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That frigid morning, very early his mother had come, bellowed from the leg as if calling or waking, he heard the first roar the bull began to bellow as if mother would say I'm here. That same morning I got for my birthday newborn calf born. Bench when I called him whitey still could not pronounce it, even a little curious confession, thus we call it, I now realize that their animals to the villagers is like a credit institution (bank) reached four or five years sell their bulls to acquire their different needs, so that caregivers, because it is eaten with bread, rice, kerosene is purchased, phosphorus, also his clothes. Now the bench was a big bull, white with some black spots on its back, was the last time you went to look at the Pasto qata was in December, most villagers had already finished planting the fields for us too we were missing the last seed in the Supun quruy, the farm where grown in those months when the ground has been watered by the rains. All morning I could not find it. I was angry, as ever, my body had warmed up and sweating. When suddenly at the top of Qunani began flying some condors flying closer to me, as if they were patrolling. I went back to the top of that big hill Kano leg where he had found the land Huayrunguito was smooth as I noticed some traces, I was afraid, or sweating more, it was a profound failure in the field, a ravine, in that part was a quagmire ichus seemed torn on the rocks had been white hair, I managed to stay standing, head down, sad, fearful, bench would have fallen into the ravine reaching the ichus.

I started running, downhill, the bench was echadito on the rocks of the avalanche, I was looking for a long time, compared affront in silence. Wamani you that you're your own animals you take him to my bench, we have no money, not buy anything: no bread, no rice, no matches, no clothes, we will be watching the other chocolate makers on December 25. Nor sow in Supunquruy. Karaja Qanra! Maqtillu crying does not work, had every bone broken, his back was flayed, rasmillado, bleeding from his nose, without the right horn was would have been in that gully between ichus. Carapo In the sky the sun shone, the sky was almost clear with some clouds spread over the hills, they moved quietly, thrushes and other birds of the avalanche on chillca loud on the bones, chasing fluttering jumping on the tastes in the avalanche and tayas that high in the sky soon cleared flew on a pair of condors Ay bench, bancuchallay! I could not stop, I jumped into the white collar of stool and cried like never in my life, your body warm, the smell of fresh ichu had just slowly with my joy. I hug your neck, put my face on his back bleeding and began to die at his side believing that the cold that entered his body would reach my veins, into the light of my eyes. Ay malaya life! Waychaw you sing your, your song will forever malaguero.

Modern Methods Of Promoting Banking Credit Products

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This article focuses on the emergence of a qualitatively new approach to attract customers – individuals in the financial and banking institutions and highlight the major challenges to promote "beautiful" banking proposals people-centered. Also, the authors of this paper justify the need to finance public education as an effective way to create a huge number of loyal customers (including the passive part of the Russian population) and to attract more active population in the financial and banking institutions through the promotion of services and products on the domestic financial market. If you want bankinizatsiya the country – action. After a series of frauds on a national scale and the 1998 crisis, Russia's human psychology has undergone significant changes – the desire to invest somewhere else changed their life savings sustained hostility to various financial instruments. Often wishing, for example, a loan to buy a car even speculate what would happen if a creditor bank suddenly "collapse." These thoughts are similar to ideas about what to choose insurance company when you make a CTP on my machine. And in either case, as you know, it does not matter what bank or any insurance company to choose. All that matters is the price issue, but rather the value of spending (In case of a loan – the interest rate, method of calculation and commissions, as in the case of insurance – just the cost). What can we say about the attitude to different ways of investing, available on the domestic market when Most of them uses only that part of the active population, which even in the above times are not lost and managed to earn.

Search Engines

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Submit your site can be more or less time-consuming process, depending on this, what purpose assigned to the developer and what methods of its implementation it uses. In the early to fully comply with all events search engine optimization. Next, we determine to what (or what) the search engine will move the site. The registration process in different search engines: Yandex registration Registration includes the following steps: 1) go to the registration page in Yandex and 2) to enter search form URL-address, and 3) to enter check digits required for the protection from automatic registration. The average time indexing of your site for 2-3 weeks. Registration site in Google is not much different from registration in Yandex. Google provides its own form, which should make the site address and key words. Site indexing is faster than in the Yandex.

Submit your site in Rambler more complicated. It includes the following steps: 1) input to the registration page of sites Rambler; 2) entry in the special field name of the site, which is required to register, and 3) the introduction of URL-address of the home page, and 4) resource description: 3-5 proposals, and 5) input contact information: name, phone number, and 6) providing an email address. Indexing a site in Rambler can take a long time. To promote the site can register it in the catalogs of major search engines. Yandex Directory.

Sign in Yandex catalog available for free – this is certainly a positive thing, but in this case does not give any assurances that this resource falls into the directory lists in general, not to mention the fact that it happened in a short time. You can be assured of a positive result only if the process go faster paid registration. Rambler Top100. Rambler is attractive because of its registration in catalogs free and fairly simple. One need only fill out a short questionnaire. Catalogue of Google. Registration in the Google Directory smallest impact on search results and provides virtually no benefits. On the issue of result affects only the name of the site, which is perceived as a normal text link. Catalog Aporta. The registration process is fairly simple. You must complete the questionnaire, after which it will check. If all goes well, then after a few weeks in the exercise of users searching the site name will be given in the results

Washing a Car

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I think 99% of car owners agree that cars are generally better not to wash. Now if only the air was not so dirty. It soot, ash, chemicals, fumes, exhaust gases. Lac tarnish what we did. And in a practical sense to go on a dirty car is just as unseemly, no, rather the unpleasant, like walking in dirty shoes. Well, if you want to appear in society, to "tanned" auto do is just rude. And manufacturers do not give a miss, for some reason recommend that as soon as possible to remove from the body of pollution, particularly aggressive (salt, traces of insects, oily deposits). A bit of theory.

The essence of the process of washing, both conventional and non-contact, is to separate particulate contaminants from the surface and transfer them to a solution of detergent. After pouring water on the surface of the body are so-called IL-contamination, so firmly mate with lacquer coating that even the water washing facilities under the pressure of more than one hundred atmospheres can not remove them – not enough power. If you wipe the surface with a sponge or cloth – will be cleaner. A soft piece of foam in the field of microcontact surface develops such pressure, which removes particles of dirt, breaking the adhesion. But still the dirt remains. Where mechanical effects can not cope, to cope with chemical surfactants (SAA). But not always surfactants perform its task, and they have to help. If a car to pour water, then car shampoo and rinse, then surely the dirt will remain.

Designer Christian Dorn

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Interview 1 about the successful year of 2012. How would you describe your year 2012? 2012 was a very hyperactive year. There was much to be done and we have done very much in all areas. It is in product development where we have designed new furniture and placed on the market or in sales and marketing, where we have invested much time in acquisition, public relations and social media. 2. What were your personal highlights 2012? The new products made of wood, the new chairs were clearly SOFT and SWEET new side table. Another highlight is the development of OVA in chrome, which is not completed until today, because it is very expensive, until you can produce quality economically and intelligently the part with a. 3.

You’re just the new furniture SOFT and SWEET spoken, which are made of wood. How did the idea to build wooden furniture and how come these customers? seems to be at the time even a little trendy, our models themselves are more timeless, elegant and simple. The products are ecologically and aware hardly treated to create a better living environment. The furniture arrive very well with the customers, which is why we design now even a sofa too SOFT so that it has a seating. 4.

You have given out your furniture at several trade fairs. Which trade fairs were you, how did you like it and what was the response to your products? 2012 we were imm international furniture fair in Cologne, as well as at the ORGATEC in Cologne. The imm was very good, we have closed many press contacts, stands there watching the OVA from the crowd. Also the ORGATEC was very interesting because we have tried the balancing act between Design Studio and the brand of Christian Dorn there for the first time. This brought us some orders for the Design Studio from abroad. Armchair SOFT was very well received, particularly the ecological leather was one of the highlights. The comfort has been praised several times and the processing is a dream. SOFT, a nice all round product is simple. 5. As you have just mentioned, you designed furniture and products for others in addition to the Christian Dorn’s own furniture collection Manufacturer, how has evolved here 2012 business? Also here a lot has happened. This year, we have acquired national and international customers. At the moment, we design such a Chair model together with a European company that is very much active in the objects pane. 6. What can we expect from you this year? There are already concrete plans? In which direction should it go? We are currently in the development of OVA in chrome, which is expected to be 2013 comes on the market. To do this, there will be very probably still an OVA stool. Design as I’ve already said, we just also a SOFT sofa. For the Design Studio have we mid-January at the furniture fair in Cologne. 7. How do you want the future of style loyalty? For the future, I would like a medium-sized collection of furniture which are coordinated and build on each other. Should be best for the object to living area at the same time can be used. Increase in personnel would be nice and more orders for Design Studio.

Egyptian Spiritual

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Arcane major IX of the tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit, encausa the highest spiritual energy. Their lessons speak of the necessity to cultivate the inner life, to move away of the noise and to take care of only the essential. But what it is understood by reflection and spiritual evolution has been changing with running of the centuries, reason why he is interesting to examine the differences in the interpretation of this arcane one that mediate between the Egyptian tarot and the gypsy tarot. The Egyptian tarot was a tarot, essentially, for initiates in hermetic the philosophical tradition. The present tarot, in fact, conserves numerous symbols that send her, symbols that add wealth of meaning to the interpretation as it is realised in our days. In order to include/understand it, no longer it is necessary to be an initiate in philosophical current determining: the gypsy tarot offers to guide and advice to all those need that it.

Each arcane one, in the Egyptian tarot, keeps a particular message for each one of the 3 planes from the existence: the spiritual, the physicist and the mental one. In this tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit is that one that has obtained an intense elevation in the spiritual plane, being able to move away of the temptations of the world. This wisdom acquired at spiritual level also allows a great evolution him to mental level, an absolute communion that allows him to only become one with its ideas. In this way, it obtains that thought and action become the same thing. The majority of the people does not have the objective, in spite of being interested in their evolution and spiritual growth of this state of the being, the ideal and highest to the one than could be inhaled within the hermtical tradition. The Hermit acquires then in the gypsy tarot different connotations.

The material progress has gone in reduction, mainly in the developed nations more, of the spiritual life. By this many people they feel an emptiness in its interior and look for something different, without knowing what is. The Hermit in the gypsy tarot teaches to us that the answer is inside ours. But that we must dive deeply in our interior to find it, coming off to us all superfluous. Who moves away of the noise it only manages to listen to its own voice. And only who discovers his own voice, and he is able to speak with her, finds the way of the true happiness.

European Citizenship

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The only time you need to come to Bulgaria – after the decree on awarding of citizenship. You will need to obtain a passport (domestic and foreign). This procedure takes several days. We will provide you full support in Bulgaria. Will this cause any complications. o The state has effectively existing legal system and rapidly growing economic indicators – 7% annually.

o Excellent geographical location, sea, mountains (skiing resorts of the European significance, developed tourist infrastructure). Wonderful climate (in winter -4 18 C in summer +26-32 C), which combines sea, mountain and forest air, mineral water and a long warm period attract a large number of tourists and immigrants from the CIS countries as well as Europe. o well well-established infrastructure: a cheap cellular and Internet communications, cable television, the widespread Internet network, excellent transport links, low prices for cars (foreign cars are cheaper than in Russia by 50% and sold in installments). o The second country in Europe to provide housing, respectively low prices. Investing in real estate makes a profit 20% per annum. o European level of insurance and health care. o Good level of education, particularly higher education (young people from Greece and Cyprus uchatsya at universities in Bulgaria), the price is symbolic. o Accommodation prices are very low (3-5 times lower than in Europe).

Low cost of goods and services, affordable housing, as well as adopted by the People's Assembly in February 2005 amendment to the law on sale of land to allow foreign individuals to acquire land and property in Bulgaria, make Bulgaria one of the best European countries to the life and investments. o Orthodox religion. o Cultural, quiet, friendly people with respect and even love for the Russian. o Related Languages (conspiracy after 2-3 months, if you just watch TV, you will understand everything almost immediately). Bulgarian passport (passport), which requires no visa, you mozhete move freely throughout Europe, and after 2007 will be eligible to live and work with Bulgarian passport in each European state (from Germany to England) – you citizenship in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Citizenship – European Citizenship! Bulgarian passport – European passport! With European citizenship European passport and all of Europe belongs to you. Visa-free travel – it's just the beginning. Bulgarian passport today – need. Bulgarian citizenship – your most valuable investment. Note: Not required knowledge of Bulgarian language, to get Bulgarian citizenship. Obtaining Citizenship in Bulgaria. You retain your current citizenship. Bulgaria does not notify your home that you have received Bulgarian citizenship.

Membership Once

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com for a total period of six months to view all available hairstyles using their own uploaded image or model image supplied by Strengths: the celebrity hair styles, men hair styles, description and maintenance routine of hair styles, hairstyle articles, face shape information Introduction There is a demo version of the software on the site for you can try. The demo shows a selection of hair styles and how to treat them. Also available for free to visitors is the consultation of hairstyles. To answer some basic questions about your face, age, height, skin color, hair density, gender, color of eyes, etc and then the hairstyle consultation comes back with some recommendations for you to try. It also has several styles to avoid. Several hairstyle articles are also free for visitors to the site.

Some of them cover celebrity hair styles, recent trends and hair related articles. The gifts on the site are very helpful. Membership Once you become a member, you have access to the entire selection of hair styles and you can upload your own photo into the hair styler software. Be sure to upload a good photo with your hair back from her face and a white background. If you can not upload photos on your computer, you can send your photo to the Hair Styler and will do it for you. Upload a photo takes about 10 seconds and allows you to upload as many photos as you want in the composition of six months.