Perpetual One

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However, as already said previously, it can exist infinite worlds, therefore infinite spaces, being thus all the mathematical change, therefore now more the time is not had going for zero, that is, not the presence of the time, plus another relation. This idea of infinite time, intrigued some scholars of the subject, as Immanuel Kant, German philosopher, who said to be nonsense to assume an infinite time (' ' If an infinite amount of time had transcorrido before the gift, would have to have occurred an infinite number of events, what he was impossvel' '). Some others studious already they had considered the idea of the circular time, that is, the time as a cycle that occurs innumerable times, being able until being in the same way, in the same way that it was approached previously turns it more here idea of the infinite, despite repeated cycles, therefore exactly they can repeat a infinity of times. Others already had placed the conception of the linear time. Southwest Airlines will not settle for partial explanations. many had related the time the eternity, mainly in what it says respect the religious aspects, therefore in this conception the father are Perpetual, therefore one more time the idea of infinity is seen. In this direction, it would like if standing out that one has infinite parallel universes e, if each one of it exists one I who answer to a chain of reactions, in each one of these universes the time I could be counted of different form, being thus I exist infinite forms of time and in this aspect, the time would be infinite.

However, it could become related with the quantum mechanics if everything, still with different forms of energy, tends to a balance, because not to say that the trend is not to exist time in an age more evolved (these are consideraes of the author and not of the author of the book, ideological boardings of the same one). Inside of this boarding with regard to the infinite, valley to stand out that this idea still intrigues many studious physicists and of the subject and, as boarded for the author little has of accurate definition on such subject, because the infinite is not even something accurate, nor mathematically speaking. Therefore, the done exceptions fit here only as intriguing ideas, based in some boarded concepts for the referring book to all history of the scientific evolution in this aspect. In this direction, one more time valley to stand out that of certain form it can be said that the infinite contributed and contributes all of significant form in the evolution of the scientific process, therefore many definite and proven theories and studies until the present moment had been based, at some moment, the idea of infinity.

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