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Becker Trainee

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Pro image Studio group with trainee program successfully continues the success story of the pro image Studio group in the area of human resources development. The trainee program test introduced in 2010 was a great success. 80% of the trainees could be taken after passing the exam in an employment relationship. In a 3-month program, trainees are trained in all areas of portrait photography and technology in theory and practice, learn to live”in the Portrait Studio that qualified advice and successful promising dealing with customers and train professional use of State of the art image processing programs. “After passing the exam, the trainee will receive a certificate, the qualifications to the portrait photo Wizard” certifies, combined with the chance to be taken at one of 26 branch of the pro image Studio group in an employment relationship. Those interested can apply online on the homepage of the pro image Studio group for the trainee program.

Peter Becker, managing partner, performs: due to our success, we need more and more capacity for existing branches to our service and the quality of advice to further develop and improve. In addition our planned growth of new branches. The resulting staffing will meet limited conventional practices. We therefore have realized that we must break new ground in the recruitment of staff and the trainee programme has proved an excellent solution. It is a pleasure to see the selected trainees complete the program positive attitude and motivation with which ELAN, and are pleased to work with us. We have decided therefore, to extend the trainee program to other locations and look forward to many requests.

Of course, our trainees receive adequate compensation. This belongs to our self-understanding that performance must be rewarded. We need no State paternalism.” Christine Hufner, for designing launch and implementation of the first trainee programmes responsible manager of the pro image Studio group added: many young people with training for media designers, photo designer and photo media laboratory have applied in the past with us for an appointment to the photographer.

Quilted Mattresses

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Quilted mattress – the best bed supplies today to help maintain health. Modern cotton mattresses are not only environmentally clean and high quality materials, but also an aesthetic, attractive appearance. Mattresses are made up of Fabric covers are uniformly filled with cotton. Vata is the best material for filling mattresses. It allows the mattress to keep the form for a long time and not dumped into lumps.

For the production of mattresses used by such cotton fabrics, like cotton, calico printed, painted, spotted, and teak. Mattresses from calico and chintz can be all sorts of bright colors, with a picture or without. Mattresses teak striped only, since this fabric is made from a severe yarn with black or colored prosnovkami that form black or color bars. These mattresses are purchasing large quantities of hospitals, military units, dormitories, large businesses, child care facilities. In order to obtain high-quality mattresses and served for a long time, manufacturers pay great attention to the filler. Manufacturers of mattresses are generally made themselves from cotton waste hlopkopererabotki. The quality of wool has a direct impact on quality mattresses.

The main characteristics of the filler – this is an elastic structure of wool, natural moisture content, density, and debris no more than 4%. Modern production technology for cotton mattress filler allows production of cotton, with equal proportions of short and long fibers, which provides good elasticity and softness of the filler. As well as high natural moisture content of cotton. Mattress filled with high-quality is light and soft. These mattresses are not only durable, comfortable, and good for you spine. Manufacturer of bedding made today and cheaper cotton mattresses, major filler which is a regenerated fiber. These mattresses have one advantage – low price. The quality of these mattresses is low. Mattresses from recovered fiber will last long. The reason is as filler. Regenerated fiber in service quickly collapses and forms clumps inside the cover.

Europe Gmb

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By bad shock absorbers is also the reaction time of the driver to extended about 20 percent. On long journeys, make bad shock absorbers the car arm tired and generate additional stress. Crosswind responds to the car that is sensitive and can get off the track and roll, the driver, the driver can lose control of the vehicle. Poor visibility with weak shock absorbers and springs bounces up and down the car, and just as the lights dance up and down. Once the driver can barely see, because only a short stretch of the road is illuminated. At risk he reacts in time.

Times the headlights light up so high that they dazzle oncoming cars, which means great risk to all road users. It will be very dangerous if the car is fully loaded: A heavily loaded car even has a 22 percent longer stopping distance with worn out shock absorbers as with intact shock absorbers, 7.2 metres longer braking distance of 100 km / h. shock absorbers and springs regularly check which is the periodic review Shock absorbers and springs in the garage that is very important. From 60 000 kilometres should be annually repeatedly take them under the microscope. “Best higher gas pressure shock absorbers and springs fitted in original equipment quality, providing a new driving experience, greater safety and greater comfort even the largest benefit”, expert Hans-Jurgen link KYB manufacturer recommends. KYB Europe GmbH Kimplerstrasse 336 47807 Krefeld Tel.: + 49 (0) 2151 93143 0 fax: + 49 (0) 2151 93143 40 E-Mail: kyb-germany photos defective shocks and feather are critically car with wheel in the air kyb photo 91.jpg caption: defective shock absorbers and springs, the wheels lose contact with the road, the car can get the ESP or break out photo: Michael B. Rehders / KYB editorial: Falk Kohler photo download 300 dpi-jpg file: presse/kyb/fotos/defekte-stossdaempfer-und-federn-sind-lebensgefaehrlich-auto-mit-rad-in-der-luft-kyb-foto-91.jpg video download”: kyb-germany/videos.html sources: 22 percent of all cars driving with worn shock absorbers”: KYB market research 13.4 percent of the cars have defects in the chassis in accordance with TuV report 2012 “tuev KYB (formerly Kayaba) the Japanese company KYB (Kayaba earlier) with European headquarters in Krefeld, Germany is the largest manufacturer of shock absorbers the world for cars with $3.8 billion revenue per year, a production of approximately 55 million units and a market share of 25 percent in the original equipment business, and by 20 percent in the spare parts business.

Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong Iceland

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Gresham’s – medium-sized auction house enters Hong Kong at the launching of the 1989 American entrepreneurs was Stephen Freeman convinced, that a lifestyle magazine needs Hong Kong. So he moved to the Asian metropolis. Has 24 years and 1,000 spending of HK magazine later, Stephen Freeman discovered a new market niche and established in July of this year, Hong Kong’s first medium-sized auction house. At Gresham’s you will find a large selection of affordable paintings, furniture and art objects. Designed in a chic loft-style stretch Gresham’s showrooms on over 740 square meters in Ap Lei Chau Hong Kong Iceland. The auctions are held on three weekends per month.

After his move to Hong Kong Freeman established the Asia City Media Group (ACMG) together with his business partner, Greg Duncan. At the time of the sale by ACMG in the this year, the South China Morning Post reported the company with its regional portfolio of free magazines every year, 10 million USD. I had over two years with the idea “played to start the auction house and when I was ready, we decided also the sale of our company”, so Freeman. The timing was so perfect, because the art and auction market in Hong Kong recorded a rapid growth. According to Freeman, the arrival of renowned international art galleries, the founding of the Art Basel in Hong Kong, the abolition of the wine tax, which made Hong Kong the wine centre, the rise of Chinese artists from the Mainland and the increasing number of well-to-do consumers from China, to Hong Kong for shopping come contributes that Hong Kong after New York and London into an International Centre for art and antiques was. “Every city in the world has a successful medium-sized auction house and it seemed logical to me that in Hong Kong about the level of eBay and below the level of Sotheby’s and Christie’s would work”, he explained the motivation for his new company was founded. Regardless of the price level was the difference to other auction houses also the focus on Hong Kong.

We are specifically looking for suppliers and buyers from Hong Kong and not internationally imposed us for our auctions. In Hong Kong, a wealth of high-quality art meets buyers interested in new and remarkable objects. Here we focus our currently.” It belongs to the recipe for success by Stephen Freeman, to tackle the business never halfheartedly. “We have invested a considerable sum and plan to continue to do so. Hong Kong’s unique position as a business location in Asia offers us fantastic opportunities for our business. The metropolis has tens of thousands of demanding customers and a wide selection of high-quality services. We want to bring together these.” He advises future entrepreneurs to adhere to their ideas. Who has an idea and really believes, should be keep by the realization. At the same time, the fact orientation in business planning is important. So you must be open to advice and willingness, his plans to customize. I have never heard of a business plan, after the establishment of the business over five years was unchanged followed. More adjustments will be needed and only who manages to do so, will make successful his company.” Contact for editors: Christiane Koesling, HKTDC Kreuzerhohl 5-7 60439 Frankfurt, Germany Tel: 069 – 9 57 72-161 fax: 069 – 9 57 72-200 E-Mail: information on the Internet: business contacts:

Website Space

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Surely, as in my beginning, it did not have much money, so every penny should be well spent, you can not give you the luxury of losing silver, that is why, in this also you will have to be attentive. Let me give you a few tips that have to do with the relationship between space on the server and conversion, many believe, and make you believe that if your server has plenty of space, this is excellent for the conversion (make sales), but this is not true, what to include in your site which will make possible sales, space is less important, and the cheapest thing. What really matters are accessories and tools that are contained in your site, is what makes the difference, then comes the promotion of your Website, you must also enroll in fifty major search engines and directories, that is what will make you a good positioning in the search results that users make. And I can not mention the knowledge that you will have to acquire, this is not a minor detail, if you want to stay in business for a long time, your knowledge in this area, the electronic commerce must be improved substantially, you will need to learn about selling strategies, techniques of promotion, resource to create your product for sale, and many more topics. But do not you be discouraged, it is not as difficult as it seems, if your goal is to have your own real business online, go ahead, with confidence and determination will surely you achieve it. In my e-Book, the Guide to success and wealth I use a phrase that I love even apply it to myself constantly, and it is what helps me keep me in career, become a tireless worker, and you will get success.

Olliver Heins Manager

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The Hamburg-based game developer occupied important positions Goodgame has made in growth from 100 to 250 employees Studios great strides, by experienced professionals for key key positions were obtained. Latest access is Bettina Korb as head of community management. She brings many years of experience in the gaming industry, most recently worked as content & Community Manager at dtp entertainment. “With Bettina Korb we got an excellent head of Department in the boat. Characterised by their distinct communicative skills and will ensure that our players and fans offer an even better service and thus a complete game experience to get “, so CEO Dr. Kai Wawrzinek. The position of senior product manager has been filled by Olliver Heins (former producer and project lead at Bigpoint).

In addition Sirko back Hall stand out (formerly game designer at ticking bomb games) and Benjamin Plass (as product manager at games) also as a product manager responsible. “We’re thrilled three such” new professionals who could prove on other large projects, to be able to welcome in one fell swoop in our company. I’m sure our current team promote the products from Goodgame studios in a very short time through the further development of the recent successful titles and new projects and take on a whole new level”, says Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, COO of Goodgame Studios. The Technical Department of the Flash developer has a new lead in Dirk Kohler, who also comes from Bigpoint. CTO Stefan KLEMM is pleased about the reinforcement: “Dirk Kohler brings all the experience, that make up a winning lead. He is not only technologically very savvy, but has also the ability to convey this knowledge to others, and the talent to take forward an already highly motivated team”. The human resources department could reward for the successful work even with new employees.

Inken Petersen (previously human resources officer of GreyLogix GmbH) and Melanie Adam (last Account manager at the Hays AG) extend the team head of Human Resource Hendrik Mainka: “both bring much expertise in staff development and recruitment. You will from now our cooperations with universities expand and strengthen our recruiting team.” In addition, new employees in the areas of business development, country management, quality assurance, community management, balancing, data analysis, as well as Java, PHP and Flash programming could be set. Still is in all departments unabated for personal gain, especially for experienced forces continue to many senior positions are open. Total Goodgame has to offer more than 100 vacancies Studios: abroad/company description Goodgame Studios is a Hamburg-based game developer of social online games. The company was founded in June 2009 by the brothers of Dr. Christian Wawrzinek (COO) and Dr. Kai Wawrzinek (CEO). In the portfolio of Goodgame studios are currently nine self-developed and family-friendly Flash games, which are played by over 70 million people per month in 22 languages worldwide. More employees are searched as reinforcement.