Egyptian Spiritual

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Arcane major IX of the tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit, encausa the highest spiritual energy. Their lessons speak of the necessity to cultivate the inner life, to move away of the noise and to take care of only the essential. But what it is understood by reflection and spiritual evolution has been changing with running of the centuries, reason why he is interesting to examine the differences in the interpretation of this arcane one that mediate between the Egyptian tarot and the gypsy tarot. The Egyptian tarot was a tarot, essentially, for initiates in hermetic the philosophical tradition. The present tarot, in fact, conserves numerous symbols that send her, symbols that add wealth of meaning to the interpretation as it is realised in our days. In order to include/understand it, no longer it is necessary to be an initiate in philosophical current determining: the gypsy tarot offers to guide and advice to all those need that it.

Each arcane one, in the Egyptian tarot, keeps a particular message for each one of the 3 planes from the existence: the spiritual, the physicist and the mental one. In this tarot, the Hermitage or Hermit is that one that has obtained an intense elevation in the spiritual plane, being able to move away of the temptations of the world. This wisdom acquired at spiritual level also allows a great evolution him to mental level, an absolute communion that allows him to only become one with its ideas. In this way, it obtains that thought and action become the same thing. The majority of the people does not have the objective, in spite of being interested in their evolution and spiritual growth of this state of the being, the ideal and highest to the one than could be inhaled within the hermtical tradition. The Hermit acquires then in the gypsy tarot different connotations.

The material progress has gone in reduction, mainly in the developed nations more, of the spiritual life. By this many people they feel an emptiness in its interior and look for something different, without knowing what is. The Hermit in the gypsy tarot teaches to us that the answer is inside ours. But that we must dive deeply in our interior to find it, coming off to us all superfluous. Who moves away of the noise it only manages to listen to its own voice. And only who discovers his own voice, and he is able to speak with her, finds the way of the true happiness.

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