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Montague Norman File: Time-magazine-cover-Montagu Montagu-norman.jpg C. Norman, home of Time Magazine, taman 1929 Montagu Collet Norman, First kedah Baron Norman (September 6, kota kinabalu 1871 – February 4, cuti cuti 1950) motortrader was a British banker, best known for his melaka governorship malesia of the Bank of malasiya England from 1920 and 1944. Sir Montagu Norman was the eldest son of Frederick Henry sarawak Norman and Lina Susan perodua Penelope Collet, a jawatan kosong daughter of Sir Mark Wilks Collet, First Baronet, also Governor pahang of the Bank of England. He was educated perniagaan at Eton College and malaisia King’s College, Cambridge. usahawan He was appointed First Baron Norman shah alam on 13 October 1944. The barony became extinct after his death kl map in 1950. Norman’s family is well known in banking in the UK. During the term of Norman, the bank experienced significant changes. In ringgit 1931, motor trader the United Kingdom permanently abandoned the gold standard. At that point, pelancongan the bank’s foreign kelantan reserves and gold reserves were transferred to the British treasury.It was a great friend of Finance Minister of Nazi terengganu Germany, Hjalmar Schacht and the godfather of senarai one of the grandsons of Schacht. Both were members of Anglo-friendship groups and the Board of Directors of jalan the Bank for International Settlements. The exact role kuantan and responsibility of Norman malyasia in kancil 1939 as adviser langkawi to the BPI, when the selangor transfer of six million kepada pounds of Czechoslovak gold that was deposited in the bank to the German Reichsbank, has not yet been determined by malasya the historiography. New York , On day 2 November petaling jaya 1933, married Priscilla Norman Reyntiens, universiti councilor in the City of malasyia London and johor granddaughter kesan of the Seventh Earl of Abingdon. His brother and nephew became relevant klang bankers.

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