European Citizenship

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The only time you need to come to Bulgaria – after the decree on awarding of citizenship. You will need to obtain a passport (domestic and foreign). This procedure takes several days. We will provide you full support in Bulgaria. Will this cause any complications. o The state has effectively existing legal system and rapidly growing economic indicators – 7% annually.

o Excellent geographical location, sea, mountains (skiing resorts of the European significance, developed tourist infrastructure). Wonderful climate (in winter -4 18 C in summer +26-32 C), which combines sea, mountain and forest air, mineral water and a long warm period attract a large number of tourists and immigrants from the CIS countries as well as Europe. o well well-established infrastructure: a cheap cellular and Internet communications, cable television, the widespread Internet network, excellent transport links, low prices for cars (foreign cars are cheaper than in Russia by 50% and sold in installments). o The second country in Europe to provide housing, respectively low prices. Investing in real estate makes a profit 20% per annum. o European level of insurance and health care. o Good level of education, particularly higher education (young people from Greece and Cyprus uchatsya at universities in Bulgaria), the price is symbolic. o Accommodation prices are very low (3-5 times lower than in Europe).

Low cost of goods and services, affordable housing, as well as adopted by the People's Assembly in February 2005 amendment to the law on sale of land to allow foreign individuals to acquire land and property in Bulgaria, make Bulgaria one of the best European countries to the life and investments. o Orthodox religion. o Cultural, quiet, friendly people with respect and even love for the Russian. o Related Languages (conspiracy after 2-3 months, if you just watch TV, you will understand everything almost immediately). Bulgarian passport (passport), which requires no visa, you mozhete move freely throughout Europe, and after 2007 will be eligible to live and work with Bulgarian passport in each European state (from Germany to England) – you citizenship in Bulgaria. Bulgarian Citizenship – European Citizenship! Bulgarian passport – European passport! With European citizenship European passport and all of Europe belongs to you. Visa-free travel – it's just the beginning. Bulgarian passport today – need. Bulgarian citizenship – your most valuable investment. Note: Not required knowledge of Bulgarian language, to get Bulgarian citizenship. Obtaining Citizenship in Bulgaria. You retain your current citizenship. Bulgaria does not notify your home that you have received Bulgarian citizenship.

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