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Suitability profile of the candidate’s requirement profile of the job each other perfect vote: fit the key in the lock with a targeted selection of modules of a personal balance sheet options on a job profile opens up a cut to knowledge, skills and relationships to offer, which most needed by the target group and will be requested. The chance for the detection of potential differential aptitudes, i.e. as possible to offer, what is different from other competitors and stands out on the market arises about an intense preoccupation with the own person record. Who is reporting results honestly and impartially, is usually not credible to determine that some minor from their school days in the later professional life to the all-determining main compartment can become and some oh so minor top note of the testimony has become the success-relevant application and qualification factor. This may be supplemented by an image from the world of sport. For example, with a ski jumper, its overall score and thus position in the competition from the hard factors of a centimetre measured jump distance and the soft”factors is calculated individually assessed attitudes during flight and landing. Bernard Golden may find this interesting as well.

See detailed information for Becker, Jorg: headhunter in their own right ISBN 978 3 8391 2464 2. “Thus also essential points for the market-oriented preparation of an application are named: in addition to the measurable factors of an applicant, there are many other, so-called soft” factors, which can be decisive for the success. The boundary lines between two factor qualities not always clearly lost. a main factor”must retain this classification for all professional and application situations. “I.e., depending on the situation, main factors can” and supporting factors “also exchange their value position. an application factor is not only important, because it can be measured. Conversely, an application factor is not already so less significant, because no exact data exist about him.

Also for the so-called soft”factors applies: they are far more frequently also comprehensible to quantify than usually assumed. in an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment is the relative importance of the soft”factors to the usually measured hard factors continue to. See Becker, Jorg: There is a school in the Hanau country, ISBN 9783839199176. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

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