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Being thus, the characteristics for changes that make with that the symbolic games are learning instruments and the ideal communication is from the construction of meanings. In the education process? learning becomes necessary to awake educating for the challenges that will appear all throughout its process of matureness. This initial kick will be given at the beginning of its estudantil life, with the objective of awaking in educating ' ' them problems ahead day to day logical reasoning ' '. Being that these activities can be made through educational games that the structure will despertar of to the challenging activities. Zapata (1986) and the Aquinos (1988), affirm that the game is one ' ' form of organization, development and affirmation of personalidade' '. To play for playing will not have no meaning so important. But to play to perfect its knowledge, with certainty will bring great results to the future life of the individual, become it safer in its decisions and to face the challenges of the life, therefore the games will contribute for formation of attitudes, development of the critical one, intuition, of the creation of strategies and basic the psychological processes. To launch a student to search solutions, being made to create it possibilities of new discoveries, guided always with educative games, becoming the environment most pleasant in participating of its proper learning.

However, the games promote challenges, generate pleasure and new knowledge. But, so that everything this happens, she is necessary to create a propitious place for the use of them, exploring pedagogical techniques developing always in educating the capacity to always investigate in the search of results valuing the use of strategies. The present article looks for to appraise the playful one and to show the importance of the cognitivo development through the games in the structure of average Ensino. Being that this research has the pretension to discover, and to be able to contribute in the formation and the interpretation of problems directed toward the area of the Mathematics in the room. All the context if of the one from the boarding of research literary and bibliographical revision, readings and studies of texts directed toward the area.

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