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What means a cultural aggression, is the imposition of a strange religion, or the paper through it’s genuine and peculiar values of a people. In that regard, a mission would not be saving, as it would destroy most autochthonous values of a people. Preventing you to remain what is. But a mission that brings a village to be integrated into their own culture, is not in fashion any oppressive or alienating. The Gospel is not a culture that desarraigue necessarily to any other underlying.

It is a religious message that can live and has lived in fact in the different culture in time and space. Also from the cultural point of view against the mission difficulty arises from what is called religious freedom. It is said that each people can believe as they want and can worship God according to their rites and traditions. But the religious Indifferentism is something completely different, and that has always been rejected by the Church. The indifference or reduces religion to pure consciousness, without a dimension field real which corresponds, and then everything depends on the option which is done internally, or assumes that religion is a matter of feelings and in which nothing has to intervene the notion of truth. Then becomes a matter of spiritual taste, in which each one can choose what you like, such as when choosing between different colors or flavors. Practical difficulties: is usually frequently allege that missionaries mean poor administration of the forces of the Church. Because having so much to do in the so-called Catholic countries, many forces by sending missionaries to distant regions and where you can just get the corresponding fruits are wasted.

It is not a bad tactic, said leaving the terrain to conquer middle and venturing into very risky enterprises and whose result is ordinary little fruitful? Such a way of thinking, intends to concentrate all forces on Catholic places without universal spirit. With this approach the early Christians would still locked in Jerusalem trying to convert to the Jews. At the same time we cannot forget that Jesus sent his Apostles to go all over the world. Conclusion: We should not forget that we live today in a world that despite his indifference and utilitarianism, proclaims incessantly new ideas, theologies and doctrines of life with an irresistible passion. Consider the real indoctrination of many thousands of young people with revolutionary ideologies. It is not a kind of rivalry between ideologies or propaganda fight. We must have a joy of our faith and feel the need to communicate it by ourselves or others as the Gospel prescribes.


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Catholic, Evanglica, Jainista, Buddhist, Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Esprita and as much other great and famous religions of the world. But you know which my religion? In my religion Jesus Christ it is not money symbol for church. In my religion, God is not in church, whichever. In my religion, God lives in freedom for the mind of each one. if we are all brothers, children of God, why ' ' Santa&#039 land; ' it only can be of one? In my religion, Buddha lives in permanent nirvana of the Buddhists with jainistas. In my religion violent conflicts for cultural reasons they do not exist. In my Maom religion it hugs Sunita and Xiita.

They commemorate together, happy parties, leaving its differences of side. They perceive that they are, above all, beings of the same species and they had only been formed by different dogmas. In my religion Allan Kardec it shows the book of the espritos for all. All respect. Soon they appear Brahma, Shiva, Vishnu and Krishna with the Snscrito in hands. Allan Kardec accepted it. The espritos if transform into one. The spirit of the union. Ah! Wants to know which my religion? My religion is that one where all the adepts fight for the peace, social equality and respect to all the cultures in the world. Knows which my religion? NONE!

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