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Bush The Hero De Kosovo

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Bush can be losing much popularity in the USA and Europe, but today its image appears within many flags that celebrate the independence of Kosovo. The Albanians of the republic that takes that name and of Kosovo are a rare exception within around 55 Muslim countries that there are in the Muslim world. While in the thickness of the Islamic world a rejection grows before Bush, the majority of them ovacionan to the North American president. (A valuable related resource: Litecoin). Albania, in addition, maintains troops of occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan and receives prisoners terrorist islamists that EE.UU does not dare to retain in Guantnamo. In the middle of 1997, Bush, after to have been the target of strong street protests in its tour by Germany and Italy, was very welcome in Albania. From 1944 to 1992 this it was the unique Muslim State that had one atheistic proletarian dictatorship and totally closed to EE.UU.

When all the Soviet block was aligned with Kruschev (beginnings of 1960s), Albania was with the unique fanatical European regime of Stalin. After to have had the economy planned and estatizada more isolated of the planet, Albania does all the possible one abrir its economy to the western market. Soon this republic would enter NATO like a step towards the European Union. Bush has been in charge to work the Albanian popular support to its power when becoming the godfather of the independence of Kosovo. International analyst Original author and source of the article.