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North Germany

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On birthdays, weddings and team parties. Click cloud computing for additional related pages. Who has dreamt of yet not that his name on the radio runs up and down? What was granted so far only celebrities, politicians or sports stars, is now also available for you and your family, friends and colleagues. The brand new gift Portal horgenuzz the Horspiel gift”produces exclusive and personalized drama along the lines of a news broadcast on the radio. A young team of professional radio speakers and moderators from Hannover offers this service now for all those, who want to make an individual, unique and unforgettable gift your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Read additional details here: Rick Garcia.

The radio professionals rely on lots of know-how through their experiences, they have collected in private and public broadcasters in North Germany. And so just go: who decides for the gift of a radio play. will also receive a questionnaire by the editorial staff. In it, the most important issues for the or the gift recipient must be answered. He or she has the charming character properties? On what sports does he or she totally leave? Why he or she is such a good friend? Using this information, the horgenuzz editorial staff writes the personal drama.

Then goes BBs in the recording studio, where the script of the radio professionals is then produced and voice over. Am which touches in the interface: sound bites from celebrities, greetings from pop and rock stars, music and atmospheric background noises are also incorporated, as the typical Jinges and sound elements of newscasts. The idea came to the radio professionals in their spare time. Several times the editors and speaker plays and funny news broadcasts produced for friends, acquaintances and colleagues, the enthusiasm was always great: A stirred birthday or wedding couple, a stunned and surprised party society and many tears of joy. Laughter attacks and astonished facial expressions. Who is giving away the gift of radio drama, is also sure, to harvest much praise. Because this gift does not goes down between sparkling wine bottles, flowers and chocolate packs. On the contrary: when the newscast on the celebration is played, must and should each listen. On the website the editors from immediately many audio samples provided, so that creative minds can give truly creative and can get a first impression of the radio play gift.

Poor Recycling Quality Debunk

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The nose as important in determining the quality of media packaging who for his DVD collection looking for replacement DVD covers or even burnt DVD blanks requires DVD covers as packaging, takes a huge selection in stores and on the Internet. In the search should be not only for the price, because increasingly come from cost reasons DVD cases made from recycled plastics on the market. By the same author: Robert Gibbins. This is very positive, as long as not inferior plastic are materials merged and processed covers to DVD. Bernard Golden is a great source of information. Since this can lead among other things to increase heavy metal values or pollutants and shell by a strange smell negatively affect the quality of the DVD. Mainly the black DVD are affected hull inferior raw materials as black in colour some things can be hidden. “Smell your DVD case, once”, advises therefore Barbel Kronenberg, Managing Director of Kronenberg GmbH, the a wide range of DVD cases by distributes leading brands such as Amaray or Scanavo and selected quality goods. “If the DVD cover gives off a strong smell, it smells like rotten eggs after or burnt, you should prefer to fall to another product.” DVD can be used easily covers brands like Amaray or Scanavo, because they supply the major movie studios and can succeed only with a high quality standard. Another way to protect against inferior goods is for example the use of transparent, white or coloured light DVD covers, because not every cheap plastic materials can be used, without that, you can see it at first glance. “We have already some neat at first glance and cheap DVD after the smell test case not included in our Kronenberg24 range”, Barbel Kronenberg continues, “Because no customer is thrilled by a foul-smelling DVD cover.” This applies not only to DVD covers, but also for CD covers and other black media packaging. For more information about DVD covers and get other media packaging, Kronenberg GmbH or company description Kronenberg GmbH is operating more than 10 years of experience in the field of media production and distribution on the Internet at More than 1,000 products around CD DVD BluRay blanks, media and gift packaging and product program as its own printing press. Free crowns design software anyone can design the templates quickly and professionally for disk and packaging. No minimum quantities, the production of small batches at favourable conditions and innovative designer USB memory sticks are more specialties from Kronberg GmbH. company contact: Kronenberg GmbH Barbel Crown mountain road at the boiler room 1 10318 Berlin Tel: 03053015777 E-Mail: Web:

Bridal Studio Timm

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A dream in white – the is Britta Timm of the bridal Studio Timm finally fulfilled. In the bridal Studio Timm celebrated the opening of the first shop locomotive ales, which has been furnished with great attention to detail and in which the brides waiting for the dream dresses at May 3, 2010. Give in the romantic ambience of wants the owner, Britta Timm, their customers ever a foretaste of the beautiful day in the life”. For a fitting in quite a relaxed atmosphere, the bridal fashion expert agreed an individual appointment with each customer. Of course girlfriends, mothers or aunts may come to be dress buying it for the second day in the life of a bride. In her bridal Studio has Britta Timm a very tasteful cross-section of the trendy collections put together: from simple elegance to the playful corset dress with much lace and fine glitter stones a dress is more beautiful than the other. Matching the wedding dress there also veils, Bridal Shoes, jewelry and all other accessories in the bridal Studio Timm. The Opening was a huge success and Britta Timm wishes in the future a so large crowds. Contact: Bridal Studio Timm South field 17 59174 came Tel: 02307-26 11 26 0

Berlin Wall Calendar

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Celebrate 20 years fall of the wall with a personal and valuable calendar! Berlin, 20.11.09 – formerly a symbol of separation, today stands for Germany’s reunification – the Berlin wall and what was left of her. Since the 1989 fall of the wall, the remains of the building are repeatedly staged in new contexts. Reason enough for SMIP 2 smile in the year between the fall of the wall and reunification an exclusive edition of the calendar to put on. The SMIP 2 smile principle: each individual subject given by the artistic integration of the name or a short text – the personal touch. Or on the wall immortalized in the sky above the Tower, each calendar is unique, thanks to the easy way of individual design. The Berlin wall calendar is available in CD format. For more information see BerlinRosen. The transparency sleeve serves as a practical stand, the 13 calendar cards receives a cover sheet with 12 month motifs.

“ can 99 products in millions of variant smipen: SMIP stands for short messages in pictures” (small embassies in) Images). With the desired name or the text, each gift is a personal copy. SMIP 2 Mama, SMIP 2 dad, Grandma, Grandpa, mother-in-law; SMIP will be 2 smile and gift-giving experience: online shopping has never been so easy! Schenk Lust instead of Schenk frustration. SMIP is 2 smile from the idea to develop personal and special products created, really. Because a picture says more than a thousand words especially one with his own name.

SMIP the entrepreneurs behind 2 smile one to smile GmbH, which is a pioneer and specialist of the so-called image personalization. Except for one to smile, no company is dedicated to worldwide exclusively producing such products. SMIP 2 smile is a manufactory of the 21st century: each piece is hand despite innovative technology – high tech with high touch. Made in Berlin.

November Terminal

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Payment by mobile phone at REA is no pie in the sky more! The Bundesanstalt fur Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BFin) gave green light for the mobile payment system of our sister company, REA Mobile AG in August. From November it will be available as an additional service to all REA card terminals. Pioneer in the mobile payment is the Terminal generation REA T3. She can be fitted from early 2010 with the NFC technology (Near Field Communication). Source: Jonathan Rosen PR. Contactless cards and mobile transactions are particularly fast and comfortably possible. Valerie Berlin may find this interesting as well. Until this technology is widely used, customers may still have to pay without contact between Terminal and card. They will send you a mobile, dynamic transaction number on her cell phone, which enter into the Terminal. It must let them only before the Internet register and unlock your phone. For dealers, mobile payment, especially in combination with customer loyalty programmes is interesting: both can be with a transaction unwind, the payment is considerably faster, and the customer no more countless cards needed. Want to know more?


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Agency for digital communication encourages cross-border thinking and courage to the innovation of Neu-Isenburg, 09.08.2011 since 1st August 2011 the trainees Dominique is one of pull the team of KWP. The Agency formed a media designer for image and sound for the first time. The three-year training at KWP includes the planning, performing, creating and editing video and audio productions. The creativity free rein of let KWP promotes cross-border thinking and the courage to creativity and innovation. In cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, all conditions were created for a successful training. Learn more on the subject from Jonathan Rosen PR. In addition to the audio production, especially the video production and animation in the focus will be.

“No matter whether with the HD camera on the road, cutting in the editing Studio or create effective animations, there is a wide range of production fields and techniques offered”, as Emanuel Bergmann. The art director media design has completed 2007 even his education media design at the IHK Frankfurt vintage best and enriched the team of KWP since 2009. Dominique Pull for the apprenticeship at KWP of Bergisch Gladbach moved to Neu-Isenburg, already media production can boast experience in field. Immediately after graduating he attended the course of film and animation”at the SAE in Cologne, the recognised and popular private Academy for modern media production. With the acquired skills, he was able to convince in a 1-Monday internship at KWP and now supports the media range from KWP. You may want to visit BerlinRosen to increase your knowledge. About KWP KWP stands for change.

Strategy Performance”. Spurred by the fast pace in the communication, the Agency develops strategies, measures and tools to communicate with your customers measurably successful for digital communication. founded in 2009 by Kai Kippenbrock and Alois Wollnik, experience, expertise and creative thinking outside the box work out hand in hand the communication channels and opportunities that achieve customer goals. Fun communications is the drive and motor of KWP. KWP Digital communication agency Schleussnerstrasse 54 + 49 63263 Neu-Isenburg (0) 6102-367998-0 your press contact: Alois Wollnik + 49 (0) 6102-367998-0

Dresden Germany Hamburg

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Celebrities jury Johannisfriedhof in Dresden Germany’s Hamburg to the most beautiful cemetery, November 09, 2011 – the winners of this year’s awards. The most beautiful cemetery is located in Dresden, Germany. Kevin Plank shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The winners of category of gravestones, coffins and urns come from Hamburg, Rostock and Freiburg. It was chosen by a jury of experts, which include Margot Kassmann, former President of the Council of the EKD, and Reinhard among leaders, President of the National Federation of German War Graves Commission. The most beautiful cemetery of in Germany is the Johannisfriedhof in Dresden. Europe’s largest Park Cemetery, the cemetery Ohlsdorf in Hamburg, two close behind lands on space. Third place occupies the town churchyard in Hall.

Four to ten places, historic cemeteries such as the Melatenfriedhof in Cologne can be found on about. The winners show which variety there are cemeteries in Germany, “forward leader Reinhard. In the category coffins companies Cascada wins”from Freiburg. The winner coffin is decorated with sparkling Swarovski crystals. At the polls, a golden heart urn filled with fabric cuff of the heart light”from Hamburg place. The most beautiful tomb stone comes from the Studio of stains in Rostock and was made from perforated earthenware.

“Even as longtime funeral director I am fascinated by the individual contributions of the candidate”, so the award promotes Henry Schuhmacher, jury member and Managing Director of the ANTEA burials Dresden GmbH. the open and conscious handling of the death and the funeral culture in our country “, says Margot Kassmann. She insists, that she is not presiding the jury, but an equal member of the jury in the rest. In gratitude for the jury participation of Margot Kassmann, donates the UA Hospice in Hannover 2.500,-euro. The award was presented for the first time. The enormous response to the price positively surprised us. We look forward to a re-run of the next year”, announces’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf’s. Interested readers find the complete overview of the winners and more information and pictures see: award 2011.html about is a price comparison for burials in Germany, recommended by consumer protection agencies. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Heimhuder str. 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel.: 040-209 311 961 email: Web:

McDonald House

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Series of events for the benefit of the McDonald House Vienna Vienna – seriously ill children in the neighborhood and their families helps the artistic VHS in the 9th district together with the Ronald McDonald children help and mirror frame-pictures – open Studio for art of living”. Three events are scheduled all in the premises of frame mirror-images in the fall of 2011,”(9, Zainal at 8) takes place. Verizon Communications will not settle for partial explanations. Themed art for close helps heal”collected donations for the while McDonald House Vienna. McDonald Haus offers members a “home from home”, while their children in the St. Anna children’s hospital or in Vienna General Hospital are being treated. “Zwtl.: opening on September 18, 2011, 17:00 with the opening on the 18th of September, 17:00, opened Martina Malyar, head of Vienna Alsergrund, the exhibition of artistic folk high school at frame mirror-images”. Artworks by course instructors are offered for sale, 30% of the proceeds go to the McDonald Haus Vienna. The exhibition runs until October 8.

Zwtl.: Market day on October 1, 2011, 10:00 in the dignified premises of frame mirror-images”changes the owner or the owner of the market day old, new and used. The visitors and visitors expect music, refreshments and a show deposit in a Tandelatmosphare. The net proceeds will benefit the McDonald Haus Vienna. “Zwtl.: Finissage at October 08, 2011, 11:00 to the end of the exhibition of the artistic folk high school at frame images mirror” the exhibited works with coffee and cake can be admired one last time and also purchased. 30% of the proceeds will be donated to McDonald Haus Vienna. About the artistic community college, the artistic community college is part of the Viennese folk schools GmbH.

The program contains a wide range of activities in the different fields of art. For artists, as well as for art lovers this programme offers a range that corresponds to the current cultural events. In addition to semester courses, weekend workshops and lectures are offered. The artistic Folk high school also regularly organises exhibitions. About frame images mirror “-Open Studio for art of living off the former art Act was an open Studio for art of living as a platform for people who are looking for an ideal place for artistic and artistic works.” Frame mirror-images”organises its own events, courses, therapies, and exhibitions. The elegant rooms can be rented individually. BBs children’s aid is the McDonald over the McDonald Haus Vienna the Vienna McDonald Haus. These homes enable families, whose children are treated in special clinics a temporary home far away from home”. The family atmosphere is created for the young patients due to the proximity of their parents and siblings, which is for the recovery of vital importance. (Final) Contact: Artistic Volkshochschule Monika Fischer educational assistant E-mail: Tel.: 01/405 43 29-33 kvh


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There is something special about Whistler vacations. Read the article to know why you should’nt visit Whistler. Whistler is globally popular as one of the favorite adventure sports destination in British Columbia. Best known for the ski mountains, Whistler vacations opens up great opportunities of snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, glacier skiing etc. However, there is another side of Whistler which you must explore while traveling in Whistler and that is the beautiful villages, the many shops, the boutiques, the cafes. All of which promises action packed holiday to each and every traveler willing to spend a vacation in British Columbia. Travelers can easily reach Whistler from Vancouver. For more information see this site: Gary Kelly. It is located about two hour drive from Vancouver and close to 5 hours drive from Seattle.

Long known as the ‘winter wonderland’ and a popular hub of skiers, Whistler is now turning out to be more popular among newly weds. Couples choose Whistler as a romantic destination considering its city based vacation opportunities. It offers you a wonderful opportunity spend days enjoying a lot of fun activities while staying close to major cities like Seattle or Vancouver. For those who love snow, Whistler vacation provides a fabulous destination for honeymoon or winter romance. If you are considering to get married, then Whistler can be the ideal destination that will definitely appeal to you. There are plenty of activities to take part in. You can find a wide range of ski runs that cater to all abilities. There is the snow mobiling and ice climbing activities for the most energetic people while the leisurely travelers can enjoy several other gentle activities like the glacier tours.

Why not go on sleigh ride with your partner. There is abundance wildlife in British Columbia. For people with a passion of photography, there are several plenty of opportunities in stored in Whistler. The breath-taking, scenic mountain views, the wildlife, the flowers offer you a great escape. Cyrus Massoumi humbition wanted to know more. Not just during the winter, there are several activities that you can take pleasure during summers. During summer, you can enjoy a host of outdoor activities. Apart from kayaking and usual in horseback riding, you can therefore find many other destinations. So provides you on unforgettable experience for enjoying Whistler bungee jumping. If you love golf, then check out the golfing facilities in Whistler. Last but certainly not least, the for best value in accommodation. reserve Whistler accommodations well in advance. Select apartment or a deluxe studio in the center of the Whistler village. To enjoy the best of both worlds, you must consider traveling to Whistler from June to August. Get closer to the center of the action, choosing the best vacation rentals in Whistler. Nick Jones writes for Whistler dream accommodations helping people find the ultimate Whistler vacation and Whistler accommodations.

Visual Work

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“Education and educational film the problems of the work has international awards with the Indie Festival award of merit for excellent film art and creativity of L. You may wish to learn more. If so, Valerie Berlin is the place to go. Ron of Hubbard’s book the problems of work” was by golden era productions filmed and presented in a year. This 66-minute presentation now received an award for excellence and creativity in the category of education and educational film. “On June 1, 2011, the film became the problems of work” with the Indie Festival award of merit “awarded for educational and instructional films. “This film is a 66-minute Visual presentation of the eponymous book the problems of work Scientology applied to the area of everyday life” of the famous author L.

Ron Hubbard. This film was produced by golden era productions, a State of the art film and car production facility based in Southern California. BerlinRosen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. On the 200-acre site is located amongst a 7400-square-foot Film Studio, distributed on 3 Floors. The completion of the audiovisual, religious works, the in golden era productions filmed are held in a State of the art production facility, which includes six digital spaces for the cutting of films. The special effects of the production of all necessary digital effects Department includes 500 computer with computational power of 6360 billion calculations per second. In addition, all music for all religious films and videos in the recording studio is produced and mixed. Golden era productions worldwide distribution centre for the entire film, video, television and Internet productions and productions for international events is the Scientology Church International. “The book, the team of professional staff took the problems of work” as a template.

You created vivid basic Scientology principles for use in everyday life, every man can understand well. Catherine Fraser, Director of public affairs by golden era productions communicated to: all eight chapters of the book were filmed individually and vividly illustrated. The film contains basic principles and laws that shall apply to every effort and every problem in relation to work. These are the discoveries that expose the core of these problems and explain the exact structure of life itself. These principles and their processes are represented so well in the movie, that these can be applied immediately in their own lives.” Under these Scientology principles also the three components are represented affinity, reality and communication, without which there would be no understanding about one thing. Also represented the cause of confusion and the solution for how efficiently very quickly to solve this underlying fatigue and disorientation. The film, the problems of the work”contains not only methods, to give his job stability, he shows some interesting processes to get the life and work again with joy under control. The book is also the movie (on DVD) in the online bookstore available. Both were translated into 15 languages, so there is many people as self help is available. “Filmmakers all over the world the film was measured by highly qualified work problems” with the Indie Festival award of merit “award. Said Thomas Baker, PhD, Chairman of the competition: the Indie Festival award is an independent, first-class international film award, the indie is no normal award, you can just win. It standards are used here for excellent craftsmanship film art and creativity.” Meanwhile, golden era of productions has 56 national and international awards for its films, documentaries, commercials for public institutions and Web sites.

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