PRESENTATION HEALTH UNIT COLLECTIVE. DIPRES-Chilo archipelago of Chiloe in southern Chile is characterized by an historic, geographic and cultural context. However, the health institutions have applied the same strategic guidelines for the rest of the country. From the year 2003 from Chiloe Dpto.Salud has developed a Public Health approach by a multidisciplinary team with representatives from comunidades.Para this has worked from a layout built from knowledge of the therapeutic itineraries of people in different territories. It was the knowledge of regional socio-cultural epidemiology by technicians paramedics working in rural health posts, together with the strengthening of local family strategies and their ancestral knowledge in indigenous and nonindigenous communities, strengthening communities and their organizations health, the incorporation of agricultural students in an approach to health and ecology of the progressive adaptation of services to the sociocultural reality of the people, thus enabling an innovative proposal to create an island territory, not without difficulties since this inserted into the neoliberal model of the Chilean health reform. PRESENTATION ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN WILLICH “RAYEN Kuyen” Our organization was born the hospital year 2002 at the initiative of women from various indigenous communities Williche de Chiloe-Chile, by the need to group together to move forward on improving our position within our families and communities. This has been achieved medical bills through the strengthening of culture through the Peace Masterpieces, old and wise men of our people, developing productive activities to improve the family economy generation of partnerships with public health networks and private support and exchange the knowledge and rights issues in discussion of women and children, sexual and reproductive rights, domestic violence and gender. Since its formation, the organization began to develop various activities including a series of workshops aimed at utilizing Williche culture, which concluded with the publication of the book ‘We the Women Williche. Our Medicine, Traditional Crafts and Food ‘. Subsequently, we develop conversation workshops in health insurance sexual and reproductive health, where we could tell, clarify concerns, Health exchange experiences and know our rights in these areas. This initiative culminated with the release of a video and a discussion document to be shared with local health teams to work in rural communities have a focus on sexual and reproductive health with cultural relevance. My health insurance was bought from objective is to deliver and design a lower cost alternative which allows individuals and families to have access to high quality healthcare Since this experience was highly valued, now is beginning to implement the project Weupiwe, A Space for Women, where women will benefit from Williche Williche not at the headquarters of the organization and deliver support in various holistic health topics , including health care, traditional crops, cultural strengthening, therapy training and training of community leaders.

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