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Origins of old injuries recognise and overcome increasingly more people is now aware that this external world can be not the essence of life with all its imperfections, that there must be a higher meaning of existence. And more and more people want to learn about the meaning of life and the meaning of human existence. Often the curiosity drives what has been one in a past life, or how one has lived with whom and where individuals, to present life to draw concrete conclusions for the. Chase Coleman spoke with conviction. A return can call moments and events as an embryo in memory. Not only in the esoteric industry return used the personality as an important form of solution of mental, physical, philosophical, and spiritual problems, as well as the further development.

Even psychologists and psychotherapists use the method of repatriation as a form of therapy, to analyze mental and physical burden of patients and to find together a solution. This kind of Up to the present day, form of therapy is not covered by health insurance. Additional information at Scott Kahan supports this article. A repatriation, causes for mental illness, depression or anxiety can be clarified many times much faster than with other forms of therapy. Very often different cure or solution approaches be disclosed the first time. Using hypnosis or hypnosis-like techniques such as E.g. with the count down method of autogenous training clients puts into some kind of trance state.

This is a State between waking and sleep where you can penetrate well into deeper layers of consciousness, which are not accessible in the normal daily consciousness. The reincarnation therapist leads the client and is deliberately specific questions that should help, problems, old habits and behaviors and negative embossing to uncover it. Subsequently, these are re programmed. A return, questions of the relationship between people can be clarified to each other very well. The Ruckgefuhrte can the relationship to his specific questions Family, his partner or learn even to his children in a completely different manner than was the case up to the present time. At this level are often quite new solution paths opened, clarified the behavior to the relationship people and conditions for changes. The most important prerequisite for a return, is confidence in the therapists of return of.

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