Salcedo, common at the time of the Espaillat Province. The first birth was Patria Mercedes, 27 February 1924, shortly before they left our country intervening U.S. troops, the second was christened with the names of Maria Argentina Minerva, was born on 13 March 1926, and the third, Dominica Antonia Maria Theresa, came into the world October 15, 1935 In Ojo de Agua made his first studies. Later, in 1938, Patria, Minerva and one of his sisters still living, Belgium Adela, aka Dede (2 March 1925) were sent to study at Immaculate Conception High School in La Vega.Maria Teresa stayed at home for reasons of age: he was just three years Of the four sisters, Minerva, as manifested by those who knew him from childhood, he demonstrated that came into the world with a prodigious intellect and a remarkable spiritual sensitivity, these factors that made it a very attractive person, and a devourer of books literature and poetry.

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History XX Indian camp on Lake Huron Paul Kane (1810-1871) Archeological records reveal the presence of aboriginal people in the southern regions of the Canadian border, dating from 11,000 years ago. We found evidence of aboriginal settlements of post-Paleolithic and Manitoulin Island near Killarneys. magazine subscriptions In the first encounters between the Ojibwa and Ottawa tribes (tribe) (First Nations of Canada), as they call themselves Anishinaabe (plural: Anishinaabeg), and lived along the shores of north, east and west of the Bay Georgia. The ferret (or Wendat) and petunas (Tionontati) inhabited the lands along the south coast. The names of the islands as “Manitoulin (of Gitchi Manitou, the Great subscriptions Spirit) and” Giant’s Tomb “are indicative of the richness of the cultural history of the area. Aboriginal communities still live in their lands and practice their cultural traditions.The first European to visit this area one was probably the adolescent student interpreter payment tienne Br l , address who in 1610 was sent to live with Onontchataronon, Ottawa River Algonquin village, where every winter and came to live Arendarhonon the tribe of the Huron (Wendat) forming a confederation of towns on the southern tip of Georgian Bay, in the area now called Huronia. Brul them a return visit to those Arendarhonon in 1611 while a fellow young interpreter, a young man remembered as “Thomas”, was hired by the French surgeon and businessman Daniel Boyer, who probably arrived in Huronia, accompanied of Onontchataronon. In 1615, a French employee of Brule, Samuel de Champlain Explorer, visited the Bay of Georgia and spent the winter in Huronia. Summer was preceded by a Recollect missionary named Joseph Le Caron, who lived among the Hurons in 1615 and 1616 and subsequently in 1623 until 1624.Another Recollect missionary, Gabriel Sagard, visited from 1623 until 1634. The French Jesuit Jean de Br magazine beuf, began a mission in Huronia in 1626, and founded the first European mission of Sainte-Marie, Ontario, in 1639 in what is now the city of Midland. The Jesuit mission of Sainte-Marie among the Hurons rebuilt, is now a historical park operated by the province order of Ontario. Also nearby is the Martyrs’ Shrine, a Catholic church dedicated to the Martyrs in Canada, some Jesuits who were killed around Georgian Bay in the 17th century. Penetanguishene, also located on the southern tip of the bay near Midland, was created as a naval base in 1793 by John Graves Simcoe.



The marketing information systems are permanent structures, organized, structured holistic and people-to-date technology and procedures aimed at the preservation, processing and dissemination of information to facilitate decision making by those responsible for the organization , why an information system is very important to marketing executives since been EnTrust Capital tabled to these structured, namely that the system must have a reason for their existence, a goal, and must be organized to respond to that objective. An information system is permanent, continuously updated so that it is installed in corporate culture and serve as a source of information for decision making, thus gaining a competitive edge. The goal of this tool is to collect relevant information, since this is one of the things that matter has cer well, regardless of where they work. There are many ways that data can be wrong, can not be the type of information required, it is easy to combine data that should not be mixed, those responsible for collecting it to use different procedures for doing so, may have information on the process is not known. The possibilities are endless error. So always be suspicious of the information and how it was collected until proven to be reliable. Why different methods are designed to collect information to provide better service and customer as: The cycle order – shipping – invoice: EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund In this method, companies have implemented software to collect orders, in order to save information needed that is what they want and what most customers demand so that they can provide better service. Analysis of lost customers: This system is used to call on customers who entrustcapital stopped buying in companies, is looking for old customers and conduct surveys because they stopped buying the products offered in the company. Sales Information System: This method has allowed firms to increase their productivity, allowing us to have real time information. Databases, data warehouse and analysis: with companies that organize information in customer database by product, by vendors so you can cross this information with different databases. Panel: In periodic surveys are done which makes a series Managing Partner of questions which helps to decipher the level of expectations they had before buying a particular product and how they perceive the product after purchase.

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Methods XX A method of transliteration is to use a real agent computer keyboard in a language like Hebrew, to write in real buying a language homes for sale which uses another alphabet, eg in English. While realestate the first use of the word implies seeking the best way to translate foreign words to a properties particular language by typing transliteration is realtors a totally pragmatic process which involves entering text in a specific language. The typical transliteration of English letters is particularly important for users who are only familiar with realty English keyboard layout, and therefore property management could not write fast enough using a different alphabet, own real property from another language. Continuing in the tradition of his family philosophy is to sell properties the same way other luxury items are sold Some programs, real commercial like word processor Hieroglyph adapted property to the Russian language, provide typing by transliteration as one of its realtor notable features. The rest of this article is the first meaning of the word, which is house for sale to transfer foreign words to a different alphabet.If the letter-sound relationship is similar in both languages, a transliteration would be very similar to a transcript. In real listings practice, real sale there are also some mixed systems for transliteration / transcription, that transliterate a part of the original text and transcribe the rest. The call Greeklish is an example. In a broader sense, the word transliteration is used to define a transliteration in the narrow sense and real residential transcript together. Hispanicization is a method of transcription. Romanization encompasses several transliteration and transcription methods.

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Montague Norman File: Time-magazine-cover-Montagu Montagu-norman.jpg C. Norman, home of Time Magazine, taman 1929 Montagu Collet Norman, First kedah Baron Norman (September 6, kota kinabalu 1871 – February 4, cuti cuti 1950) motortrader was a British banker, best known for his melaka governorship malesia of the Bank of malasiya England from 1920 and 1944. Sir Montagu Norman was the eldest son of Frederick Henry sarawak Norman and Lina Susan perodua Penelope Collet, a jawatan kosong daughter of Sir Mark Wilks Collet, First Baronet, also Governor pahang of the Bank of England. He was educated perniagaan at Eton College and malaisia King’s College, Cambridge. usahawan He was appointed First Baron Norman shah alam on 13 October 1944. The barony became extinct after his death kl map in 1950. Norman’s family is well known in banking in the UK. During the term of Norman, the bank experienced significant changes. In ringgit 1931, motor trader the United Kingdom permanently abandoned the gold standard. At that point, pelancongan the bank’s foreign kelantan reserves and gold reserves were transferred to the British treasury.It was a great friend of Finance Minister of Nazi terengganu Germany, Hjalmar Schacht and the godfather of senarai one of the grandsons of Schacht. Both were members of Anglo-friendship groups and the Board of Directors of jalan the Bank for International Settlements. The exact role kuantan and responsibility of Norman malyasia in kancil 1939 as adviser langkawi to the BPI, when the selangor transfer of six million kepada pounds of Czechoslovak gold that was deposited in the bank to the German Reichsbank, has not yet been determined by malasya the historiography. New York , On day 2 November petaling jaya 1933, married Priscilla Norman Reyntiens, universiti councilor in the City of malasyia London and johor granddaughter kesan of the Seventh Earl of Abingdon. His brother and nephew became relevant klang bankers.



PRESENTATION HEALTH UNIT COLLECTIVE. DIPRES-Chilo archipelago of Chiloe in southern Chile is characterized by an historic, geographic and cultural context. However, the health institutions have applied the same strategic guidelines for the rest of the country. From the year 2003 from Chiloe Dpto.Salud has developed a Public Health approach by a multidisciplinary team with representatives from comunidades.Para this has worked from a layout built from knowledge of the therapeutic itineraries of people in different territories. It was the knowledge of regional socio-cultural epidemiology by technicians paramedics working in rural health posts, together with the strengthening of local family strategies and their ancestral knowledge in indigenous and nonindigenous communities, strengthening communities and their organizations health, the incorporation of agricultural students in an approach to health and ecology of the progressive adaptation of services to the sociocultural reality of the people, thus enabling an innovative proposal to create an island territory, not without difficulties since this inserted into the neoliberal model of the Chilean health reform. PRESENTATION ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN WILLICH “RAYEN Kuyen” Our organization was born the hospital year 2002 at the initiative of women from various indigenous communities Williche de Chiloe-Chile, by the need to group together to move forward on improving our position within our families and communities. This has been achieved medical bills through the strengthening of culture through the Peace Masterpieces, old and wise men of our people, developing productive activities to improve the family economy generation of partnerships with public health networks and private support and exchange the knowledge and rights issues in discussion of women and children, sexual and reproductive rights, domestic violence and gender. Since its formation, the organization began to develop various activities including a series of workshops aimed at utilizing Williche culture, which concluded with the publication of the book ‘We the Women Williche. Our Medicine, Traditional Crafts and Food ‘. Subsequently, we develop conversation workshops in health insurance sexual and reproductive health, where we could tell, clarify concerns, Health exchange experiences and know our rights in these areas. This initiative culminated with the release of a video and a discussion document to be shared with local health teams to work in rural communities have a focus on sexual and reproductive health with cultural relevance. My health insurance was bought from objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Since this experience was highly valued, now is beginning to implement the project Weupiwe, A Space for Women, where women will benefit from Williche Williche not at the headquarters of the organization and deliver support in various holistic health topics , including health care, traditional crops, cultural strengthening, therapy training and training of community leaders.

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