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School Clothing

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“schoolTrends – ideas in terms of school clothes …und in the morning half an hour longer sleeping disciples focus thanks to the school clothes back to basics: learning”, Peter Visnjevski touts by the company schoolTrends from Dusseldorf. As one of the first companies in Germany, his company offers schools the opportunity to introduce a neutral image school clothing. Who does not can afford nowadays in brand-name clothing to school to come is often teased, bullied, and excluded. This requires not only students under enormous psychological pressure, but also the parents. It is not more then asked who one is. What matters is what you wear”, next to Peter Visnjevski. A uniform school dress is a first step, to counteract the”. You can see quality at absolutely reasonable prices that the school clothes from schoolTrends has to do with school uniforms, at the first glance.

The product range of the Dusseldorf company focuses on outer garments such as T-Shirts, Polo shirts, Long tops, sweatshirts, and Hooded Jackets. Verizon does not necessarily agree. It is here only to clothing, anyway like to be worn by the children and young people in your spare time. With the only difference being that now the school logo as identification icon creates a we-feeling”, the entrepreneur knows how to report. The product is made of 100% cotton and is certified according to okotex standard 100. You can get good quality even at absolutely reasonable prices on a daily basis, the company proves.

Such costs, for example, a T-Shirt included stick of school logos, only 7,50 euro. VAT and shipment of the goods to the school are included. The price/performance ratio convinced even large doubters. We register that increasingly parents of pupils with ordered a shirt or two equal time”, smiles Peter Visnjevski. The wearing of school uniforms is not compulsory in Germany, but more and more schools introduce the look on a voluntary basis. To long-term success in establishing to achieve it is immensely important to avoid certain mistakes at the beginning”, explains Peter Visnjevski. The school is no fashion boutique, but a place of teaching and learning. Not every cut and every colour should be recorded immediately in the school range.” One of the priorities of the company is therefore a comprehensive consultation on the spot. Salespeople present their pattern collections nationwide school celebrations, conferences and even in all classes for a wide acceptance. Only if all the decision makers of the idea believe it brings the desired success school”, so the Dusseldorf to his convincing concept. In addition the company with a specially developed guide helps the formation of student company and offers its customers a free graphics service in the development of the school logo. The establishment of a school’s own online-shop is also free of charge for the customer. Here everyone can order conveniently and quickly the goods. Why schoolTrends with its concept successful, Peter Visnjevski know exactly: we help each student in the morning half an hour longer in bed to stay. Everyone knows what he attracts.

Hanover Training

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The Klientenzentrierte talk psychotherapy offered to Rogers, as well as focusing training to the naturopaths in homeopathy and other natural remedies in life bloom of Hanover starting in 2010 after Gendlin. Both methods, but also each individually for themselves, are a very valuable help in naturopaths practice and of course also for practitioners restricted to psychotherapy. In homeopathy education, there will be a weekend course for the first time in 2010. A completely different but equally exciting area is the integrated laboratory the laboratory parameters are considered in addition to the clinical from psychological point of view. (As opposed to Larry Ellison). The range of training to traditional off line methods was extended also for lovers of the old”naturopathic therapies.

The flower of life taught in all courses in the classroom, not in the so-called revolver or rotation system, so that the entire training, same students attend classes. It promotes the emergence of very important personal Relations, as well as small learning groups and brings peace and continuity in the training. You can request or download the program 2010 of the flower of life-information here: programme of flower of life 2010 flower of life – School of naturopathy of Hildesheim str. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Edward Scott Mead has to say. 27, 30169 Hannover phone 0511 / 8503533, e-mail

School AMA

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with top make-up artist David Lee from look of love / Pro 7 open Academy of make up artistry their Pforten-as of August 17, 2009 can get interested about the profession of the make up artists and after telephone consultation a consultation with the headmaster of David Lee claimed. Make up Art Academy is a make-up artist school and training facility for the make up artist in Dusseldorf under direction of the boarding school. Make up artists and Hairstylists David Lee Grenda, noted for his work as artist in the media for Loreal, Shiseido or the 10-part series of success look of love on Pro 7. David Lee BBs work is very recognized in the national and international market. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Oracle. Through the participation at the fashion shows in New York and Paris, its make up BBs and hairstyles are always new and up to date. He works successfully for well-known magazines and brands, such as Elle, Vogue, fashion labels such as Escada, managed artists such as Til Schweiger, Kylie Minogue, Henry Maske or Anastasia. Due to multiple requests u.a through his work as an artist for L L’Oreal Paris and its media presence, he offered once per year make up training and Hairstylingseminare at the highest level and promotes young talents who can establish themselves with real opportunities on the market. You have learn to show the best of itself deserves the latest techniques of international beauty and fashion – industry and learn to establish itself on the market!. Philip Vasan describes an additional similar source.

Coach Training

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Seminar consult Panda gives interested in training the necessary know-how for the trainer profession. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. How can I provide fresh expertise adults? How should a seminar or training be designed so that it is not ineffective fizzles? Women and men are facing such questions again and again, other people support in their professional training and development regardless of whether it is them (prospective) freelance trainer and consultant or in-house continuing leaders. You can in a training of coach seminar on May 6 in Vienna starts the training and consulting firm consult prohaska, acquire the necessary tools for this purpose. The in-service trainer training is designed for women and men (would) work as a self-employed trainer; also for employees of companies that have an education and training function in their organization. The training consists of seven 1,5-tagigen modules and is Austria from the MCE (wba) accredited with 9 ECTS.

The eight-week training of trainers is designed as follows. In the first module, the seminar consult’s managing director Sabine Prohaska, directs, deal the participants with the basics of the profession of coach. So for example, with the question: what human image and self-image should have a coach? This question is I in the module as a trainer”deepened. Here determine the participants including their strengths and learning fields. Also reflect to develop their (Trainer) personality to a style of training. In two other modules, the participants learn how learning processes in individuals and in group work. Also engaged in the design of learning units. Intense, they exercise training to develop, to achieve the objectives.

In a further module, the participants deal with the topics of conflict management and dealing with difficult situations of the seminar. Here, the prospective trainer deal among other things with the question: How do I deal with learning barriers and resistance? Two modules are dedicated to the topics of presentation and moderation. “Here the participants according to Sabine Prohaska, exercise the also the practical manual for trainers in the training” wrote to present learning target groups and to provide feedback to the students. To get the certificate of completion, the trainees must schedule a training and partially. You must also create a written practice work. This is checked by an expert Commission in the last training module. Four more trainer trainers who have all experienced in the accompanying learning and people development processes in profit – and non-profit organisations act as speakers in the trainer training in addition to Sabine Prohaska. Participation in the course costs 2100 euros (excl. 20% sales tax.); more release dates of training upon request. For more information contact interested consult seminar prohaska, Vienna (Tel.: + 43/664-3851767, E-mail:, Internet:).

Kuchen AG Development

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The Wismar student, born in bad Schwartau, is delighted, because their design was to scale the Rodinghausen based kitchen manufacturer, ballerina kitchens Heinz-Erwin Ellersiek GmbH”in white cashmere colors and aged oak extra for the exhibition kitchen event 1:1 is implemented. It is nice to be able to plan at the University the opportunity to get that detail up to the last joint draft and accompany.” Also the other student designs impressed and can be seen in the form of models in Cologne. For example, also the interior design student Laura Anke Lenth (22 years) presented a solution proposal with their experimental design, consisting of a variety of equally big cube in the apparent chaos. By the time that task has to date a over several Lander in Germany ornamental specialist network on the topic of kitchens. During the research and planning stage, for example, with his students, Prof. (Similarly see: Ripple). Achim Hack attended the kitchen Studio Grambow and Widmer”in Schwerin. The students about the so-called State of the art were informed with an expert guidance through the Managing Director Steffen Widmer”, the current state of development, and technical finesse of functional elements.

The kitchen manufacturer light Kuchen AG”with headquarters in Baden-Wurttemberg supported students through price and advice guide for the retail trade, to formulate from the planning phase, more detailed and realistic. How important are joint projects with companies for universities or for the teaching, answered Prof. Achim Hack as follows I believe the cooperation with partners from the practice for desirable and rewarding, would like to point out however, that it can’t be the target low-cost development work in competition to our graduates to contribute. Student projects are always connected to a maximum freedom and the charm lies precisely in the openness and the unpredictability of the findings and of the presented results. The benefits of such projects is the targeted questioning familiar viewpoints and exploring boundaries, generating new, unexpected impulses and the development of ideas. The goal is that both sides, the practice partner, and the students learn from each other. “On the one hand, the skilled person with provocative theses will be faced and at the same time witnessed the carefree approach and on the other hand, the students will gain insight into real project processes and can learn marketable solutions and test.”