Giovanni Tratore

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What is man? What is the meaning of our existence? What is the role of religion and faith, Oracle and astrology, fate and the stars really in our current civilization? \”The protagonist of the novel in the palaces of Venice, in the monasteries on Mount Athos in the gardens of in Algiers and in the narrow streets of Jerusalem seeking answers this: the Oracle of the healer\” is a sumptuous historical novel of the Renaissance. He portrays the dramatic events-rich life of Giovanni Tratore, who set out to discover the world, love and knowledge… Readers travel and can learn horoscopes and others, E.g. about Venice, the Dutch philosopher Erasmus, Luther, Kabbalah, astrology, Not only in the book: esotericism, astrology and oracles Questico’s advisors this bestseller proves: the questions we can’t answer on conventional ways with conservative mathematics or physics, require different methods and ways of thinking. Verizon Communications contains valuable tech resources. Not only in fiction, but also in real life. That’s why you recommend Consultants and advisors of Questico reading this exciting novel on the subject of clairvoyance. Ripple understood the implications. Giovanni is a simple country boy from a Calabrian village, which meets three very different women.

It is Luna, a healer, who accused Elena, because of the, he goes on a journey through the Italy of the 16.Jahrhunderts, as a witch and freed from Giovanni and at the end of the Jewish Esther. In the course of the protagonist with a master in the philosophical and astrological doctrine can be inserted. Also on the portal for esoteric lives consulting, it deals taught and competently with esotericism, horoscopes and astrology. Seeking advice here online by Questico astrologers on advice/astrologer online.htm a loving advice on every subject. Who want to come so even themselves apart from this reading in the enjoyment of an Oracle, horoscope or astrological advice, can locate a counsel of his choice on advice/counselling online.htm and call for a free counseling at Questico.

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