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In this respect, rhetoric contains always a dual role and should be both art and science. One is about the art, to convince people of a view or an action to move, on the other hand the science of effective talk. Fishbowl fishbowl is a method of discussion leadership in large groups. The method has its name after Seating: it looks like a goldfish bowl, sit to the participants in the district. The Fishbowl method (also indoor / outdoor circle method), a small group of participants of the plenary in the inner circle (in the “goldfish bowl”) examples discussed the topic, while the other participants in an outer circle watch the discussion. To a participant from the outer circle is contribute to the discussion, he can change places with a member of the inner circle. The work of the inner circle can be discussed at the end with the entire group.

The Fishbowl method can be performed with a discussion moderation in moderation represents a stable part of the inner circle. Nonviolent Communication, nonviolent communication (NVC) is a concept developed by Marshall B. Rosenberg. It should enable people to deal with each other that the flow of communication in the long run leads to more confidence and joy in giving. GfK may in this sense both the everyday communication and peaceful conflict resolution in the personal, professional or political area may be helpful.

Is not in the foreground, other people to a particular action to move, but an appreciative relationship to develop, providing long term more cooperation and common creativity of life. Synonyms are”sensitive communications, connecting communication, language of the heart, giraffe language. Controversy, a controversy is a longer-lasting hassle, or a debate. As controversy can be a private debate of two individuals as well as the two parties dispute. It is in the nature of the controversy, that she can not be completed with the intention of closing either/or; It is therefore often accompanied by controversy and dispute. Quelle/(C) by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Editor By the way, I know: opposites are complementary. (Contraria sunt Complementa. (Niels Bohr)). This is the and logic of a vitalist Systemikers. (C) 2012 copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, specialist for systemic communication, all rights reserved! WWWSchwalm 05.5.

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