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A shake from anorexia, milk, oatmeal and fruit is ideal. Ideally, this should Breakfast the largest meal of the day, lunch the second, and dinner the smallest. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter. Strength training you have more muscles, more calories burned stemmst your body even if you’re not running or dumbbells for more fat burning. Strength training is important to get the muscle mass while reducing calorie intake. If you do only cardio workout (basketball, football) without strength training your body but fat will burn but also your muscle mass, including the abdominal muscles. You can counteract the by you every 2-3 to take a meal with much protein hours and complete an effective abdominal training. Metabolism stable hold every two to three hours a small meal eating. It stimulates your metabolism and thus increase your fat burning.

Your metabolism goes and brakes with the food intake. If you bite take all two to three hours a to you, works better your metabolism, burn more calories and will help you to weight lose. Each meal should contain protein so that your body must draw its energy from the muscles and thus degrades them. Litres of water drink three litres a day 2-3 should be the daily minimum of fluid intake, but rather even more drink to optimally support your body in its metabolic processes. Another major aspect, which speaks of a high water absorption, is that you get more firmer muscles, the more you drink. After all, muscles consist of water to around 65 percent.

Drink small amounts distributed not only in sports, but regularly throughout the day. It sounds at first much, but drink at least 3 litres of fluid a day. In the evening in the pub, expect unfortunately the beer, not to do so. More about a successful abdominal training you will learn lots of fun and success during training in the blog on! Tobias fendt homepage:

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