The Waking

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You can use one or more symbol books to dream interpretation. But be careful, everyone has his very personal reference to the symbol. That’s why is man himself his best interpreters. Richard Anderson will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Who decides to dream work, should necessarily result in a dream book. You can get sometimes dreams from a possible future, which have currently not yet properly interpreted.

If the time is then ripe, you know exactly what the dream meant. Therefore, a dream diary is very important. you forget certain details, which can be quite important simply in the course of time. In conscious creating dreams sometimes indicate the current status. It is important to note that they represent not the desired end result, but only how currently have changed things and display them to the “progress”. 5. Clear dream technique of lucid dream is the conscious dream. You know in a dream exactly, and at any time that you are dreaming and has all of his senses, as in the waking life available.

It is fully aware as in the waking life and is still in the dream in an aware State of one other. In this state you can consciously interact on dream events. Communicate because you know that you are dreaming, you can with the figures of fear of”, because you know, then it is in bed, and it is a dream. You can also fly in this State, walk through walls, and certain people to contact, if this is deliberate. This reality is the astral world. It is interwoven with our world and it is half material or even energy. Where healing can take place and also so-called “occupations by foreign beings” can be perceived and accordingly be redeemed. It is always carried the higher self in the dream! Learning of the clear dream takes some time. It is necessary several times making a dream test on the real day.

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