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In times to postmoder to us unique the important thing is to live the moment and, that yes, never to stop consuming although is no money for it. That is the new American dream, to live a life over the true possibilities. The consumption has hyped the majority of human relations. It is enough with reflecting in how moral convention to give a present has become the most habitual way to show affection towards another person and in as always it is necessary to tell on the economic impact that it estimates. By something it will be that the etymological coincidence takes to us to think that the best present is not other that the own present. The majors benefits have been always the main objective of the companies but now, far from the paternalistic attitudes of the fordismo, the policies of reduction of costs are fattened especially with manpower. If somebody no longer is profitable it replaces to him without more miramientos.

Cases like the one of Joan Ramon Vilamaj, employee Barcelonian of 45 years, that was dismissed by the insuring Operating Lico of Bank-Safe ten days after a lung cancer was diagnosed to him, are a clear example of the fragility and the insecurity that they must confront day to day the workers of the company of the 21st century. As if it was a reedicin of the largometraje Modern Times, in which Charles Chaplin related the desperate conditions of use that the working class had to support during the time of the great depression of 1929, the gears of the great multinationals, with branchs distributed by all the globe, are dehumanized a process of production in which more the people are only a resource, dispensable if the accounts of the company require therefore it. The system convulso and money changer in whom they are inserted has been undressing of its rights until turning them into simple robots who execute the same task time and time again. In the factories of nowadays there is time nor no place for the human imperfections. A possible solution would be to locate to the company and the worker in the same side of the balance to win to the uncertainty. After all the industralists, like us, also have soul.

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