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As in the former GDR has learn my family wrong, have been harassed and was exposed to the Communist regime. My father was critical to the Government, and arrests and night-time pick up the secret police were the result of this criticism more than once.” Never again, he was going back to Romania, but nevertheless he engaged himself today for children and young people in Romania. “There is no future without forgiveness”, this set of Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu have moved him to reconsider. “It is a great pleasure, to keep the eulogy, and I like to remember the ceremony in which my team and I were allowed to accept the prize on reception. That today the Association against oblivion for democracy ‘ is honored, is an important sign. But also, because the organizers decided, making this ceremony in the heart of the Ruhr area. Here in Dortmund, Germany, as in many other cities of the Ruhr area, people of different religions and cultures live side by side and with each other. This is one of the many wonderful aspects characterised the Ruhr.” Peter Maffay pointed out that a colorful company have settled, that dazzle him with every visit from new and by their large part we can learn peaceful dealing.

“That today the Association against oblivion for democracy ‘ here in the Ruhr area the award may assume, is therefore another signal of the Freemasons, to promote civic and political engagement as well as all forms of racism and xenophobia” to confront.” Finally, thanked for the great commitment of the winner with his countless honorary members Peter Maffay and added: “the Freemasons have their freedom, tolerance and humanity to their pillars themselves. Therefore, the Grand Lodge could find no more worthy winners as the Club “Against forgetting for democracy”. Tiefensee: stressed Wolfgang but Tiefensee, the Club and he feel especially honored as its Chairman, because the Grand Lodge not regularly awards the prize “A hundred times own well-being is no common good” in his speech unless she considered a prize corresponding to its high values and ideals worthy. He felt very connected to the price Bohm, Kurt Masur and the laudatory Peter Maffay in light of previous winners, among other Karlheinz. He lamented a “passive”laziness, lack of willingness to confront the passivity against. He denounced the tendency to the misunderstood Inpidualismus, “the fact” says: I put out my interests. Hundred times own well-being is but”no public interest. As a result this passivity, of emotional apathy, the tendency of exclusion worry the most his club. “The tendency to treat fringe groups, inhumane moves in the midst of society.” His club would like more participation of people in the society, more commitment, more civil courage. “Dictatorships have a glue that holds them together: the fear.” We offer the courage to this!

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