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Measure of institucional adjustment was taken by the Federal Government, with the removal of the RFFSA of the urban transports. The Decree n. 89,396, of 22/02/84, constituted the Brazilian Company of Urban Transport? CBTU that was responsible for the installment of those services. One notices that these, in the majority of the cases, are highly deficit. In the impossibility to generate the resources necessary to continue financing the investments, the Federal Government placed in practical action come back to the concession of public services of transport of load to the private initiative. Was edited the posterior Law n. 8,031/90 and its alterations, that had instituted the National Program of Desestatizao? PND, being the enclosed RFFSA in the related Program, 10/03/92, by means of the Decree n.

473. In this process the Brazilian Development Bank – BNDES acted as manager that, in the terms of the Decree n. 1,024/94, elaborated the general form and conditions for concession of the meshes of the RFFSA. Chronology: 1851: Beginning of the quarrel for construction of a railroad binding Mato Grosso to the coast; 1864: War of Paraguay (1864 the 1870), evidencing the lack of transports in the region; 1971: Beginning of the studies for construction of a railroad between Curitiba, PR, and Miranda, TM (current MS); 1904: Organization of the Company Railroad the Northwest of Brazil in Bauru, SP; 1905: Beginning of the workmanships in Bauru, day 15 of November; 1906: Inauguration of the stretch Bauru – Lauro Mller, with 92 km, in day 29 of September; 1910: Arrived at the Jupi station, TM (current MS), with passage of the river Paran for ferry boat; 1914: Arrived the Port Hope, to the edges of river Paraguay, the 1,251 km of Bauru; 1915: Expropriation for the federal government, starting to call Railroad the Northwest of Brazil, in day 5 of January; 1926: Inauguration Da Ponte Francisco S, with 1.024 m on the river Paran, in day 12 of October; 1937: Beginning of the studies for construction of the branch of Por Tip; 1947: Inauguration Da Ponte Baron of the Rio Branco, currently more known as bridge President Dutra, with 2.009 m on the river Paraguay, in day 21 of September; 1952: Inauguration of the station of Corumb, in day 15 of December; 1957: Conclusion of the branch of Campo Grande (Indubrasil) the Por Tip; 1957: Foundation of the RFFSA – Rede Ferroviria Federal s.a., in day 30 of September, being it incorporated the EFNOB, then with 1.764 km; 1969: Grouping of the railroads of RFFSA in regional systems, being the renomeada Northwest 10 Division the Northwest, tied with the Regional System Center-South, with headquarters in So Paulo, SP; 1976: Reorganization of the RFFSA, being the renomeada Northwest SP – Supervision of Bauru Production, integrated to the SR4, with headquarters in So Paulo, and later desmembrada as 4,2 SR10 – Regional Supervision Bauru; 1979: Creation of the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, desmembrado of the Mato Grosso, in day 1 of January; 1996: Auction of desestatizao of the Mesh West for the RFFSA in day 5 of March; 1996: Beginning of operation of Ferrovia Noroeste s.a., winner of the auction, in day 1 of July; 1998: Incorporation to the Ferropasa – Ferronorte Participaes s.a., in June; 2002: Incorporation of the Northwest to Brasil Ferrovias s.a., together with the railroads Ferronorte and Ferroban, in 4 of March of 2002.

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