Lange + Ritter GmbH: UPEX 091455 LOW SHRINK

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successfully introduced into the market for GRP production Gerlingen, 10.02.2011. Components made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, popularly called fiberglass known, becoming more and more important, in vehicle construction, or in the construction of wind power plants win. The long + Ritter GmbH, specialist for fiber composites, successfully launched the UPEX resin developed 091455 LOW SHRINK in the market. Everywhere where high demands on dimensional accuracy and surface quality provided, UPEX 091455 can be inserted perfectly”, explains Riki Rosson, Managing Director of long + Ritter GmbH, the benefits of resin, which is used for the production of GRP parts in the injection procedure. UPEX can 091455 LOW SHRINK both RTM and RTM-method light, which form parts of thermosets manufactured, come to the application. The resin can be used immediately and is therefore easy to handle. The low viscosity of the resin allows that UPEX 091455 in all common injection and Infusion mashing is used”, explains Riki Rosson. When the processing time is flexible can customer selecting appropriate peroxides and be varied by the addition of accelerators or retarders far.

Further advantages of UPEX are 091455 LOW SHRINK greatly reduced shrinkage, which results in a significantly reduced fiber sign-off as well as the low viscosity of 350 mPas and the fast fibre impregnation. In addition, to avoid a fall in resin-rich corners. Short cycle times, low reaction and resistance make UPEX 091455 now for many customers of Lange + Knight to the indispensable component in the production of GRP parts. More information about UPEX 091455 and Lange + Knight see here: content/index.php press contact Gerhard Baumann GmbH & co. KG Schorndorfer Strasse 42 71638 Ludwigsburg telephone: eMail: more information Riki Rosson Managing Director Lange + Ritter GmbH diesel 25 70839 Gerlingen phone: 07156/2006-12 eMail: corporate information: company Lange + Knights headquartered in Gerlingen specializes in fiber reinforcements, vacuum accessories, sandwich materials, resins and Acrystal. In our product range you will find everything required on raw material, reinforcing fibres, additives and additives in the resin processing. Click Chase Coleman to learn more. As a specialist distributor for fiber reinforced plastic moulded parts manufacturer Lange informed + Knight his customers always about the latest technical developments, discusses properties and applications reliably and competently and currently passes the technical know-how of its suppliers.

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