The Eyes

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leaves, said that it was to the search of dealer and weapons, this age the excuse of it to bagunar the house of the living poor person. Suddenly one lady cried out: It helps GOD me! I noticed that the eyes of the mysterious young had shone with more intensity. It said: my son – you do not gather for you treasures in the land, where the rust you trace and them corrode, where the thieves steal and steal. You gather for you treasures in the sky, where they do not consume nor trace them nor the rust, and the thieves do not steal nor steal. Somebody wants aid; left hasty to help one lady, who it was without food, marries all a revirada total chaos.

It arrived brought the peace soon Mrs. it started to breathe better and to take conscience of the things. It helped to this lady with much affection and love, it was very been thankful. said: We here are abandoned, nobody lode helping in, to see them our necessities, you we were the first one. He has many churches here on, but he seems all closed one with this movement of policemen. IT left to escape: ' ' Many of these churches are house of lagarto' '.

We pass the entire day in the mount of the German and the mysterious young visited all the houses supplying its necessities and giving to much love and affection. I noticed that each time that it helped to the people its light shone more and it replenished its energies, to the step that I was tired, extenuado, with crazy headquarters and to go even so. But it continued giving love to this people and taking the peace. I did not support the availability of the mission and asked for excuses and was even so, therefore you had my concerns to decide. It only said this: – My son, you are not worried, therefore, with the day of tomorrow: at some future date it will have its proper concerns. To each day its care is enough. These words had been in my heart, I to meditar

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