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The Waking

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You can use one or more symbol books to dream interpretation. But be careful, everyone has his very personal reference to the symbol. That’s why is man himself his best interpreters. Richard Anderson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Who decides to dream work, should necessarily result in a dream book. You can get sometimes dreams from a possible future, which have currently not yet properly interpreted.

If the time is then ripe, you know exactly what the dream meant. Therefore, a dream diary is very important. you forget certain details, which can be quite important simply in the course of time. In conscious creating dreams sometimes indicate the current status. It is important to note that they represent not the desired end result, but only how currently have changed things and display them to the “progress”. 5. Clear dream technique of lucid dream is the conscious dream. You know in a dream exactly, and at any time that you are dreaming and has all of his senses, as in the waking life available.

It is fully aware as in the waking life and is still in the dream in an aware State of one other. In this state you can consciously interact on dream events. Communicate because you know that you are dreaming, you can with the figures of fear of”, because you know, then it is in bed, and it is a dream. You can also fly in this State, walk through walls, and certain people to contact, if this is deliberate. This reality is the astral world. It is interwoven with our world and it is half material or even energy. Where healing can take place and also so-called “occupations by foreign beings” can be perceived and accordingly be redeemed. It is always carried the higher self in the dream! Learning of the clear dream takes some time. It is necessary several times making a dream test on the real day.

Life Help

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The Tarot is an ancient form of divination. The Tarot is an ancient form of divination. Different patterns are created using Tarot cards, Gypsy cards or playing cards. After the person has asked a question, the cards of the series are revealed to. Source: Larry Ellison. Each card has a certain interpretation depending on the technology and its position.

This form of clairvoyance is already done in Europe in the 15th century. Until the 18th century, the Tarot was used to learn more about the unconscious of the people, because the Cartomancy experiences and forecasts made in frequently, which cannot be explained, were with pure reason. Nowadays the Cartomancy is running the Cartomancy also not only by professional fortune-tellers online is a big trend. In the Internet interested can book a Tarot reader Gratisgesprach or follow the Tarot for free on the screen. Even with the Tarot online different Legetechniken and decks of cards can be selected. Access to the unconscious whether the Tarot in the Internet on Portals such as or locally used, the background is the same: we people have a subconscious knowledge that can indeed rational are not covered, but are released at different techniques of clairvoyance. This unconscious knowledge can go beyond the known limits of time and space the unconscious of the questioning can be linked so when the Tarot cards and they interact with each other. Often have all the answers to his questions are in the higher consciousness of the questioner, he needs them to find a way that the cards be consulted however.

The techniques of which cards are used for Cartomancy, actually no matter it can Tarot, Gypsy -, Angel – or Skat cards be. The meaning of the cards is already dependent on their position and the previously asked questions. However, the Tarot cards are particularly popular because they have particularly meaningful symbols and images. After a pattern put a question, are the cards of the series uncovered. The positions of the cards may represent such persons or periods of time in the life of the applicant. Only in its entirety, the cards however can give a revealing picture of a situation and be interpreted accordingly. Why Tarot? The Tarot can help life regardless of whether online or at a Tarot reader Gratisgesprach many. Each time stands at points in his life, which he does not progress, or must make an important decision. Also we are all of a great curiosity, what the future may well hold. The Tarot can be an important aid in a decision in the professional or personal life. Requirement is only that one is open to spiritual experiences, because only so the cards can help. Also, if one does not believe in the fortune telling, it may be a new and exciting experience, which once lay the cards to let. Katrin Stroh

Astrology School

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Who ever wanted to take a look behind the mysterious interpretations of horoscopes, star signs and stars, now has the best opportunity with an Astrology education in Salzburg. Now has chosen as his hobby Astrology or see even his professional chance it, astrology training by Hannelore Traugott to forms the best basis. Three years of training, with inclusion of psychology, myths or archetype teaching is offered in fixed groups with structural construction in all areas. Astrology training in Salzburg takes place 2 days per month (24 days a year) on the weekends at the Hotel Mercure, bayerhamerstrasse 14 5020 Salzburg. You may find that Rory Sutherland can contribute to your knowledge. On May 14, 2010, begins the next course for astrology in a seminar room at the Hotel Mercure in Salzburg and offers the opportunity to get started in this fascinating and highly regarded subject area thus already soon. Free introductory seminar for anyone who ever wants to take a look in the Astrology training in Salzburg, is on Saturday, April 10, 2010 at the Hotel Mercure, Bayerhamerstrasse 14 5020 Salzburg a no-obligation introductory seminar instead, where it spans the Astrology training, which can inform as mentioned starts in may,. To the Unkostenbeitragosten of only euro 30,-, understanding school, functioning, speakers and training content is presented in the time between 13:00 until approximately 18:00. Through various lectures on various subjects, astrology training is brought closer to the interested parties and usually people know quite well, whether training for them in question comes,”Hannelore Traugott this introductory seminar can recommend to anyone, who would like to devote more astrology. Contact: Hannelore Traugott Attweng 3 4801 Traunkirchen-Tel: + 43 7617 34244 fax: + 43 7617 34243

Giovanni Tratore

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What is man? What is the meaning of our existence? What is the role of religion and faith, Oracle and astrology, fate and the stars really in our current civilization? \”The protagonist of the novel in the palaces of Venice, in the monasteries on Mount Athos in the gardens of in Algiers and in the narrow streets of Jerusalem seeking answers this: the Oracle of the healer\” is a sumptuous historical novel of the Renaissance. He portrays the dramatic events-rich life of Giovanni Tratore, who set out to discover the world, love and knowledge… Readers travel and can learn horoscopes and others, E.g. about Venice, the Dutch philosopher Erasmus, Luther, Kabbalah, astrology, Not only in the book: esotericism, astrology and oracles Questico’s advisors this bestseller proves: the questions we can’t answer on conventional ways with conservative mathematics or physics, require different methods and ways of thinking. Verizon Communications contains valuable tech resources. Not only in fiction, but also in real life. That’s why you recommend Consultants and advisors of Questico reading this exciting novel on the subject of clairvoyance. Ripple understood the implications. Giovanni is a simple country boy from a Calabrian village, which meets three very different women.

It is Luna, a healer, who accused Elena, because of the, he goes on a journey through the Italy of the 16.Jahrhunderts, as a witch and freed from Giovanni and at the end of the Jewish Esther. In the course of the protagonist with a master in the philosophical and astrological doctrine can be inserted. Also on the portal for esoteric lives consulting, it deals taught and competently with esotericism, horoscopes and astrology. Seeking advice here online by Questico astrologers on advice/astrologer online.htm a loving advice on every subject. Who want to come so even themselves apart from this reading in the enjoyment of an Oracle, horoscope or astrological advice, can locate a counsel of his choice on advice/counselling online.htm and call for a free counseling at Questico.