Roxita Charge

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Paj explains that any type of illness can cure, when is for it, that is, when she can be dealt with grass, when not, it (and the entities) recommend that the person looks ' ' it has beaten branca' ' , that is, the doctor. With the aid of the beings guide that it, it can cure as many illnesses of cause spiritual (disturbance of espritos, for example) as of physical cause (' ' tocedura' ' , ' ' quebradura' '), even so in more urgent cases it advises to look the doctor. However, people can request its aid for diverse other reasons, as to find an animal lost, as I testified certain time a youngster asking for helps the Roxita owner to find its mare run away, to ask for to be ' ' benzidas' ' or protected spiritual. D. Roxita carries through its cures in two places, in periods of much rain and when the ritual not to need very to be elaborated, occurs in the small next room its room to be, and in periods of little rain and when the rituals are more complex, &#039 occurs; ' in mata' ' in an area already specified by paj, or in the beach of the Fishing boat.

It prefers to carry through the cures in way the nature, therefore after all, it is the natural way magic them and where the linking with them can better be facilitated. It affirms not to charge of the people the cure rites or remedies that carry through, asking for only the material that will be necessary for the work, case proper it does not have this material in house. D. Roxita says that paj does not have to charge for its work, therefore would be missed to charge by that it was given by God, dom to cure. Paj Roxita it tells that to the nine years of age it very lived deeply a significant experience, that marked definitively its initiation in would enchant.

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