Flywai – The Flying Waiter

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Smartphone assert itself as a digital menu – new trends in the catering! In times of digitalization new sales opportunities also arise in the catering industry. The Smartphone as a digital menu is one of these new developments, which have made it onto the market. Flywai behind the brand (also known as fly(ing) wai(ter) = flying waiter) is a simple and ingenious principle, to significantly accelerate orders in virtually any dining establishment. Guests can access via Smartphone (iPhone, HTC, BlackBerry, etc.) directly on the digitized menu of the respective premises and in order. rding this issue. The data are immediately forwarded to a Tablet PC (touch screen monitor placed in the bar area).

This allows that the incoming order is perceived by the competent service staff with just a look. Unfulfilled order requests on the part of the guest’s a thing of the past. flywai replaces the conventional ordering process. Rather offers an interactive flywai and contemporary alternative that guarantees more time to enjoy. Learn more at: Clayton Morris. The possibility of ordering via Smartphone ensures a more effective and flexible use of human resources.

Was developed flywai by the Managing Director of flyacts GmbH Marcus Funk, which long closely acquainted with waiting times at the restaurant. Visiting a bar with friends, he came up with the idea of the flying waiter and information technology in the context of the founding price of Thuringia was awarded 2010 with a special prize in the category. flyacts founded in 2010, has made it his mission, mobile webapps (mobile application) for customers from different industries and sectors, such as hospitality, community, realize design companies in the services sector, as well as leisure and cultural sector, and to provide. This modern rental solutions (SaS software-as-a-service) are in the Foreground, so that no technical administration for customers is. In addition to industry solutions, such as flywai and flyguide, flyacts individual offers solutions. Headquartered in Jena, a huge technology and Internet flyacts brings-oriented site with it in addition to excellent professionals. An excellent knowledge transfer takes place with excellent networking opportunities.

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