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One would like to think he wanted to once again pleased to report colleagues in their requests from personal observations from the Iran, access under the arms. And who Please us makes it clear that Zack of this Hussarenstuck celebrate leaving in the Iran as a success? Who makes it clear us that threaded a visit to Europe is part of a propaganda campaign to demoralize the opposing population and to win friends in the West through “Cooperation”? It’s been more than half a year, since Ali Khamenei has flown his Ambassador and Kulturattachees in the Iran, to urge them to a culture offensive to the West. The Iranian Ambassador in Germany Sheik Attar is a loyal follower of Ali Khamenei. He seems to have good wires to key people in Germany. Some Iran experts say good contacts between the German Iranian Chamber of Commerce and some media professionals at ARD and ZDF. Who wanted to prove that and who doubt? In the Netherlands in any case, there was no gateway to have Zack and its annex.

The visit had to be cancelled, the Dutch were to awake. Gradually turned a good week after the announcement of the high visit in the middle of the silly season yet German politicians, who know the Iran, a. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs. Omid Nouripour, himself interested in dialogue with representatives of the regime (two events canceled after protests with the Ambassador of IRI Sheik Attar), has written a diplomatic and friendly letter to the two directors of ARD and ZDF and carefully checked to what because the secrecy should. He stressed in the letter, you have the mistakes made with the leaders of Iran have sought non-critical dialogue the last years and expresses his hope of the intendant would have attached criticism. Outraged by the left responded NUJ Sayan and clearer words. There is talk of a “Pact (the German broadcasters) with the censorship”. However, we should ask who accept the representatives of the regime as a dialogue partner, even if it should be a critical dialogue.

The representatives of the IRI legitimize a certain interpretation of Islam required literal, unconditional obedience and gscdt strictest penalties. This reading despised any interlocutor, not the has the same beliefs. Superficially, the dominions cant kindness, goodness and partnership to achieve their goal. In reality they hold iron to their goals, which only show if it’s too late. Goal of the IRI is the reordering of the world, the management of the world according to their own taste and the preparations for the physical return of Imam Mahdi, a messianic Gestal t. With representatives of the regime only someone can lead if anything, a dialogue which exactly knows the source of the legitimacy of this regime and can reveal the twists, dodges and manipulations. A dialog is not without conditions. Minimum standards are honesty, openness, genuine interest in the world of ideas of the interlocutor. Everything else is no dialogue. Is it compatible with political and economic interests of power? Or are journalists and politicians in the pockets for various reasons to lie and hope to get away with? In Germany, we take further fatal consequences for the Civil society in the Iran in purchase? Who is benefiting? Why is play with open cards? Should around not only the Iranian civil society be drivers? With the first, is not good enough, maybe it looks better with the second, for these and similar questions you wished the third eye, but because it honestly think seem scarce. Helmut N. fork,

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