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Agricultural Federal University

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Marlia Millena Remgio of the Coast & Renan of the Barbosa Birth 1,2? Department of Biology of the Agricultural Federal University of Pernambuco? Academic unit of Cut Mountain range Word-key: Conception, Pupils, Caatinga the term ' ' Caatinga' ' it is of Tupi origin and it means ' ' it kills branca' ' , mentioning the aspect to it of the vegetation during the dry station, when the majority of the trees loses leves. One is bioma exclusively Brazilian that due to conception of the importance of its preservation comes passing for a process of intensive degradation. This work had as objective to know the level of knowledge of this Bioma for the pupils of the average education of a particular school of the city of Cut Mountain range? FOOT. It was requested the pupils who made a text that characterized the Caatinga and its ecological importance. After the delivery of the texts the pupils had attended sets of documents and had participated of lectures concerning the Bioma in the Agricultural Federal University of Academic Pernambuco-Unit of Cut Mountain range. All they had described aspects related to the dry bush, with irregular rains, vegetation with small leves that ' ' caem' ' in the dry period, and branches with thorn. Checking article sources yields Who is the CEO of MasterClass as a relevant resource throughout. Some answers had shown that ' ' aspecto' ' as they know the Caatinga, as a dry bush, it is a consequence of the global heating and not as a particular characteristic of the Bioma.

Decoration Of Interiors

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When we speak of Decoration of Interiors we are mentioning everything that is inside of the decorated environment, since paintings of the walls until the furniture placed in the house. But we have that to have in mind many things before starting to make a decoration. Therefore he is not something that is so simple, but also is not something so difficult, it is enough to have much planning and devotion to make what it intends. The Decoration of Interiors comes gaining a space each bigger time in the decorative world. For more information see Joshua Choi. to each day bringing new trends importantssimas that they fall very well in decorated environments. But to start to more understand a little on this so wonderful world, we brought here some tips of as to decorate its house. One of the tips most important before starting the decoration, is the planning, therefore the planned the least does not advance to start something without terms as we want that it is, therefore we must always plan which will be the used colors in the painting of the walls, which the furniture will be placed, which the formats models of diverse lights and other accessories that go inside of the environment. Thus to start to imagine where to place each accessory so that the environment is pretty and accessible for all..

The Characteristics

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Being thus, the characteristics for changes that make with that the symbolic games are learning instruments and the ideal communication is from the construction of meanings. In the education process? learning becomes necessary to awake educating for the challenges that will appear all throughout its process of matureness. This initial kick will be given at the beginning of its estudantil life, with the objective of awaking in educating ' ' them problems ahead day to day logical reasoning ' '. Being that these activities can be made through educational games that the structure will despertar of to the challenging activities. Zapata (1986) and the Aquinos (1988), affirm that the game is one ' ' form of organization, development and affirmation of personalidade' '. To play for playing will not have no meaning so important. But to play to perfect its knowledge, with certainty will bring great results to the future life of the individual, become it safer in its decisions and to face the challenges of the life, therefore the games will contribute for formation of attitudes, development of the critical one, intuition, of the creation of strategies and basic the psychological processes. To launch a student to search solutions, being made to create it possibilities of new discoveries, guided always with educative games, becoming the environment most pleasant in participating of its proper learning.

However, the games promote challenges, generate pleasure and new knowledge. But, so that everything this happens, she is necessary to create a propitious place for the use of them, exploring pedagogical techniques developing always in educating the capacity to always investigate in the search of results valuing the use of strategies. The present article looks for to appraise the playful one and to show the importance of the cognitivo development through the games in the structure of average Ensino. Being that this research has the pretension to discover, and to be able to contribute in the formation and the interpretation of problems directed toward the area of the Mathematics in the room. All the context if of the one from the boarding of research literary and bibliographical revision, readings and studies of texts directed toward the area.

Pickup Gain Pressure

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The losses can have to the attrition and dynamic. Losses due to the attrition the losses due to the attrition must to efei them to you viscous and are a result of the exchange me – mento it enters molecules in the laminar regimen and between particles individual and the adjacent fluid layer that if moves in different speed in the turbulent regimen. Equation of Darcy-Weisbach (2). The total loss of pressure throughout a stretch of duct is calculated by the equation below: where: = loss of pressure in term of total pressure, Par f = frictional, adimensional factor L = length of the duct, m Dh = hydraulical diameter, mm V = speed, m/s = specific mass, kg/m3 C = coefficient of local, adimensional loss the frictional factor is given by the equation of Co-lebrook where: = absolute rugosidade of the material, mm Reverse speed = reynolds number Atshul et al, 1975 had developed a formula simplified for the factor frictional and modified by Tsal: if: f = f? if: the reynolds number where n = viscosity kinematics, m2/s Considering air in the conditions standards hydraulical Diameter Dh = hydraulical diameter, mm = area of the transversal section of the duct, mm2 P = perimeter of the transversal section of the duct, mm 2. 2,4 Methodology of Calculation of Box VAV Based on the equations we develop clcu them of the duct of our box VAV, the problem of sizing of a duct if it reduces the solution of the basic relation between Q, the volumetric outflow in m3/s, area of the transversal section of the duct in m2, and v, the average speed of the draining in m/s, given for a equation, the problem if reduces in choosing an adequate speed or a loss of appropriate pressure. Q=A x V Calculation of area: rea= To x R Given: D=0.1m rea= To the x (0.05) =7,85m2 Pickup Gain (Profit) =2 Speed 200 cfm =1.7 x200=85m3/h With these data de4 sizing of our VAVo box software HVAC-PRO in supplied to a static pressure d 3.8Pa to them.


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Therefore, in this work it is considered that the contact with the concrete will be able to facilitate the learning process. In case that contrary, the pupils will be able to decorate the information and to repeat it when this will be requested, what little will contribute for the construction of its knowledge. The use of education strategies that allow, to the children, the contact with material objects and the development of experiments, contributes for the learning of the physics of playful and pleasant form. In this direction, the presentation of situation-problem to be decided for the students of the initial series has been used successfully on the part of researchers of the Laboratory of Research in Education of Fsica (LAPEF-USP). From the situation-problem presented the students they develop, with concrete materials, experimental activities of inquiry that lead to the solution of situation-problem.

In the investigativas experimental activities, the professor excites the interest of the pupils from a problematizadora situation where the attempt of reply of this question leads to the elaboration of its hypotheses that, in the truth, are its first conceptions about the problem, that is, previous conceptions (ZANON et al, 2007). Situation-problem referring literatures to the educational process (PINK et al. 2007, ZANON and FREITA, 2007) have explicitado problems that directly intervene with the formation citizen, amongst these deserve prominence: the formation of professors, the little investment in qualification of professionals of this area or even in materials of pedagogical support. In the basic education of the first one to the fifth year if it has observed that good part of the professionals has formation in teaching and others graduated pedagogia. What many professors have told, in colloquy during the meeting made in the school where the research was carried through, is that its formation it has not contemplated areas as of mathematics and sciences of form that have necessary abilities for the education of the same ones.

Materna Language

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exactly thus its education is considered confused and unsatisfactory. It does not disclose its true especificidades, does not consider the formation of the knowledge of the individuals, does not consider daily aspects. The reasons for which we teach to this ' ' Matemtica' ' they remain obscure and intocadas. In ours to understand, having certain clarity on these reasons the professor will only be able to develop its work of satisfactory and pleasant form. Effect, it seems to have us lack of clarity in the purposes of the education of many others you discipline, but such clarification in them seems more excellent in the cases: of the Materna Language, as Axe (1993): ' ' the first language that aprendemos' ' (p.9), and of the Mathematics, of the fact of both to have instrumental value and to constitute tools for the understanding and ' ' reading of mundo' '. is also probably, the first sets of symbols that we learn to manipulate, with the specific objective of communicating in them.

Thus, the consequences of this clarification do not become enlarged it many branches of the knowledge. The Mathematics only is accurate? Mathematics: it disciplines it of which many have ' ' medo' ' , ' ' receio' ' , ' ' pavor' '. It is that she deals with things: ' ' exatas' ' , ' ' abstratas' ' , that few have ' ' capacity of compreender' '. It is that ' ' she develops raciocnio' ' , that she can and she must be ' ' applied tudo' '. Truths? Lies? Searching to answer to these questions ece of fishes, we will argue in the attempt to make ' ' tremer' ' the bases on which these affirmations are based. True ' ' alicerces' ' on which the vision of Mathematics is erected, of great diffusion in our society.

Rio De Janeiro

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Many painters suffered with the lack of market in the city. Additional information is available at gary cohn. To dispute a place in the capital one was very difficult. There they were the famous artists of the time who launched its pupils as true disciples. They were these that had greater more credibility and acceptance in the supplied classrooms. To illustrate magazines, to appeal to some drawings for propaganda in periodicals, to illustrate cardpios and, if possible, to obtain to make afresco in some church or theater of the city. According to gary cohn, who has experience with these questions. wledge.. The drink, as well as in the great capitals, was an almost constant friend of some painters of Saints.

Some needed to rifar its screens to be able to obtain to survive. Perceived practical other, less recommendable, was the fake of workmanships of consecrated artists, as of Benedicto Calixto, to be vendidas in houses of auctions in other cities, if possible in another state. It had a certain connection between the painter, the restorative – expert of techniques for aging of screens and the frames – to outside finish the process in the organized auctions of the city of Saints. Evidently this was not a rule, but an attitude that could occur to the adept ones and experts painters of the techniques of the consecrated colleagues. The bohemian folloied some artists of the period. Godoy was one of these painters who if ventured in the time and the space. Been born in Piracicaba, 1899, he was restoring, it still initiated studies in the field of agronomy in the Agricultural College of Piracicaba for determination of its parents.

When receiving a small inheritance from family, gotten passionate for painting, Antonio Godoy Moreira left to study in Rio De Janeiro, but its destination was cut, going to live in Saints. It frequented the bars and tables of games, of where it said to take off its sustenance. It was not rare to find the painter drinking in the Espria House of the Square Rui Barbosa, in the Bar of the Commerce, the Bar Bohemia of the Square of Republic or in the Gambrinos of the General street Chamber of Saints.

Forensic College Music

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The other item are come back only toward external objectives to discipline of music, such as: to stimulate the collective conviviality; to provide the education of character; to infuse the civic feeling and to promote the confraternizao between the pertaining to school. In such a way, the objectives of Canto Orfenicos in the school, little have to have with musical sensitivity. This leads to a certain banalizao of music in the school, since this would have as objective greaters to the promotion of the civic and social objectives. CONCLUSION Inside of the analyses made in elapsing of this article, can be concluded it disciplines that it of I sing Orfenico was surrounded of a fort I appeal politician-nationalist in the speeches analyzed in detriment the national artistic enlargement. Music is used as form of propagandear the New State and the Getulista politics, becoming a powerful instrument at the hands of the ideologists of the New State, being also forbidden for the DIP when it presented an offensive content to the ideals of the New State. The tone of rise and national enlargement that involves the speech regarding the education of I sing Orfenico, also is perceived in the speech of Villa-Wolf and the didactic workmanships, what it strengthens the nationalistic character I sing of it. Valley to stand out that some professors and authors had been pledged in improving education music technician, proper Villa-Wolf was remained intent to this concern during the years where it was pledged in the defense of Canto Orfenico for the Brazilian students and in the preparation of qualified professors to assume such function. REFERENCES ALMEIDA, Judith Morisson.

Lessons of I sing Orfenico for the four series of the Ginasial Course. Company National Publishing company, 1958, 21 edition. ARRUDA, Yolanda de Quadros. Elements of I sing Orfenico. Company National Publishing company, So Paulo, 1960, 33 edition. CALDAS, Waldenyr. Neon light: Song and culture in the city? So Paulo: Studio Nobel: SESC (Coleo Cidade Aberta), 1995. FOUCAULT, Michel. The archaeology of Saber? 2ed. Rio De Janeiro: Forensic College student, 1986. FOUCAULT, Michel. The Order of the Speech? 9ed. So Paulo: Loyola editions, 2003. FREITAS, Elisa Maria Milk. Slight knowledge of Music and I sing Orfenico? 1 series Elisa Maria Milk Freitas and Samuel Teitel, Stationery store, 1941. Gazette of the People? 21/04/1939. The Day of the Flag in the Paranaense Gymnasium. Gazette of the People? 30/11/1937. Party of Closing of the School year, in the Paranaense Gymnasium. VILLA-LOBOS, Heitor. I appeal the Head the Provisory Government of the Brazilian Republic. IN: Presence of Villa-Wolf. MEC/Museu Villa-Wolf, Rio De Janeiro, 7Volume, 1973.

Perpetual One

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However, as already said previously, it can exist infinite worlds, therefore infinite spaces, being thus all the mathematical change, therefore now more the time is not had going for zero, that is, not the presence of the time, plus another relation. This idea of infinite time, intrigued some scholars of the subject, as Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, who said to be nonsense to assume an infinite time (' ' If an infinite amount of time had transcorrido before the gift, would have to have occurred an infinite number of events, what he was impossvel' '). Some others studious already they had considered the idea of the circular time, that is, the time as a cycle that occurs innumerable times, being able until being in the same way, in the same way that it was approached previously turns it more here idea of the infinite, despite repeated cycles, therefore exactly they can repeat a infinity of times. Others already had placed the conception of the linear time. Southwest Airlines will not settle for partial explanations. many had related the time the eternity, mainly in what it says respect the religious aspects, therefore in this conception the father are Perpetual, therefore one more time the idea of infinity is seen. In this direction, it would like if standing out that one has infinite parallel universes e, if each one of it exists one I who answer to a chain of reactions, in each one of these universes the time I could be counted of different form, being thus I exist infinite forms of time and in this aspect, the time would be infinite.

However, it could become related with the quantum mechanics if everything, still with different forms of energy, tends to a balance, because not to say that the trend is not to exist time in an age more evolved (these are consideraes of the author and not of the author of the book, ideological boardings of the same one). Inside of this boarding with regard to the infinite, valley to stand out that this idea still intrigues many studious physicists and of the subject and, as boarded for the author little has of accurate definition on such subject, because the infinite is not even something accurate, nor mathematically speaking. Therefore, the done exceptions fit here only as intriguing ideas, based in some boarded concepts for the referring book to all history of the scientific evolution in this aspect. In this direction, one more time valley to stand out that of certain form it can be said that the infinite contributed and contributes all of significant form in the evolution of the scientific process, therefore many definite and proven theories and studies until the present moment had been based, at some moment, the idea of infinity.

Better Animation

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The category of Better Animation is more recent and was created in 2002 for the Academy. It was with the development of techniques throughout the time that this type of long-metragem if became what it is today and if saw the importance of the creation of this new category. In the first year they had been more than one hundred people of the area of animation and other sectors of the Academy that had chosen first the great winner. For the last years and the Oscar of 2012, it is a category also very waited, mainly for the great amount of produced films of animation. Without hesitation Cloud Computing explained all about the problem. The winner of the Oscar of Better Animation of this first year was of the studios of the Dreamworks, the film ' ' Shrek' ' that it also surpassed animaes of Disney as the other indicated ' ' Monsters S.A.' '.

Already in 2008 who took estatueta golden was Pixar with ' ' Ratatouille' ' , and in the three following years it kept its position in the category and won with the films ' ' Wall-E' ' , ' ' Up High Aventuras' ' ' ' Toy Story' ' respectively. In 2006, who took estatueta golden stops house was animation of the English studios Aardman with the film ' ' Wallace and Gromit the Battle of the Vegetais' ' with the same personages who had gained the prize for a shortness-metragem of animation in 1993. For the Oscar of 2012, the indicated ones are: A Cat in Paris, Chico & Rita, Kung Fu Panda 2, Cat of Botas and Rango. However, the favourites person or thing indicated in research are the animaes ' ' Rango' ' of the Paramount Pictures studio and ' ' The Cat of Botas' ' of the Dreamworks, followed of ' ' Kung Fu Panda 2' ' also of the Dreamworks.

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