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By the mid ’50s, “the union of a car workshop and a group of metallurgical engineers in the city of Lujan conform ASYCO-METAL, embryo FAMIQ future, dedicated to the manufacture and installation of special equipment for the food and textile industry in the area. His earliest works were tanks, reactors, driers and tubs for cotton and dyed in vats to make cheese in dairy plants. In 1959 he formed FAMIQ (Factory Equipment and Machinery for Chemical Industry) in order to attend the special equipment manufacturing industry and also adding the manufacturing of pipe fittings and stainless steel pipe. The first major contract for the provision of fittings including joints Doubles Danish rule, which is then quickly imposed in Argentina as the standard equipment used in dairies and milk.During the 60’s and 70’s, was growing and developing FAMIQ preferably in the manufacture and marketing of pipes, tubes and accessories under standard rules, leaving gradually as equipment manufacturing. In the early 90 ‘, FAMIQ begins to diversify their stock, importing raw material both for marketing and for their production units, achieving a leading position rapidly as sales of pipes and fittings in stainless steel, providing materials in an almost integral large-scale works. In 1997, FAMIQ enters the market design and architecture, with its business unit ARQUINOXIDABLE point of reference for furniture and special works in stainless steel, as shown by our major works Airports, Shopping Malls, Banks, and various exhibitions design among others.To sustain the growing demand for stainless steel, from 1999 onwards, FAMIQ opened a distribution center in the town of Florida (Buenos Aires Province) of 14.000m2 (8000m2 covered) and 4 branches in Rafaela, Rosario (Sta . Fe), Mendoza and Tucuman. Also, since 2003, were set up 3 new units of production, including the first standardized factory covers and doors for Tanks and Reservoirs in the city of Rafaela and manufactured these products under the license Boyer of France, world leader in this item .

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