Modern Methods Of Promoting Banking Credit Products

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This article focuses on the emergence of a qualitatively new approach to attract customers – individuals in the financial and banking institutions and highlight the major challenges to promote "beautiful" banking proposals people-centered. Also, the authors of this paper justify the need to finance public education as an effective way to create a huge number of loyal customers (including the passive part of the Russian population) and to attract more active population in the financial and banking institutions through the promotion of services and products on the domestic financial market. If you want bankinizatsiya the country – action. After a series of frauds on a national scale and the 1998 crisis, Russia's human psychology has undergone significant changes – the desire to invest somewhere else changed their life savings sustained hostility to various financial instruments. Often wishing, for example, a loan to buy a car even speculate what would happen if a creditor bank suddenly "collapse." These thoughts are similar to ideas about what to choose insurance company when you make a CTP on my machine. And in either case, as you know, it does not matter what bank or any insurance company to choose. All that matters is the price issue, but rather the value of spending (In case of a loan – the interest rate, method of calculation and commissions, as in the case of insurance – just the cost). What can we say about the attitude to different ways of investing, available on the domestic market when Most of them uses only that part of the active population, which even in the above times are not lost and managed to earn.

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