Diploma in Business

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Diploma in Business Studies from the University of Cadiz, and a Masters in eBusiness from the Faculty of Politeno Valencia.
In the year 2000, establishing AandM Network Technologies and Design Ltd., a company focused on Internet and the development of a software web development, along with Manuel Garcia. Alberto and Manuel have been friends since childhood.
In 2006, the brand recorded Startweb owned AandM Network Technologies and Design Ltd., which operates under a commercial AandM Network.
Co-founder of the company also Madvers SL Media Center, dedicated to electronic commerce, founded in 2005. Madvers focuses on imports and exports of health, fitness and sold.
In 2008, together with Alberto Manuel, created a society in England, Pamkert Global Logistics (www.pamkert.com) and establish a permanent headquarters in Swindon for daily operations.

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