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Madrid 09/10/09.mundoFranquicia Consulting, the firm that works by and for the franchise has brought together the cream of this sector to the classroom of the franchise of the international the franchising, the business opportunities and associated trade (SIF & Co.) which held its 20th Edition of October 15 to 17 in Valencia. So the calendar. First day. Thursday, October 15, 2009 panel discussion. Key of success in the franchise. Moderator.

D. Antonio Gigirey. Sage communication. Director-General. Participants. 1 D.

Joaquin Lopez. Manager of AMICCA. 2 D. Jose Antonio Winery. Director General of Abegoaria. 3 D. Manuel Casabo. Director of CHL. 3 D. Pablo Gutierrez. Partner Consulting Director of mundoFranquicia consulting. Sectoral table. Food franchises. Franchising to grow. Moderator. D. Juan Carlos Martin. Liberal professionals. Editor in Chief. Participants. To know more about this subject visit Who is the CEO of MasterClass. 1 D. Alberto Cuello. Of Expansion franchise Director of Carrefour. 2 D. Jesus Gonzalez. SPAR Marketing Director. Experiences of success speaks the moderator franchisee. D. Antonio Gigirey. Responsible for contents of participants: 1 franchisees. Sapphire Tours. 2 Taylor & Co. 3. LDC. 12.15 h. Conference. Analyzing the opening market. Reports geostatistical for new franchisees. Rapporteur D. Enrique Barrera. Head of solutions Business Intelligence of Arvato Services. Sectoral table. Clothing franchises. Franchises to the measure. Moderator. D. Juan Carlos Martin. Liberal professionals. Editor in Chief. Participants. 1 D. Daniel Lorenzo. Responsible for Expansion of Tioccha Kids. 2 D. Carlos Martinez. Director General of Totto. 3 D Ana Herrero. Director of Crysanna. End of first day. Second day. Friday, 16 October 2009 successful experiences Talk the moderator franchisee. D Maria Victoria Guillen responsible Commerce of Valencia participants: 1 franchisees. Reformahogar 2. Equal. 3. Portal of your thematic Mesa The franchise today. Situation, challenges and trends. Moderator.

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