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Seminar consult Panda gives interested in training the necessary know-how for the trainer profession. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. How can I provide fresh expertise adults? How should a seminar or training be designed so that it is not ineffective fizzles? Women and men are facing such questions again and again, other people support in their professional training and development regardless of whether it is them (prospective) freelance trainer and consultant or in-house continuing leaders. You can in a training of coach seminar on May 6 in Vienna starts the training and consulting firm consult prohaska, acquire the necessary tools for this purpose. The in-service trainer training is designed for women and men (would) work as a self-employed trainer; also for employees of companies that have an education and training function in their organization. The training consists of seven 1,5-tagigen modules and is Austria from the MCE (wba) accredited with 9 ECTS.

The eight-week training of trainers is designed as follows. In the first module, the seminar consult’s managing director Sabine Prohaska, directs, deal the participants with the basics of the profession of coach. So for example, with the question: what human image and self-image should have a coach? This question is I in the module as a trainer”deepened. Here determine the participants including their strengths and learning fields. Also reflect to develop their (Trainer) personality to a style of training. In two other modules, the participants learn how learning processes in individuals and in group work. Also engaged in the design of learning units. Intense, they exercise training to develop, to achieve the objectives.

In a further module, the participants deal with the topics of conflict management and dealing with difficult situations of the seminar. Here, the prospective trainer deal among other things with the question: How do I deal with learning barriers and resistance? Two modules are dedicated to the topics of presentation and moderation. “Here the participants according to Sabine Prohaska, exercise the also the practical manual for trainers in the training” wrote to present learning target groups and to provide feedback to the students. To get the certificate of completion, the trainees must schedule a training and partially. You must also create a written practice work. This is checked by an expert Commission in the last training module. Four more trainer trainers who have all experienced in the accompanying learning and people development processes in profit – and non-profit organisations act as speakers in the trainer training in addition to Sabine Prohaska. Participation in the course costs 2100 euros (excl. 20% sales tax.); more release dates of training upon request. For more information contact interested consult seminar prohaska, Vienna (Tel.: + 43/664-3851767, E-mail:, Internet:).

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