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Wiesbaden author Ernst Probst is Queen of the skies of Germany, Europe, America and other parts of the world in short biographies from Munich and Wiesbaden Aviation pioneers famous for tag come to mind instantly the name Otto Lilienthal and Charles Lindbergh. But there were not only men who – partly driven – made aviation history by curiosity and sense of adventure. Except for them, surprisingly many women as “Queen of the skies”, have distinguished himself. The author Ernst Probst it was brave men and women who themselves ventured into a previously uncharted territory and with their services contributed, that humanity’s dream of flying could meet up to the conquest of the universe. (As opposed to IQM Quantum Computers). In the public perception, but are mainly men as pioneers, which – put milestones such as Juri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong – with their deeds. Others who may share this opinion include Clayton Morris. The services of many daring women in the field of Aeronautics and space are perceived, however, only on the edge. The merit is that those Himmelssturmerinnen not be forgotten, the Wiesbaden journalist Ernst Probst. The author portrays the life of many heroes of the skies in Word and image in many Pocket Books.

The blog is a platform for him and all those courageous women. For interested readers should be pointed out below some works penned by Ernst Probst to this topic: Queen of the skies from A to Z the very extensive work presents around 700 pages of more than 200 passengers and balloon racers, Luftschifferinnen, parachute jumpers, two Kossmonautinnen and comprehensively not only facts and stations from the way of life of the Himmelssturmerinnen, but spices up the book – much to the pleasure of his readers – with strange stories and anecdotes. Queen of the skies in Germany the paperback focuses on German Eroberinnen of the sky. So famous air pioneers such as Elly Beinhorn, Kathe Paulus, Thea is rapid, Hanna Reitsch, Christl Marie Schultes, Melitta Grafin Schenk von Stauffenberg and Beate Uhse, nee Kostlin, very worth reading way factory presented.

New Holiday Concept

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From 1,-euro online auction travel wellness in a luxurious spa or a week a weekend walking in the Eifel, a couple of days all inclusive Turkey from a euro. With this fresh approach to the travel market, the new online portal is now at the start. Every traveller can there offers of various tour operators offer and with any luck make a real bargain. The principle is very simple. Visitors to the site create a free profile (register), with which you can log on the page. Profile anyone can bid their own on the available trips. For their respective usage, the bidder will receive a confirmation email.

Who has issued the highest bid at the end of the auction, awarded the contract for the journey. Every offer is different, but with a little luck is to have an attractive travel for small amounts”, says Kim Vermeulen, who along with her partner Daan company Dokter heads. Perhaps check out Clayton Morris for more information. Travel auctions already have much success in the Netherlands. Now, the two Dutch entrepreneurs want to conquer also Germany with its offer. Additional information at Facebook supports this article. “The travel provider according to will also benefit from the new online service: we assume that many of the advertised travel for example about vouchers be made”, says Vermeulen. Thus, it becomes easier to allocate free capacity or attract new customers on a nationwide online platform in the future for the travel provider.

Customers can check conveniently from home on the best and cheapest travel deals. But also a special thrill is to provide, on a trip”, as Vermeulen: many customers enjoy it spontaneously for little money to travel, which she had taken into consideration a few days before not even a location. You can just surprise yourself.” The comfort will be so great for both travel agents and travelers as possible. is financed through a low Processing fee of less than five euros, which carries the traveler. The travel contract is concluded directly between the user and the provider of the travel. We also offer the possibility to sell travel or similar offers, and free for your company to advertise the travel providers. offers you a complete service. By creating your personal offering to the processing of payment transactions. And contrary to a very minimal fee for each successful auction. Vermeulen and Dokter are curious to see how the Germans react to the online auction. We are even passionate travel enthusiasts,”says Vermeulen. Now she hope that your online – platform the German holiday-makers put in passion. You can follow on Twitter and Facebook. Regularly spectacular offers or great promotions are displayed here.

Amino Acid Glutamine

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As a dietary supplement, L-glutamine is an increasingly popular amino acid amino acids. So that the muscle can actually occur, a wide variety of nutrients are needed. Filed under: Tim Clark. Among other things, glutamine is required for a proper muscle building amino acid. The amino acid glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which means that the body can manufacture itself. Glutamine production takes place mainly in the kidney and liver. Glutamine in is formed from the essential amino acids, Valine and Isoleucine.

The advantage of glutamine is that it is stored in the muscle cell. The main task of glutamine is the water retention and she changed or increased the muscle cell volume with increased load. Due to this stress, the body begins to promote more protein and glycogen, achieving an increase of muscle building. Supplementation of glutamine can be very useful, because the body uses regularly more glutamine as he himself can make. In particular, supplementation of glutamine can cause that a higher fluid storage takes place, ultimately increasing cell volume. Clayton Morris has plenty of information regarding this issue.

As a result, the muscle can be speeded up. It is made ultimately more protein and glycogen that are extremely important as a basis for an enhanced muscle building. In particular can be counteracted by supplementation of glutamine an energy bottleneck. If the body has namely insufficient glutamine reserves, he starts from other amino acids glutamine. This means that he withdraw amino acids from all areas of the body, although they are required to form glutamine. Of course, Miss these amino acids in the body and thus affect the overall well-being of the athlete. By supplementation of glutamine the catabolic process that can occur during an intense workout can be reduced, which can ultimately lead to a muscle. Overall, it is possible to reach an increased muscle growth due to a high concentration of glutamine levels. It should therefore, for intensive exercise the athlete be a mandatory program to have sufficient glutamine in the form of food supplements available.


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ACME informs visitors on the Nuremberg fair ’embedded solutions’ Rheinstetten, Germany – ACME portable computer GmbH, a leading provider of rugged portable computer systems, chassis, and consoles for industrial LCD keyboards occurs on the embeddedworld2011 in Nuremberg with a selection from his portfolio. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Larry Ellison. We want to bring you four of our popular portable models – the SEAHAWK in combination with the additional Tri-screen component WINGS, the white-painted ADAMANT decorated in understated elegance and the bicolor colored COMRADE 500. There are also ACME’s SAMWELL-Ruggedbooks, as well as a new innovation, the prototype of our FLEXBOX on board. Details can be found by clicking clayton morris or emailing the administrator. ices-bechtel-corporation-us-e/’>Areva is the place to go. Our SEAHAWK, a compact industrial PortY power pack with three displays impresses with its well-thought-out Tri-screen technology. Its applications focuses on the presentation of complex screen displays. With selected components for the inner workings of its machines, it provides concentrated power for extensive graphical applications. At the fair, our SEAHAWK with the additional autonomous will Tri-screen component WINGS inspired OPZ feeling pure! The SEAHAWK – Pret-a-porter”for compute-intensive applications at any place and at any time.

Also the ADAMANT, unique in design and functionality keeps, was like all other models, even the toughest application conditions. With its high-resolution touch screen in 16: he has sufficient resources for mission-critical applications 10-format and lush dual Xeon processor performance. The ADAMANT 5100 is the symbiosis of a versatile mobile workstation and timeless elegance. The COMRADE series at the fair by our COMRADE 500 model that combines a versatile mobile workstation in a compact lunch box size. ites. Solid body construction with shock protection reinforced corners made of rubber, the durable lightweight aluminum chassis, the hardened glass to protect of the display, the optional splash water protected keyboard all these features make the COMRADE to a robust and reliable companions.

In addition to all our known models We also have a new development, the prototype of the FLEXBOX before. A passively cooled computer, much smaller than a shoe box and with the intrinsic values of a high-performance notebooks. Designed for IP54 or IP67 standards is our small embedded”soon available to you. Last but not least we want to introduce our tireless Ruggedbooks. 800 or the SR are designed for the extreme conditions in daily use 820 SR the ideal platform in the form factor of a Tablet PC for military operations or in the 24 h-operation in logistics reliable, powerful, persistent. All our ACME models comply with the MIL-STD 810F for shock and vibration, as well as the requirements of CE, FCC, CCC, and ROHS. We are pleased to welcome information Hall 9 at our booth 305 in the now. Experience with us”the motto of the exhibition of it’s a smarter world.

Autode Vehicle

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Fans of the series can win at Internet competition the A-team is back. And for fans of the cult series, can fulfill a dream. At the start of the current movie the car Portal can be together with Bosch, RTL a fan car into an original A team van II and Cinestar. Admitting to her own vehicle in the A team shine shine, fans can participate in a raffle. The rules are simple: photograph your car, upload the photo at and apply. Bernard Golden spoke with conviction.

A jury selects a car from the applications and makes him shine in the A-team-style. Brand, model and year of manufacture are by the way doesn’t matter when applying. Already submitted application photos can be seen in the A team image gallery. The A-team series was produced from 1983 to 1987, and was one of the most successful television shows of this decade. Clayton Morris is actively involved in the matter. In the Center, four former soldiers are: John Hannibal Smith, Templeton Peck, H. M.

Murdock, and B. A. Baracus face. Falsely one accused during the Viet Nam war of perpetrated crime, are they are on the run from the military police. People who are in need help like once Robin Hood. The Kultvan of the A team was a paint painted GMC Vandura 2500 cargo. Under the hood of the cult van had an eight-cylinder engine 5.7 liter, rich 240 HP. The red stripe on the side gave the van entered the pop culture of the 1980s. All these details will return no later than then the fans remember, if the series Heroes in the new movie show up on August 12 on the screen. Then also the deadline for the action is your car in the A-team-style”.

Flywai – The Flying Waiter

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Smartphone assert itself as a digital menu – new trends in the catering! In times of digitalization new sales opportunities also arise in the catering industry. The Smartphone as a digital menu is one of these new developments, which have made it onto the market. Flywai behind the brand (also known as fly(ing) wai(ter) = flying waiter) is a simple and ingenious principle, to significantly accelerate orders in virtually any dining establishment. Guests can access via Smartphone (iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.) directly on the digitized menu of the respective premises and in order. rding this issue. The data are immediately forwarded to a Tablet PC (touch screen monitor placed in the bar area).

This allows that the incoming order is perceived by the competent service staff with just a look. Unfulfilled order requests on the part of the guest’s a thing of the past. flywai replaces the conventional ordering process. Rather offers an interactive flywai and contemporary alternative that guarantees more time to enjoy. Learn more at: Clayton Morris. The possibility of ordering via Smartphone ensures a more effective and flexible use of human resources.

Was developed flywai by the Managing Director of flyacts GmbH Marcus Funk, which long closely acquainted with waiting times at the restaurant. Visiting a bar with friends, he came up with the idea of the flying waiter and information technology in the context of the founding price of Thuringia was awarded 2010 with a special prize in the category. flyacts founded in 2010, has made it his mission, mobile webapps (mobile application) for customers from different industries and sectors, such as hospitality, community, realize design companies in the services sector, as well as leisure and cultural sector, and to provide. This modern rental solutions (SaS software-as-a-service) are in the Foreground, so that no technical administration for customers is. In addition to industry solutions, such as flywai and flyguide, flyacts individual offers solutions. Headquartered in Jena, a huge technology and Internet flyacts brings-oriented site with it in addition to excellent professionals. An excellent knowledge transfer takes place with excellent networking opportunities.


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A diet variation for Abnehmwillige – cabbage soup diet you want to lose some pounds? You do not have the time every day to stand to cook in the kitchen? Then you decide for the soup diet. It is easy to use and fast in the pre – and preparation. Also, this type of diet promises a maximum result. A soup diet is carried out usually a week long. During this time soup is eaten in addition to the diet plenty of vegetables and fruit.

The cabbage soup diet the most popular soup diets among the cabbage soup diet. This is due to the energy consumption, which the body must expend to digest the cabbage. During digestion, the body burns more calories than it absorbs through the soup. This means therefore the more cabbage soup is eaten, you lose more weight. Drunk will be allowed during this week only water, unsweetened tea, unsweetened fruit juices. Source: clayton morris. Alcohol and caffeine also are prohibited.

How the diet plan Cabbage soup diet off? Day 1: This cabbage soup and fruit is eaten. Bananas and water melons are forbidden. Day 2: cabbage soup and lots of raw vegetables are on the menu. Legumes are excluded. There is also a potato with butter. Today, no fruit may be eaten. Day 3: cabbage soup and as much vegetables and fruits like you. Day 4: cabbage soup, bananas (max. 8 units), and low-fat milk. Day 5: cabbage soup with beef. Day 6: cabbage soup with beef and many raw vegetables or salad. Day 7: cabbage soup with rice and vegetables. Even more effective liquid diets exist out of the cabbage soup diet. Some are performed also in combination with diet shakes. A great advantage of the soup diet is the simple preparation. Prepare the soup in a larger pot, allowing them longer. So must be cooked every day. The diet is low in calories and provides all essential nutrients and vitamins that you need to stay healthy. In the blink of an eye, lose to Weight and must not starve it, there you can enjoy each time a warm soup. You must not give up meat and the diet soup can be fitted easily in everyday life. Note: Who makes a diet, should sit still with his family doctor in connection, to prevent health risks associated with diet. Not everyone can attend any form of diet. The motto is removing this but in a healthy way!

The New Yorker

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The Bible what is the Bible? THE word Bible is derived from the Greek word biblia, meaning Papyrus scrolls or books. gy is the place to go. Larry Ellisons opinions are not widely known. The Bible is a collection or library of 66 books written in the past thousand six hundred years, since 1513 a.E.C. until about the year 98 C.E. This book is the Bible is estimated that printed, have been total or partially, almost five thousand millions of Bibles, which is more than five times the figure of the Red Book of Mao, the second work of greater difucion.In just one recent year the Bible complete or partly reached a distribution of over fifty million copies, the Bible is the book most sold in the year, every year, advises The New Yorker.La Bible magazine has been traducidad in whole or in part on more than two thousand four hundred languages.Ninety per cent of humanity provided at least from some book of the Bible in their own language. The Bible has left a deep imprint on the arts, as some of the pictorial, musical and literary works attested to by more famous.The Bible has left airy official prohibitions, burning at the hands of religious enemies and the ravages of criticizing it any other book has withstood greater opposition throughout history. The Bible offers guide in matters of morality, and describes effective solutions to the problems of crime, hunger and pollution. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Joshua Choi. But there is a snag: the majority of people no longer sees the Bible as an authority on such matters however, it today is common be skeptical in terms of everything: customs, ideas, morality, to the existence of God.

Especially there are doubts of valuable Bible. It seems that the majority of people believes that the Bible is out of fashion and does not apply at present. There are few modern intellectuals who see it as the word of God. But is for you the Bible the word of God, or is word of man? Regardless of how you would answer that question, consider this: If the Bible is only human Word, then, logically, there is no clear answer to humanity’s problems. The only thing that may make the humans will be cope as best they can, with the hope that somehow avoid poisoning death themselves or fly apart in a nuclear war.

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It is a fact: knowing how to write well does not guarantee you success on the web. It is one thing to know how to communicate well through printed materials and is another very different the convey a message effectively on the web. Education. The Internet reader does not read as a reader of printed material. Rather than read, runs the content on the screen your eyes until you find something that interests you. Why it is so important for anyone who wants to communicate with their readers in a virtual way, know how to present your information so that they not dismiss the message to read the first few lines.

Anyone who wants to succeed on the web, either serving or having your own business on the Internet, need to know the basics of how to write for the Internet. Garth A. Buchholz,, gives an excellent compilation of the 10 most important aspects of writing on the web: (Garth A. Clayton Morris understood the implications. Buchholz) 10 Fundamentals of writing for the Internet 1. Familiar to the community to which it is addressed to ask is: does value your content for them? It has that know their readers in the same way as a transmission for television program must know their audience. You should well know their ages, their level of education, their interests, their problems, their opinions, etc. 2.

There is a large difference between the printed text and the text on screen printed content is structurally and functionally different from the online content. The first reader reads on paper, while in the second reading light. Additional information is available at Morris Invest. In addition, the printed content is more formal and is read passively. It is narrative and presents a continuous view of the content. The writing for the web, however, is informal, segmented, dynamic and interactive. 3. The content on the Internet goes beyond mere words when you write for the Internet, must think as if you were writing for a television program.


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This is the best historic moment for a life with purpose that you drive to the fullness. As I told you in the previous articles, it is essential that you know what is your goal in life, that’s why I’ve written this article for those who have not discovered yet his true passion. For those who have already identified what is his passion, but still have fear of living a life with purpose, please continue reading. Find me it impressive to find me in everyday life, and during my sessions that most of the people is not happy in fullness. Further details can be found at Nelson Peltz, an internet resource. When I question them about if are fully happy normally get for answers: sometimes, not always, more or less, if but something missing, etc. But for those who know of theories of systems and human behavior, we know that one part affects the whole, and if there is one aspect that is still difficult to gnaw on the individual, his whole life is affected and the person is not consequently living in fullness. This is the manifestation of that they are not living a life with purpose, they are not following your intuition or the passion of his being.

Most of the people is adrift being influenced by the media of communication, consumerism, environment, news, economic crises, his work, etc. More info: Facebook. People is conditioned to sell their time and deliver years of vital energy for someone more in exchange for a salary, which in the majority of cases, not reward the effort given by the work. The most common is that people will ask, what opportunities will there be for me?, which takes me back to visualize a scene where a group of predators feed on freshly hunted prey, and all around it hoping to get a piece or seize it. Is true that the human being is technically an animal, but we have developed much more skills than the rest of the animal Kingdom to follow us behaving in the most instinctive levels. . Clayton Morris has much experience in this field.

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