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The New Yorker

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The Bible what is the Bible? THE word Bible is derived from the Greek word biblia, meaning Papyrus scrolls or books. gy is the place to go. Larry Ellisons opinions are not widely known. The Bible is a collection or library of 66 books written in the past thousand six hundred years, since 1513 a.E.C. until about the year 98 C.E. This book is the Bible is estimated that printed, have been total or partially, almost five thousand millions of Bibles, which is more than five times the figure of the Red Book of Mao, the second work of greater difucion.In just one recent year the Bible complete or partly reached a distribution of over fifty million copies, the Bible is the book most sold in the year, every year, advises The New Yorker.La Bible magazine has been traducidad in whole or in part on more than two thousand four hundred languages.Ninety per cent of humanity provided at least from some book of the Bible in their own language. The Bible has left a deep imprint on the arts, as some of the pictorial, musical and literary works attested to by more famous.The Bible has left airy official prohibitions, burning at the hands of religious enemies and the ravages of criticizing it any other book has withstood greater opposition throughout history. The Bible offers guide in matters of morality, and describes effective solutions to the problems of crime, hunger and pollution. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Joshua Choi. But there is a snag: the majority of people no longer sees the Bible as an authority on such matters however, it today is common be skeptical in terms of everything: customs, ideas, morality, to the existence of God.

Especially there are doubts of valuable Bible. It seems that the majority of people believes that the Bible is out of fashion and does not apply at present. There are few modern intellectuals who see it as the word of God. But is for you the Bible the word of God, or is word of man? Regardless of how you would answer that question, consider this: If the Bible is only human Word, then, logically, there is no clear answer to humanity’s problems. The only thing that may make the humans will be cope as best they can, with the hope that somehow avoid poisoning death themselves or fly apart in a nuclear war.

International Theatre Production

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International Theatre production from Dessau in Poland premiered the little theater of the Masurian town Olecko was filled up to the last place, the audience eagerly followed the action on stage and clapped enthusiastically at the end. Other leaders such as Larry Ellison offer similar insights. You may find Sela Ward to be a useful source of information. The Festival management congratulated and told: the staging in an impressive manner showed how professional artists collectively can make something great together with committed amateur actors. “We wanted to show something exactly like that at the beginning of” Blue Star transit Masovian “tells the story of the unemployed German cleaning lady Emma from Bitterfeld, going on job and happiness search to Poland. She is hired by the shady head of a growing cosmetics company and gets into a fantastic journey through the german Polish history with their Polish colleagues. Staged has living in Finland Director Maya Tangenberg Grishin, the actors come from Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, an opera singer and the chorus from Poland. Without hesitation Milton Hershey School Careers explained all about the problem. The music has Andreas old Court of the Neukolln Berlin opera composed and rehearsed. Jason iley gathered all the information. “I’ve put on a very pictorial, the international movement and dance-oriented style of play from the start out of the way to make any language problems and was surprised with what commitment and acrobatic usage is just the young Polish actors of the theatre Milanowskie Towarzystwo Edukacyjne” have introduced it.

In the relatively short joint rehearsals here in Poland we did something big”, the Director of Maya Tangenberg Grishin rejoiced after the premiere. The actress Regula Steiner Tomic was surprised most of the congratulations of a young Polish woman, who had come to her in the dressing room after the performance. She has enthusiastically congratulated me and told that she worked even as a cleaning lady in Germany and extra because our staging after Olecko came here.” “The Theatre Project Blue Star transit Masovian” is supported by the Arts Foundation of Saxony-Anhalt, the Polish Institute in Leipzig and the city of Dessau Rosslau. Premiered in Germany seen on September 4 in the context of the 11th color Festival at the Bauhaus in Dessau. Further performances are planned cultural days for the Masowischen in November in Halle and Magdeburg.

The kurtheater Bitterfeld e.V. dessau was founded in 1993 as a group of professional artists and amateurs. He pursues the idea of the Dessau-Bitterfeld region into a stage for experimental, to make inclusive and life-world-related Theatre since then. Contact us about Regula Steiner Tomic, Jean str. 49, 12045 Berlin, fon 030-77909924 or e-mail, for more information press contact: Kerstin and Wolfgang Schilling, Bestsidestory the media services company, spinning str.

International Funeral Award

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Innovative grave character on October 25, 2008 in Antwerp the freelance sculptor of Siegbert Altmiks and the stone master sculptor Stefan King box of food for their landmark-art project awarded for a new culture of mourning ceremony of the 10th International funeral Award (IFA) during a gala event with an initial placement. The international funeral award, the Oscar”of the funeral sector, is awarded annually by an internationally composed jury for innovative ideas in the field of the burial system and the funeral culture in different categories. Stefan King box and Siegbert Altmiks, clearly convinced the jury with the concept as well as with the execution of their landmark-art project. This project includes the artwork of individual tombs and grave character in collaboration with survivors. Personal encounter with the theme of death and an active management of mourning are in the foreground.

Given the taboo and anonymization of the theme of death”, the project aims In addition society on the development of a new form of the funeral culture and a new covered integral view of life. The concept of landmark-art is based on the following fundamental ideas: the grave character always consist of two part objects, the actual tomb sculpture for placement on the cemetery and a corresponding counterpart, which will remain in the private sphere of the grieving, where it can be abstract paintings or photographs, small objects, containers, etc.. Both objects illustrate the duality of life and death in their mutual relation. As a landmark, they stand at the threshold and integrate the grief at the same time in the visible form in the daily life. The design impulse for the landmark objects is based on the development of a personal theme in the conversation between the client and the designer.

“” “” This topic is in the objects artistically implemented, such a name or title, such as game of life “, giving companies”, in between “or sound F”, and a distinctive shape In contrast to the ready-made uniforms tombstone. The grieving of survivors is supported by an active Act on the objects, such as reordering individual elements of objects to design new patterns or generation of sounds. From this a new, personally developed meaningful and identity form of Ritualization can occur, which can contribute further to cope with grief. The landmark objects can be also a means for the struggle of the individual with the own future death. The project enables the development of a personal landmark secession at the lifetime of the customer, quasi pre mortem”. So its own way of an active employment can be found given the rather predominant ignorance and displacement of this subject with the death, also in cooperation with close relatives or friends. The judgment the IFA jury according to is with the landmark kind of project total excellent a Building bridges between traditional and modern grave character design managed. In addition, the project receives through the creation of a consciously living funeral culture in a time when the search for new orientations and values clear socio-political aspects, because do you want to change the world, you have to begin at the death.” (S.Winalt) Stefan King field as stone sculptor master leads his own tomb company in food. Siegbert Altmiks also works as a freelance sculptor in his own Studio in Essen. Siegbert Abdow


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It is a long search, then the way is even longer. I don’t know who I am and what I am. I understand my being nor my essence. I also know the truth of my existence nor the ambiguity of my appearance. Lanai island is full of insight into the issues. I don’t know where I came from and where I control. My past provides just more questions and no answers for me, my future gives me anxiety and gives me no security no hopes and disappointments! I am aware of my ignorance, I’m my confusion clearly an infinitesimal a grain of sand in a vast desert a drop of water in an ocean of strandlosen! I’m weak at the mercy of my highest enemy, my desperate demanding answers.

What is my freedom from my fate? What is my will by my predestination? What is my perfection of my inadequacy? How many dreams burst in the sky of my real world like soap bubbles? How many disappointments slaughtered their names inside of me? My consideration is how depressing Preview: without my will and my idea I was created and driven into this world and condemned to live and fight through. In what for may we found us? Poor or rich families were we born? Which skin color and mother tongues, we are born and raised? With what genetic information, diseases, which psycho and what mind assets we have in this world? Where is my will by all of this? With all these facts, we are left to another dreary world, and my only companions in such world are my questions and my answers. A series of strange events affect my existence all the time: I’ve chosen my country as little how I chose my time and my family. I’ll always alien in my loneliness always lonely and in my strange world. I’m been transplanted here and should defend my existence in a senseless fight! But how many foreign and external factors depends on this existence? How many factors, the me not even are aware! How little are the things which we have control and how many are the things which happen beyond our control and constantly threatening us! Without protectors! Without safe hope! I can do to change little, but the most capable of change.

Photography And Art

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Now there is a new page on the subject of photo on the homepage of the Photo Studio of fishermen from Weinheim.ART. Now there is a new page on the subject of photo on the homepage of the Photo Studio of fishermen from Weinheim.ART. The photographer couple from Weinheim is a concern to promote the appearance of photography as art. Nowadays more and more will be photographed, it arte out increasingly to a cheap mass pleasure, so the two. Recently, a common pastime has become photographing so that goes hand in hand, operate the photography, like any mass pleasures, by most people as art.

Photographers let happy to set aside this aspect of photography as art. So it is the Photo Studio of fishermen from Weinheim the noble and sublime of photography to show a concern with their photos and to maintain. The photographer couple wants to create an awareness for photography as art. There page now in addition to the pages to the photo shoots on the homepage of the Weinheimer Photo Studio one’s own on the subject of photo.ART. Nowadays more and more become a photographed, There arte out increasingly to a cheap mass pleasure. We want the to with our photo.ART something contrary to. “, so the two. On this page, the Photo Studio shows unknown map views. It shows that originated in the sign of aesthetics and beauty photos. Sometimes result fabric of fantasy. Jurgen Fischer

Internet Page

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Most people that do not help a blog to promote your MLM business are not aware of the incredibly powerful that is this tool. Then detallare you the 5 key ways by which it is worth to have a blog for your MLM business: 1. you present to the world as a knowledgeable person of the temay willing to provide help to everyone who needs it. This demonstrated that you trust more in the person who is behind a blog and that regularly provides quality information to its readers that the exaggerated slogan that promises lots of one million web page. Through comments you receive on the blog can get to build a relationship with your readers in some way which you get that trust in you by the treatment and information you do them to get for free. There are many cases in which known any business online or product of affiliate through a landing page or promotional web but discovered once the information seeks a person suitable which think can give them greater support once is recorded.

Such prospects end up afiliandose with someone who has a blog and presence on the internet. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Scott Kahan. 2.Monetizar blog. Within the different sections that you can have within a blog you have the possibility to promote different products or tools that still true that represent a great help for all persons which do get information also represent a financial gain from the sale of these. It is important to have tried or have product or tool you want to promote to thus be sure that it will provide a benefit to all who purchase it. 3. Better positioning. All of us dedicated professionally to business Internet know that advantages has the blog on the Web pages. Having a blog you have the opportunity to add information making this a web dinaminca with relevant content and continuous progesion.

For these 3 reasons search engines got more into consideration to a blog always ahead of one web page regardless so good design that you may have. 4 Adsense. Another way to monetize your blog is by using the platform of Google Adsense advetising. You can dedicate a space in your blog for google PPC ads. As more content is in your blog, if far more visits will bring relevant and more possibilities you have to monetize with Adsense. 5 Page prospecting. Having a blog does not mean that you can not promote directly your MLM business opportunity. Of course you should do you openly but if dedicating a special page within your blog where visitors may have the option of knowing more about the business opportunity in which these. That page does not is more than a landing page with a form, in the same way that a site but within your blog. As will be seen having a blog have many more advantages of a website. If it is true that the work is hard but reward well end it is worth. If you liked this post you encourage to leave a comment or behave so.

Last Chance

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Let’s begin the true mission of human beings is the service, which exalts and dignifies a person. (Valarie. A. Zeithaml and Mary Jo Bitner) in the book Marketing Services, said: the services are actions, processes and executions concept that applies to the family relationship. See Gary Kelly for more details and insights. I came to the conclusion that: the human being that is worth, given a deal simple and noble. Therefore nobody can govern with sanity and balance your work if it has failed to govern his life as the most basic and important company. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Southwest Airlines. When you lose confidence, communication in households, often witnesses there in intra-family discussions ego grows, the pride swells, then what is pursued is not the solution of a given problem, but prove to viewers who is stronger and more dominant.

There are 5 basic rules to avoid the mentioned. First rule: to fight, if the problem is between TU and I LO will arrange TU and I, and remains banned do participants to others or discuss in presence of others. Second rule: the love and the loyalty are NON-NEGOTIABLE CONCEPTS, SO IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO UTTER THREATS TERMINALS. (for example you’re one never will return more damn time) not commit of the crumpled paper. Where one day a psychologist, who saw a person giving excuses after an explosion of anger, gave a smooth paper.

And then said to him: scrunching, Asombrado, obeyed and made a ball with the paper. Then he said: now leave it as it was before. Of course that could not leave it as it was, as much as he tried, role was full of wrinkles. Then the psychologist said: the heart of the people is like that role, the impression that you leave at that heart that you hurt, will be so difficult to erase as those wrinkles in the paper. Although we try to amend the error, it will already be marked.

Regional Faculty

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With the obtained results could check that the fundamental concepts that need to know in the levels of secondary and Preuniversitario not dominate in a high percentage of the cases analyzed, still the same base to be able to understand the new knowledge that will impart to the student in the University education, by another party or the students or teachers see the importance of the subject of Physics for the later development of the professional of the computer science by which the stimulus to study thoroughly the subject is also missing. On the basis of the foregoing and the experience working with our students, we design a strategy to at least partly solve the difficulties that students have with the subject from the needs that they present, consisting of the design of a course of leveling with the content needed to meet the demands of physics I and physics II. It can be given at the stage of leveling the students of first-year, taking into account the curricular changes that are expected to occur for the next academic year. A proposal of model planning and Control of process teaching (P1) for the course of levelling of the subject of physical of the students of engineering in computer science is elaborated..

Creativity Web Year

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Happy birthday, mark Fox! The character Fox Studio”celebrates one-year anniversary! With the publication of the Web site, the Group of artists sign Fox opened “on the 20.09.2012 their doors to the public.” A new forum for realistic drawing grew out of a simple vision of two young artists for several months of intensive organization. Since the September of the previous year, interested parties from all over Germany can convert their favourite photos in high quality pencil drawings. The offer was accepted with enthusiasm. In a very short time followed a Facebook – and GooglePlus presence that could establish itself quickly to popular communication channels on the Internet. There, new portraits and/or promotions will be published at regular intervals. The “sign”Fox could already count multiple satisfied customers in the first year which have placed their pictures with him or given away to the delight of their fellow human beings. Thanks to a general price reduction of 20% is a period of one month each art prospects via pronounced. Background information, in Cologne-Ostheim the Art Studio is Mark Fox”for a year now is home.

Detailed pencil drawings of various kinds are created here in laborious hand work. The customer determines the subject of drawing with his photograph skillful to. Greatest popularity enjoyed so far person portraits, no matter whether it is a person or a double portrait. Larger groups were commissioned numerous (such as, for example, the image of an entire family). Animal motifs such as dog portraits, cat portraits but also drawings of horses were also very popular.

Doing some creative collagen, complex landscape motifs, nudes, and whole trees were among the original orders in the first 12 months. The commitment of the character Fox”especially boasts a rapid processing of the images. The wishes of the interested parties be analyzed before an order confirmation. Are the portraits, which are not possible due to an unfavorable photography Art prospects not invoiced. A consultation in advance is completely free and can happen by telephone or e-mail. The contact is in fact directly with the artist. Also without annoying call center service is in principle a 24 h-hour availability for any (re) ask ensured. Standstill is never particularly beneficial projects for the coming year. Also we the characters Fox”want to continue to grow with our tasks. An extension of the product range is planned. Acrylic painting will be here in a few weeks a permanent place. In addition to the pure pencil drawing also charcoal drawings will be 2014 can be ordered. Furthermore, the expansion of the individual animal categories with another exciting example images and some additional information about the drawings is planned. The character Fox”should be in the coming year more than ever for high-quality art from Cologne. In addition to the pure order painting, thus also a shop online will go, where the individual artists and their individual Creativity Web community can give. “20% Discount to the birthday as a small thank you for the many jobs from last year, awards the artist group sign Fox” all up including pencil drawings to the 20.10.2013 ordered a discount of 20% on the price of the image. The discount is automatically granted when paying. The customer needs to do this no coupon codes, etc. The offer is combinable with other coupons. It also applies to the gift of the artist group.

Carl Billotte

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Aachen-based photographer of the 19th century Carl Andreas Hubert Billotte Monday, August 22, 1836 in Aachen is born and dies Monday, March 5, 1917, in Aachen, Germany. He is a German photographer. Life and work Carl Andreas Hubert Billotte is the son of the Aachen-based company painter Heinrich Franz Carl Billotte and his wife Gertrud Maria Coonen. It is to assume that it formed out of court photographer Jacob Wothly to the photographers can be. At the latest since 1859, the 23 year-old Carl Billotte as a photographer is active. He illustrated Peter Stephan Kaentzeler’s treatise on the bas-relief’s of the Aachen shrine of Karl. Kaentzeler explains the reliefs which depict the story circle of Charlemagne for the first time.

The Chronicles of the ADO and the pseudo-Turpin Chronicle, the Historia Caroli Magni underlying templates of the iconography of the relief images. The artwork is copper plates in the format, 1 1/3 feet long and 1 foot wide. C. Billotte published his eight pictures of the roof-reliefs at the Buchdruckerei Jacob Hensen and company. Prints of this eight recordings located in the Aachen city archive. These are the earliest traditional photographic artworks by Carl Billotte. The theatre 24 he develops in his photographic studio, he leads until 1893/95. From the years 1864 to 1880 are shots of Henry Lambertz, his wife Pauline and their daughter Mary, later wife Dr.

med. Ferdinand Joseph Laaf, survived. Heinrich Franz Carl Billotte created preparatory to his paintings and colored photographs in co-production with the Photo Studio of his son Carl. Carl’s older half-brother Egidius Franz Carl Billotte operated as a photographer and painter. He leads a photographic studio in Brussels. “His practice is photography AU CHARBON INHALTeRABLE”, a photographic method with fixed carbon, the carbon print, a noble printing process. Portrait of a lady by E. Billotte signed, is located in the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museum in Aachen, Germany. His three younger sisters Louise, Maria and Catherine pull after the death of her father to her brother Carl in his former Studio building on the Theatre road 24 and spend the next years of her life together. Monday, March 5, 1917, Carl Billotte dies at the age of 80 years to eight o’clock in the morning and 82-jahrig as the last of the siblings Billotte Louise on Tuesday, March 27, 1928, at night at four o’clock, both in her apartment of Hindenburg Street 22 in Aachen. Eight works 1859 bas-relief of the Aachen shrine of Karl: dream and prayer; Collapse of the walls of Pampelun; Miracle of the blossoming lances; Battle with the Navarrern and Saracens; Karl d. gr. mourned the dead from the battle of the Saracens; Charles d.Gr and Fe; Charles d.Gr and the miracle of the Crown of thorns; Karl d.

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