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Cultural History

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This certainly comes of meeting with the ideas of Marcuse (also cited in this text-base) in relation the domain bourgeois and its preset rules when it affirms that a society this sick person when its basic institutions and its relations do not allow the ideal development of its individuals. This idea mentions the impossibility to it of if disentailing of the established rules allowing to the individual previously controlled actions how much to the job, education, quality of life, health, social ascension, among others. David Doggett may find this interesting as well. Adhorno and Horkheiner (both cited in the text) mention a cultural industry, in which the individuals are tolerated, since that it does not have any form of questioning. Demonstrating to an intense process of desumanizao, atrelado to the economic power, for which if they justify certain attitudes and valuation and depreciation of the individual that is, the social condition, an individual in detriment to the other favors. 3 CONCLUSION Is possible to conclude that ahead of the situations presented in this text-base and the too much consulted authors who the culture I begin, it impregnated of uniformity concept, pulls down ahead of the plea of some studious pioneers. Of this resulting the paradigm in addition and additionally making possible the vision of a new concept. Jordan Helman is a great source of information.

This new form to think about allows the release them of certain conceptions preset socially. way however would be based on a laica education without bonds with the State, prioritizing the scientific knowledge directed the social and human growth. However, we know that as much the bourgeoisie how much to the State represents that it does not have interest in changes effective. Then they cultivate act in the direction to keep a total disinterest of its individuals through the ideological devices, as in the case of the media, among others. This disinterest also happens for the educators who do not take the front of its function, of educators. The paradigm in addition is born of the human questionings, how much to the freedom – why we are and what we are? – and in this point the school exerts a basic paper in the development of the critical vision of the students, breaching with the ideas that the media looks for to induce in its minds. This disruption involves the negation of previously accepted and established ideas in the form of rules.

It must go beyond, through the disruption of these rules. However, the necessity exists to be established new new standards of behavior and rules, a new reality. In this the professor will be able to act as mediating and to guide its students in the process of necessary agreement for the construction of cultural history and the consequncias of its desconstruo.

American Society Ahead

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The Fear and the Dependence of the American Society Ahead of the violence and the desumanidade that eramsubmetidos, the slaves resisted and protested in varied ways: eramlentos in the work, falsified illnesses, committed maltreatment to the animals nasquintas, ran away, provoked fires, if they mutilated, made rebellions ecometiam murders. From century XVIII, with the aumentoexpressivamente high one of the slavery, diverse worried laws also appear to emfiscalizar the steps of the slaves, the slavery had grown in such a way the point deuma imminent revolt to become a nightmare for the white population. Despite donmero slaves in the average of the thirteen colnias not to exceed 20% dapopulao, for return of 1740, in regions as the Carolina of the South, about 60%de the population she was composed for blacks, and it was exactly in these regions queimperava the constant generalized fear of rebellions. According to one of these laws, the slaves were forbidden disfigure for the city to the sundays, in order to prevent crowding of blacks nasruas, consequentemente, to propitiate the appearance of some type of organizaoem pro of rebellions; no slave could carry weapons of any nature, being punished the crimes practised for these individuals with bigger severity pelosjuzes, mainly if these delicts were fruits of rebellions colectivascontra institucional authorities. A leading source for info: Warner Media.

Therefore, in the period 1619 enter up to 1860, about 400mil black they had been carried from Africa to the United States, and until finaldo colonial period, half million of blacks inhabited the English colnias dAmrica. During the movements in favor of independence, the slavery not sofreunenhuma alteration, therefore the freedom nailed in that height did not have coresnegras. However, in the first half of century XIX, divergnciasquanto the escravistas questions start to be part of the disputes of opinionos United States. The redoubt of the race infuriates and inferiorpara the 4 escravocratas what would bring upheavals to the society..

Agns Heller

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It does not matter what it was made: it is treated to see what if fazer&#039 can; '. In this context, the humanists had not been only passive repeaters, as the notion of emulation and imitation of the old ones. These had also collated the old ones. This change of perspective on the man and its history based a new to look at on its place in the nature, associating it at that time to the experience of the diversity, the new contacts with different societies and values. The entire world ' ' it is known and all the races of the men. The men can change its inventions freely and now help themselves reciprocal in the necessities, as the one inhabitants same cidade' '. The effectiveness of the material factors and the mechanical inventions? the press, powder, compassing etc.? they seemed to dictate the necessity, for the renascentistas thinkers, of whom the progress in the theories did not remain ' ' atrasado' ' with regard to the arts and to the conquest of the world. Science would be then capable to raise the nature human being to the perfection.

The new discovered comments and the news had placed the man in a dynamic movement, in which to know the nature meant to know itself exactly. According to Agns Heller, it is then in the infinitude of the world that if of the o character without limits of the knowledge capacity and potentiality human being. The philosophy of the old classics and its proper civilization sketch its limits in the world of values where they had lived. The modern scientific company searched a way different that implied in the capacity of looking at the world without guides (the old ones), a time that the world of that time was different of the Antiquity. As Paschal, the fact to know the nature more than what they knew allows to the adoption of new vises and opinions without ungratefulness, we can affirm the opposite of what they said, without contradicting them.

Japanese Company

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They are Joo, had pastry shops of property of Chinese who with frequency started to suffer depredations on the part from exaltados Brazilians more. Tired of the vandalism, the proprietors had placed a band saying with them: ' ' We are friends, we are not JAPANESE, we are CHINESES' '. A different version, says that many Japanese associates to the work in the tinturarias (very aimed at for anti-Axle vandals), had moved of branch and had been to work in pastry shops so that they could be transferred for ' ' chineses' ' in this manner not to be molested, histories of the war In July of 1943, the Japanese immigrants who lived in the littoral city of Saints had had little more than 24 hours to evacuate the region. More than four a thousand had passed for the Inn of the Immigrants in the city of So Paulo and later they had been distributed by the interior of the state. The periodical the Tribune of 10 of July of 1943, published following manchete: ' ' Almost all proprietors of mansions (Japanese), they had put for sale almost everything how much they possuam.

Vendiam whatever the cost, therefore did not have time to haggle over. One of them, to get rid itself of its mansion, in Saint Maria, vendeu three pigs, a wagon and muar for the amount of a thousand cruises. Hens were vendidas the two or three cruzeiros' '. In the region of Acar, in the state of Par, many Japanese and descendants next to other foreigners had been confined in the space that belonged the Japanese Company of Plantation and that it was transformed by order of the paraense government into a concentration camp destined to ' ' subjects of the Eixo' '. The World War II can be seen under some prisms when we speak of the Japanese immigrants.

Firing Pottery

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Burning is not only process, but also an effective artistic tool. By controlling the fire, a ceramist can make of texture, subtle gradations of color and glaze crock. Therefore, despite high achievements of modern industry furnaces, many potters prefer to work with live fire, learn primitive firing – field and earth ovens, “cancer”, capsule firing, and others. Itself the Russian word for “potter” – “grnchar – came from the word “horn” – a primitive oven. Hence the pot, the potter, Gorshenev – master of pottery. In Russia the Potters burned in their products either in the oven, or furnace. From the stories potter mid-1920 it is known that mining because of the summer in the studio too hot to work, if the burn products in the furnace.

In addition, the furnace hearth is safer and requires less attention. But the simplicity and convenience of the furnace does not exempt a potter from the need to have an oven, which is required for drying products. Pottery kiln master is usually built by himself. She put in two bricks to not so much glowed from the outside from the outside it looked like an ordinary Russian stove, drowning in a black – without the tube, but still with some differences. On each side of chela, slightly above it, arranged two holes – an outlet for the smoke, “a” was placed out of bricks laid on edge in two rows that formed on it as least three groove, leaving their holes on the hearth..

Bush The Hero De Kosovo

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Bush can be losing much popularity in the USA and Europe, but today its image appears within many flags that celebrate the independence of Kosovo. The Albanians of the republic that takes that name and of Kosovo are a rare exception within around 55 Muslim countries that there are in the Muslim world. While in the thickness of the Islamic world a rejection grows before Bush, the majority of them ovacionan to the North American president. (A valuable related resource: Litecoin). Albania, in addition, maintains troops of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and receives prisoners terrorist islamists that EE.UU does not dare to retain in Guantnamo. In the middle of 1997, Bush, after to have been the target of strong street protests in its tour by Germany and Italy, was very welcome in Albania. From 1944 to 1992 this it was the unique Muslim State that had one atheistic proletarian dictatorship and totally closed to EE.UU.

When all the Soviet block was aligned with Kruschev (beginnings of 1960s), Albania was with the unique fanatical European regime of Stalin. After to have had the economy planned and estatizada more isolated of the planet, Albania does all the possible one abrir its economy to the western market. Soon this republic would enter NATO like a step towards the European Union. Bush has been in charge to work the Albanian popular support to its power when becoming the godfather of the independence of Kosovo. International analyst Original author and source of the article.

The Literal Historian

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In it identifies the authentic modernismo with what if it can call the So Paulo way, harder and more radical. This radical Sergio, who if manifest, over all in critical the literary one, are completed by studious Sergio, who if benefited with the stay in Germany, of 1929 the 1930, chance to extend the knowledge and to renew the bibliography, that the friends could see weighing in its bookshelves in alentados volumes of Max Weber, Werner Sombart or grossssimo Dictionary of Sociology (Handwrterbuch der Soziologie), organized for Alfred Vierkandt and landmark in the studies of the substance. This experience enriched Carioca Sergio it prepared and it for the ecloso of the decade of 1930, in which if it points out another decisive experience in its formation as historian. 2. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. takes a slightly different approach. SERGIO BUARQUE OF HOLLAND: The LITERARY CRITICAL HISTORIAN Who reads the intellectual trajectory of the young Sergio Buarque of Holland, withdrawing, for example, to the phase of the convivncia with Alfonso d? Escragnolle Taunay, in the old College Is Bento and of the escaped ones of the Viennese Coffee in company of the modernistas futures Mario and Oswald de Andrade, Alcntara Machado and Rubens Borba de Moraes, since soon if apercebe of that much early would blunt in it the two faces of the great intellectual who very soon would come to be, of the historian and of the man of letters. Ones of the contributions most original of Sergio Buarque of critical Holland to the literary one comes exactly of its sensitivity of historian. In accordance with Antonio Arnoni the Prado, Sergio had conscience of that the first step of the critical one is in the proper elaboration of the poetical one, in each step at each time, the tasks that assume in face of this process deepen the consequences that the product of similar elaboration goes to find in its public and its time. .

Brazilian Dictatorships

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his research intends to analyze, the main elements politicians who had taken the government of president The objectives are to analyze the different reactions, to the restrictive sanctions of the government to the liberty of speech and, the performance of the censorship in the different medias. To understand the criterion of the censors of the government for the veto of determined teatrais parts, periodical articles, films, novels, books and other forms of art and medias. To argue the shock between the military and the House of representatives, who had not granted license so that the member of the house of representatives Mrcio Moreira Alves was processed by a speech where he questioned until when the Army he would shelter torturadores. of the mentalities, the main involved personages of the ecloso and in uncurling of the Institucional Act number 5. Personages as the member of the house of representatives Mrcio Moreira Alves and the minister of justice Luis Antonio of Gamma and Hiss will be analyzed, taking in consideration its bases and influences politics, will be argued in this research the interests of both the parts, that are defended in this research as the main factors that had unchained o’ ‘ rigoroso’ ‘ Institucional act. We will in general supply enough material studious academics and, to analyze these protagonists on critical eyes, and to understand that in this sad page of the history of our country, it does not have ‘ ‘ young men or viles’ ‘ , oque in the truth will be clearly and widely will be argued here is coalises that if conflict with the kings attributions that each institution exert in a nation.

We will see Brazil, a young democracy being attack of successive dictatorships, that in the truth are fruit of a phenomenon.

The Furnace

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The firing of these bricks were placed across 15 pieces fields, and they have already posed designed for baking dishes – about 100-200 products of average size. After as a potter has exhibited the dishes, he flooded oven, pushing in the mentioned grooves kindling thin dried Polenz. They are lighted cross slaughterhouse, crockery glowed in a few hours already had a kind of red-hot iron. Usually been heated oven for about four hours – five, and all this time potter regularly underlay the furnace new Polenz and each time turned a blind hole brick grooves, playing the role of ash. At this time in the studio became so hot and hard, to stand upright was completely unbearable.

Smoke and heat accumulated at the top, and the potter was forced to squat on the floor before the stove, and keep track of the furnace. To read more click here: Southwest Airlines. In case of fire in the studio is always was stocked water. Fires usually occur on what ignited the drying on the stove "fired up", although it covered a sheet of iron. In contrast to the kiln furnace placed outdoors, usually on the steep river bank, slope of the ravine, hill about 100 yards from the buildings. Horn, consisted of a circular pit, somewhat tapering upward, a foot in 1,5-2 depth, diameter at the bottom of 2-2,5 yard. Yama bricks were laid in the hearth had holes. Under the hearth were heat pipelines coming from the furnace and fireplace itself was not a pit, and a few side and out his hole in the ground, cleared in the hillside below the hole furnace. The laying of dishes in the horn down to the potter He was putting the dishes and carefully so that it does not cover the holes in the hearth: This prevents the bowl from direct contact with flame; openings fenced shards of broken pottery. For even more opinions, read materials from Bernard Golden .

Top of the dishes, too, were covered layer of broken crocks. Roasting in the furnace lasted hours 7-8, during which time the furnace underlay wood. After firing in the furnace and the furnace cooled dishes 12-14 hours. Removed her hands or a stick-lever if it was still hot. Excavated the dishes were placed directly on the cart and carefully shifted hay. Products in the furnace fired once. After firing, that they were not allowed water, their lard. Of mining was different: from 0.1 m3 to 500 m3. For pottery, porcelain built a double-decker ovens with heat recovery.

So Paulo

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Measure of institucional adjustment was taken by the Federal Government, with the removal of the RFFSA of the urban transports. The Decree n. 89,396, of 22/02/84, constituted the Brazilian Company of Urban Transport? CBTU that was responsible for the installment of those services. One notices that these, in the majority of the cases, are highly deficit. In the impossibility to generate the resources necessary to continue financing the investments, the Federal Government placed in practical action come back to the concession of public services of transport of load to the private initiative. Was edited the posterior Law n. 8,031/90 and its alterations, that had instituted the National Program of Desestatizao? PND, being the enclosed RFFSA in the related Program, 10/03/92, by means of the Decree n.

473. In this process the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES acted as manager that, in the terms of the Decree n. 1,024/94, elaborated the general form and conditions for concession of the meshes of the RFFSA. Chronology: 1851: Beginning of the quarrel for construction of a railroad binding Mato Grosso to the coast; 1864: War of Paraguay (1864 the 1870), evidencing the lack of transports in the region; 1971: Beginning of the studies for construction of a railroad between Curitiba, PR, and Miranda, TM (current MS); 1904: Organization of the Company Railroad the Northwest of Brazil in Bauru, SP; 1905: Beginning of the workmanships in Bauru, day 15 of November; 1906: Inauguration of the stretch Bauru – Lauro Mller, with 92 km, in day 29 of September; 1910: Arrived at the Jupi station, TM (current MS), with passage of the river Paran for ferry boat; 1914: Arrived the Port Hope, to the edges of river Paraguay, the 1,251 km of Bauru; 1915: Expropriation for the federal government, starting to call Railroad the Northwest of Brazil, in day 5 of January; 1926: Inauguration Da Ponte Francisco S, with 1.024 m on the river Paran, in day 12 of October; 1937: Beginning of the studies for construction of the branch of Por Tip; 1947: Inauguration Da Ponte Baron of the Rio Branco, currently more known as bridge President Dutra, with 2.009 m on the river Paraguay, in day 21 of September; 1952: Inauguration of the station of Corumb, in day 15 of December; 1957: Conclusion of the branch of Campo Grande (Indubrasil) the Por Tip; 1957: Foundation of the RFFSA – Rede Ferroviria Federal s.a., in day 30 of September, being it incorporated the EFNOB, then with 1.764 km; 1969: Grouping of the railroads of RFFSA in regional systems, being the renomeada Northwest 10 Division the Northwest, tied with the Regional System Center-South, with headquarters in So Paulo, SP; 1976: Reorganization of the RFFSA, being the renomeada Northwest SP – Supervision of Bauru Production, integrated to the SR4, with headquarters in So Paulo, and later desmembrada as 4,2 SR10 – Regional Supervision Bauru; 1979: Creation of the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, desmembrado of the Mato Grosso, in day 1 of January; 1996: Auction of desestatizao of the Mesh West for the RFFSA in day 5 of March; 1996: Beginning of operation of Ferrovia Noroeste s.a., winner of the auction, in day 1 of July; 1998: Incorporation to the Ferropasa – Ferronorte Participaes s.a., in June; 2002: Incorporation of the Northwest to Brasil Ferrovias s.a., together with the railroads Ferronorte and Ferroban, in 4 of March of 2002.

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