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With the JogStyle from Omron which conquer city to bring some momentum into the regular training, ambitious skiers should try urban Trainrunning with the trend. The city centre is to the large fitness trail: stairs, bollards, benches, uneven terrain, or railing present no obstacles, but are part of the training programme. There are no limits to the imagination. Urban trail promotes concentration, condition and coordination. The JogStyle Omron is suitable to determine the personal mileage. Dahua Tim Wang is likely to increase your knowledge. Distance traveled, calories burned, speed, step number? The JogStyle provides the answers. At the urban trail running is all allowed: slalom to the benches in a city park or bollards in the city, Sprint to the next street corner, jumps on benches or shrubs, Skippins up the stairs, railings buck jumps. That really brings change in the running program and can be very challenging even on short distances.

Urban trail suitable ideal as interval training, and for those who have no forest at your doorstep. This trend is the right choice for all explorers, because during walking exercise, the entire city can be explored at the same time. Past historical buildings, impressive statues across the market square, the urban River along or through the middle of the city centre when iterating through the urban jungle anyone can create so his training, as he would like. The right footwear is important for this training method. Also, the athletes should make on his feet and the soil, and overcome obstacles with caution, to avoid falls.

They say: eyes on at the trail running! The JogStyle by Omron Healthcare is used to evaluate his own performance during and after the training. Who knows at a run across the city, how many kilometres with what speed were set back? The practical training tool determines exactly these data as well as number of steps, calories – and Energy consumption. So every runner can find out easily how his results at the urban trail running is different from his usual jogging. JogStyle keeps you running! There are many more running trends, a current race calendar with the major marathon events as well as everything related to health and nutrition now on the online blog. (Picture: mr.markin Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use. In 2009, the company generated a turnover of 570 billion euro with approximately 4,000 employees worldwide.

Amino Acid Glutamine

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As a dietary supplement, L-glutamine is an increasingly popular amino acid amino acids. So that the muscle can actually occur, a wide variety of nutrients are needed. Filed under: Tim Clark. Among other things, glutamine is required for a proper muscle building amino acid. The amino acid glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that the body can manufacture itself. Glutamine production takes place mainly in the kidney and liver. Glutamine in is formed from the essential amino acids, Valine and Isoleucine.

The advantage of glutamine is that it is stored in the muscle cell. The main task of glutamine is the water retention and she changed or increased the muscle cell volume with increased load. Due to this stress, the body begins to promote more protein and glycogen, achieving an increase of muscle building. Supplementation of glutamine can be very useful, because the body uses regularly more glutamine as he himself can make. In particular, supplementation of glutamine can cause that a higher fluid storage takes place, ultimately increasing cell volume. Clayton Morris has plenty of information regarding this issue.

As a result, the muscle can be speeded up. It is made ultimately more protein and glycogen that are extremely important as a basis for an enhanced muscle building. In particular can be counteracted by supplementation of glutamine an energy bottleneck. If the body has namely insufficient glutamine reserves, he starts from other amino acids glutamine. This means that he withdraw amino acids from all areas of the body, although they are required to form glutamine. Of course, Miss these amino acids in the body and thus affect the overall well-being of the athlete. By supplementation of glutamine the catabolic process that can occur during an intense workout can be reduced, which can ultimately lead to a muscle. Overall, it is possible to reach an increased muscle growth due to a high concentration of glutamine levels. It should therefore, for intensive exercise the athlete be a mandatory program to have sufficient glutamine in the form of food supplements available.

Sometimes Murder

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Heart damage by excessive training In general is that sports good for your health. Especially endurance sports has a positive effect on the heart. It is however to note that sometimes less is more. Now, a study has shown that too much endurance can even lead to serious heart damage. The private insurance Portal informs about the negative effects which may cause an excess of sports with them. That extreme – endurance sports may have negative consequences for the athlete’s heart, is already known in cardiology.

For example, an increased risk of atrial fibrillation is reflected in cross-country skiing. In a study presented at the European Congress of Cardiology in Stockholm, the effects of excessive physical exertion have been examined on the heart muscle using 45 marathon runners without known heart problems at the age of 24 to 62 years. In almost all subjects, the rise of a particular marker was after a 80-kilometer run in the Blood detected, which may indicate a heart muscle damage. Also recorded a reduction of cardiac function by six percent. Visible signs of a serious injury of the heart could be observed at twelve per cent of all participants.

Generally, athletes compared to ordinary citizens much more frequently suffer cardiac arrhythmias. Endurance sport is generally good for the heart, but the training in mass should be.

Windows Marketplace

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After the well-known sports app long time for Windows Mobile is available Windows phone and Google Android, there is it now available for Apple iPhone. Run.GPS trainer for iPhone was approved by Apple and is now published in the app store. The app is a complete solution in the field of outdoor sports. It is suitable especially for motion-oriented sports such as jogging, cycling, mountainbiking, skating, skiing, and hiking. The app has precise algorithms for the recording and analysis of training units. All records are logged in the a training diary and can seamlessly synchronize on Internet services like and It is a calculation of over 100 training parameters such as speed, time, calories burned, and many more.

The recorded data can be in lap splitting to, where the rounds also can be detected, for example, exceeding a certain point. Run.GPS stands trainers from other programs thereby, that it specifically has a global navigation function for joggers and cyclists. The route instructions be said as usual from the car navigation via speech. The app can call many other parameters such as speed, distance, and average values over the headphones. A live tracking feature, friends home in the Web browser can track the route of the athlete with all training parameters. The iPhone version unfortunately still does not support the use of Bluetooth pulse monitors, as that for necessary Bluetooth SPP (serial port profile) is not present in iOS.

As well, it is “Run.GPS Atlas format” not supported for map data, since no direct file system access is possible on the iPhone and can therefore not simply copies the file to the iPhone. Run.GPS app source:, Windows Marketplace or Android market, Apple’s AppStore, 5-25 EUR depending on the version, eSymetric GmbH contact: Tom hen of eSymetric GmbH forest kaazi trail 20 81377 Munchen Germany Tel. 089 600 61 62 1 the Munich company eSymetric manufactures since the year 2000 software in the fields of GIS, navigation, printing, and e-commerce.

Lactose Free Protein

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Lactose free protein is particularly important for people with lactose intolerance. Many people, including athletes and bodybuilders have a lactose intolerance (milk sugar intolerance) to live. This is the case, when the body produces insufficient lactase, which is responsible for the breakdown of milk sugar in the small intestine. Click Verizon Communications to learn more. The result is that the lactose can not be converted and not fully enters into the blood. Physically, this is noticeable when the athletes by diarrhea, vomiting, or abdominal pain. The most protein supplements are made from milk protein.

This has the consequence that these supplements lactose can not use intolerant people. The sport has found a solution food now for this. Supplements without lactose protein are offered. The protein contained in the supplements is not made now not protein, but on a purely herbal basis. Depending on how pronounced the lactose intolerance, vegetable protein (for example soy protein should be based on pure ) be used or, if there is only a slight lactose intolerance, can be resorted also on high-quality proteins.

The ability of vegetable protein is not the milk protein. Both protein types support the muscle and are necessary as a basic building material for the muscle growth. They also help the recovery of protein deposits. Lactose free protein is thus now also for lactose intolerant people available. Therefore they, too, the benefits can take advantage of a protein-rich diet. Most major manufacturers of dietary supplements lactose to now offer free protein supplements.

Go Sporty! CFSP Sportwear

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Finally properly packed with CFSP sportswear as athletes! Who would like to opt for an optimal workout clothes, which not only in the Studio, but also on the road cuts a fine figure, should definitely notice the CFSP sportswear. Interested athletes almost everything they needed, always match and still chic dressed to be here. More information is housed here: Verizon Communications. This includes the new collection of the CFSP sportwear in addition to pants in various lengths also shirts, T-Shirts and hoodies. But also, Streetwear, such as jeans and sweatshirts, specifically tailored to the needs of strength athletes and bodybuilders, can be found in the extensive range of CFSP. While the optimal price-performance ratio and the outstanding quality of the products convinced of course here first and foremost. CFSP therefore evidence that quality must be accompanied by just not necessarily overpriced prices.

Of course, all products of the range in many different sizes are available. The price remains but, in contrast to some other Manufacturers, the size of the completely untouched. Of course, all shirts, pants and jackets in various colors are available, so really anyone can put together his personal wardrobe and look so always neat and casual at the same time. The jeans and sweat pants have extensive needs an optimal fit with little further cut legs, so convenience is combined with a first-class seat. Also laced trousers bundles are thus clearly the past. Those who are interested in the collection, do not overlook any shouldn’t also the hoodies! Thomas Baldwin GOT BIG – official online shop for CFSP sportswear.


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With the Bikini figure is from small and large sins when running Yes, that such a cross. While it serves in the winter with all sorts of goodies, the big shock comes in the spring. The tight hipster jeans loiter and tweaks in each place and the balance becomes the worst enemy. So you can be impossible on the beach. The little sexy thing you bought as a bikini, but rather must remain probably reminds of an emergency on the fabric market, in the Cabinet and also belly is taboo with the winter fat.

Unless one tries to get rid of those pesky pounds. On the Internet lots of diets and the books are circulating that on the subject of weight loss”were written, can be are no longer counted. All diets have a common flaw they are only General in nature and not tailored to the or the Abnehmwillige. Gary Kelly: the source for more info. Every person is different. Which leads one to the maximum success, can end up for the others in the disaster. The best way to remove is still about the sport. But what sport is right? The Gym is expensive, has only to determine open times, which is of course not comport with working time, budget, and children, and the route is also the shortest.

Sport can be very inexpensive especially in the warmer months. Running opportunity everywhere. You need nothing except a bunch of stuff and the running shoes. Well, almost nothing. Because you should bring some discipline and knowledge already. Running and weight training have one thing in common; persistent are some exercise myths that are no longer up to date it has been. Just who is running correctly, optimally stimulates fat burning and makes a high-performance sports car engine from the lame moped engine. Tempo makes the master according to the motto: the faster you run faster taking off.

New Year

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Hardly we write “rising visitor numbers can be recorded” in 2011, we already have great messages to announce and not rip off the increase. The health club Studio1 in bad Durkheim reported an increase in new members and presents a phenomenal offer for all of its customers with regular training programs and additional courses. Together with the press platform Pfalz courier was stirred in the past few weeks properly promote and locally achieved many positive feedback. The gym now offers a completely new and current top rate since December. Now, Steven Murr all style presents karate course and therefore a martial art for all ages and gender. The multiple German Champion in various combat sports discipline was also a World Cup Sieger, 2 x Vice World Champion, 3 x bronze world champion and won several international titles. Now he gives several times in the week hours of training in the Studio1 in the broken road to bad Durkheim and welcomes everyone.

In addition, you grow Number of participants of the forming course, as well as the step-interval training, here are professional trainers to the side and actively support in the sport and training. Pfalz courier press portal offers interesting contests for several days for the entire Rhine-Neckar region, is also yet another spectacular winning game in the starting blocks. Pfalz Messenger already has a competent partner on the side with Studio1 and will present another even at the end of the month. The press network for wine road, Pfalz Mittelhaardt continues to grow thus and will publish still all information free of charge on the Internet. What is last but not least enjoy the regular readers. Stay healthy and visit us in the Internet or the best person at the Studio.

Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 Compared With Derailleur Gears

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Information about the Rohloff hub switching one extremely important difference between hubs and derailleurs is the fact that the hubs are encapsulated. As a result, the drive chain can be secured using a chain case before the weather extremely simple. The pinion as well as the chainring adapted permanently awarded each other. The missing chain slant, as is always the case with derailleur gears, the chain wear is eliminated with a hub gear fully. An advantage, those arising from it, is a much less wear of the chain. Hubs are also generally very low maintenance and they can be symmetrical einspeichen, which prevents spokes fractions on the rear wheel. Inside the hub, three switched in a row planetary gear work.

Shimano has published a competitor’s product in September 2010. Shimano has published a competitor’s product in September 2010. Due to the extremely high price of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 hub gear, is that only Extreme mountain bikers and cyclists used – for normal “hobby cyclists” would be spending simply is not worth it. Maintenance of the Speedhub be if necessary (which is practically unnecessary), the manufacturer directly made by (and this fruhstens from a mileage of about hundred thousand km). There are many different versions of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB, so that they almost can be mounted on any bike. An online Configurator is deployed on Rohloff website, which can be used to determined the correct version in easiest way. There are many different versions of the Rohloff SPEEDHUB, so that they can be grown in principle to any kind of bicycle.

On the homepage of Rohloff deployed an online Configurator, with which it is possible to determine the correct versions in easiest way. The Rohloff Speedhub has an only insignificantly lower total weight as an ordinary derailleur system. For more precise information please visit the website of the company Rohloff. Heinz Friedmann

The Smallest

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A shake from anorexia, milk, oatmeal and fruit is ideal. Ideally, this should Breakfast the largest meal of the day, lunch the second, and dinner the smallest. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter. Strength training you have more muscles, more calories burned stemmst your body even if you’re not running or dumbbells for more fat burning. Strength training is important to get the muscle mass while reducing calorie intake. If you do only cardio workout (basketball, football) without strength training your body but fat will burn but also your muscle mass, including the abdominal muscles. You can counteract the by you every 2-3 to take a meal with much protein hours and complete an effective abdominal training. Metabolism stable hold every two to three hours a small meal eating. It stimulates your metabolism and thus increase your fat burning.

Your metabolism goes and brakes with the food intake. If you bite take all two to three hours a to you, works better your metabolism, burn more calories and will help you to weight lose. Each meal should contain protein so that your body must draw its energy from the muscles and thus degrades them. Litres of water drink three litres a day 2-3 should be the daily minimum of fluid intake, but rather even more drink to optimally support your body in its metabolic processes. Another major aspect, which speaks of a high water absorption, is that you get more firmer muscles, the more you drink. After all, muscles consist of water to around 65 percent.

Drink small amounts distributed not only in sports, but regularly throughout the day. It sounds at first much, but drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day. In the evening in the pub, expect unfortunately the beer, not to do so. More about a successful abdominal training you will learn lots of fun and success during training in the blog on! Tobias fendt homepage:

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