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Yuri Gagarin

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Go tell – an attack rather primitive, but if you want someone (like a certain site admin) to spoil life – just right:). All the attacks are legitimate – no cheats, hacks etc. Lawrence Ellisons opinions are not widely known. So we will not use the forms sending data from another site in order to circumvent the limitation of input length characters. Just in the field, which we provided for filling shall introduce any garbage that is simply not provided. So, as said Yuri Gagarin, go! Now I will give what you can do with forms, provided that the script admin is not copied. If you would like to know more about Scott Mead, then click here.

Right Amendment – all the code will surround the stars – * code * The user name. Here you can laugh heartily at admin and all the rest. The fact is that it is absolutely unclear to me reasons, the authors have violated the freedom of speech users and then pay for it. As you can see in the code files that store messages, the authors use delimiters # # #, : msg_start:, : elmail:, : snd_date: and : ip_dev:. And there would simply change the angle brackets on the character codes and all is well. They decided to act tough – cut and everything. Well, to your health! We replace the user name # # # or other separator and We enjoy the fact that the user name will not appear. Great, right? You look just like the record and do not understand what was going on. You can use special characters that are in the symbol table for the conversion Name of character codes – make nasty fast! Can be much more to write, but it will be reduced to all sorts of variations in the above so there is nothing interesting.


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How to free up TCI and PR of your site? The most popular request in the search engines among new webmasters found the "how to raise the TCI and free PR site / Bologa," Mechanisms of TCI (thematic citation index) is to get inbound links to your project. The trick is to get inbound links is a subject sites. If your site is about cooking, then the link will be in the eyes of Yandex more valuable if it is a site similar themes, such as healthy eating or manufacturer prodkuktov. You may find AMCU to be a useful source of information. In general, external links – a measure of credibility in the eyes of search engines, and the higher the value, the more loyal to do with your share from the side, in this case, Yandex, and the more expensive it can be sold from your site. However, it does not affect the issuance of search queries. Ways to improve thematic index of citing can be both paid and free of charge to new webmasters certainly the most popular free ways, although they are more expensive both in time and in the attached forces. Here are the main ways to get links to TCI raise: 1. Make a link exchange with thematic sites.

Contact admin by email and arrange a reciprocal link exchange. 2. Visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more clarity on the issue. List your site in thematic directories, it is desirable to have moderated. List directories can be easily naguglit online. 3. Publish articles on websites and forums with a link to your website.

4. You can buy a paper on exchanges of articles. 5. You can buy links on stock exchanges of links, such as Sape. 6. Leave comments blogs dofollow. 7. Sometimes triggered from user profiles, links to websites, portals and forums. 8. Very rarely trigger link checking service website. Each day the site in 3 – 5 directories, thereby gradually increase the referential mass, and TCI, respectively. The sharp increase in TCI can be punished with ban from a Yandex, so the Grow better, slowly but surely. The increase in this parameter as a TIC interest of webmasters who want to make money online on your website or blog.

Russian Bookmarks

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Adding a site to social bookmarking sites – one of the good ways of site promotion in search engines. Social bookmarking – is a bookmark that is visible not only you but other users of the site and, consequently, search systems. They are usually well indexed, so a link is placed you in such a bookmark is fast becoming visible to all search engines. Better choose a bookmark, you can place direct links to their sites. Some companies offer a certain amount of money to add your site to a hundred or more bookmarks automatically. For more specific information, check out Joseph Mathunjwa.

But the problem is that there are not many sites where you can add social bookmarks in Russian, so even with the direct links to websites. Most of these tabs will be either with indirect links that search engines consider when indexing, or in English, which quickly remove your site from the description and the Russian content. So I think to spend the money makes sense only if your site has the English version, then it is desirable to provide a firm and also an English version of the title and site description to register for social bookmarking. If your site is no English version, it's better just type in Google search string "social bookmarking" and you'll be able to find the most popular ones. After that, just register and add any number of bookmarks with descriptions of sites, tags. Learn more at: Barnard College. You can even add multiple bookmarks at the same site but on different pages, respectively, with a different name and description.

This is important if you want to improve not only the rating of the home page, but some internal pages. Although there is important to know when to stop. If you add a single site and it dozens of links to different pages, it is likely to be regarded as spam. Therefore it is better to add no more than 5 links on the same site, plus links to some other sites. But for even better promotion of your website, well, if a bookmark for this site will add more than one person. For this You can place on your site code buttons, offering visitors to add it to favorites, and even bookmarks can be shared with administrators of other sites, that is, you add to your bookmarks their site and they are yours. You do do not hard, since you have already registered and can add as many tabs, it will be even less suspicious if you add a bookmark is not on one site. A page that has been added to your bookmarks in different users will be several times higher than found in the search for key words, and therefore more likely to attend its search engine. So you can greatly improve your site ranking in major search engines.

Company Websites

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Let us guide your company has decided – we urgently need a website! Let's see if he really needed you so and whether to bear some financial costs of creating a website. Web site is one of the powerful promotional tool and a tremendous source of information for your future clients. In our time, is very problematic to find a successful company that does not have a web site. Although the site is just a small thread in the World Wide Web, but its main goal to provide as much as possible information about the company, product or service, tell and show visitors the maximum efficiency, to convey to them the importance of cooperation in this your company, identify your competitive advantage. And the more informative will be your corporate website, the higher the likelihood that potential customers are increasingly likely to become your real customers. Consider a small example from our own experience in the field of web development: Sometimes our customers ask us: why you need to specify the price on the site, publish price lists, described in detail in our directory products and yes even put a photo? That client will come to our office (or store) then we'll show them all in detail and explain. The answer is simple corny – because this is not correct. The potential client simply close your site and go to the site of the competition that filled his site the most comprehensive and useful information. Create a site for a company can be considered successful if and only if your site conveys to potential customer need to order goods or services from you. Any established site should attract customers, not repel them. Need to clearly understand the importance of creating the site, filling it with relevant information and of course the subsequent promotion of the site.

Internet Site

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If you want a real business on the Internet, should pay only for quality education! To help you themselves could. Themselves able to offer its paid services. In any case, to create a profitable business you’ll need your own website. Without it, earnings in the Internet is possible, of course, but the business – not likely. This is a rather complicated matter for the beginner, to create a website.

But, in fact, it’s not so difficult. Just now, for you are many unknown and incomprehensible. Not terribly. From this it may help you step by step, very interesting, both free and paid video tutorial Ivan Burykina. Of course, the details of paid lessons and more complete, you will not have to strain to reach some of the things themselves. With the paid classes you create a fast and easy and professional website everything that is attached to it. And you can even ask questions on this topic to the author, if you will appear.

But with free lessons a simple informational site, you are guaranteed. Need only your desire. A Here is the next step, perhaps the most complex. But this is a very important step. The site needs to be done frequently visited, or what it is, if there is none. And the more visitors a day will be on your site, the faster develop your business, the higher your income. With this challenge will help you cope invaluable, detailed step by step video tutorial Yusuf Gubaidullina Among them also have free and paid. Free lessons will teach you untwist the most common sites are labor-intensive way. If you want to learn the secrets of quick and easy promotion of any site (and you will need for successful business is not a site) – is paid classes. Start with affiliate programs? But how? No problem! Wonderful teacher to work with affiliate programs, Dmitry Pecherkin, make you a highly professional partners Runet. I suggest you pay attention to the page Top infoprodukty, To understand why I advise you to just those of the authors and their product. But to the Internet for Dummies became clearer and more interesting, I’ll fill your site with new and new pages with the available training information. Such as: – the root of the site – how to make a screenshot of the page – how to Establish an automatic site map or as a file sitemap.xml; – how to create a simple feedback form on this site and others. I can create themes to your order for free. Requests and suggestions in the feedback. I will try to explain everything as fully as possible and accessible. I would like to our communication through the page “Internet for Dummies’ has been enjoyable and rewarding for both parties.

Turnbased Strategy

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Instruction in a fun '… For the welfare of Russia has it all. Russia lacks only the enterprise. " Mendeleev Nothing is more important than finding customers. Well they would come to you, but no: the competition gives them a choice, and they go where loud scream. That clients have heard of the company's services business in polyphonic parade, equally many are willing to pay, and small regional companies and large multinational corporations. Moreover, "A lot a loose concept. With some 2 million on an advertising campaign "will be enough," but somewhere fighting for every ruble.

Before the departments of advertising, pr, marketing and sales is a goal to draw attention to products or services company as much as possible of potential (preferably real) customers. And if the big-budget opens the door to the magic of the ubiquitous TV, Radio, Outdoor and Internet advertising, small humbly relying on smart employees and their natural ingenuity. Where we did not disappear? $ Study desk for $ "Who owns the information – he owns the world," Nathan Rothschild search begins with the customer to find information about them. This simple arithmetic is in fact capable of significantly inhibit any great undertaking, especially when it comes to distributing goods in a certain group of customers quickly. The newspapers mentioned Rory Sutherland not as a source, but as a related topic. "Fire" makes the information valuable liquidity and the need for rapid retrieval reliable and quality information is a vital undertaking. If the company does not own department of specialists focused on the collection, treatment, monitoring of the unique primary data and are bringing information obtained in a single database, you can concentrate full-time manager for the monitoring of secondary data (published in the media, various reference systems, reports, marketing firms, etc.).

Promote Strategy

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In this article I would like to raise the question of what strategy to promote your site is the best? There are two key points 'best' and 'strategy'. At Southwest Airlines you will find additional information. And so with others, we will deal in this article. Right should make a reservation, we consider here a strategy to promote information and thematic resources on which the visitor can get an interesting and useful information. Strategies for moving sites focused solely on advertising or providing some services / products (online shopping sites, business-card companies, etc.) are outside the scope of this article. Traditionally, the 'best' (optimal and efficient) is estimated by some pre-specified criteria.

What criteria can be in this case? Attendance? Oh yes, of course attendance:). Only now what attendance? The traditional answer to this question is the attendance of 'target audience '. But, unfortunately, is a magical combination of words does not eliminate all problems. Suppose we make the right optimization of a site selected by our search (request), registered the site in directories and have certain traffic of visitors from search engines. Then the fun begins.

Let's try to look at what is happening through the eyes of the visitor. Here we go, we found some on our site in one of the search systems. And what we see there? Nothing. Unfortunately, often we do not see there anything sensible and safely leave. At least I can say this for myself, about 9 out of 10 website is hollow. Does this mean ineffectiveness of strategies to promote your site in search engines? Of course not. This strategy has its purpose fulfilled. A man came to the site, what more was demanded of her? However, we would like to see this man stayed on site, periodically returning to it, and ideally acquired some paid services, if any. Is it possible that in the absence of quality content? Of course not.

Contextual Advertising

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Contextual advertising – is one of the most effective ways to convey information you provide goods or services to the target audience in the shortest possible time. Unlike seo, which requires time, Message context immediately guaranteed stream of visitors to your site. As a rule, since the registration system before the first show is not more than one hour. The main difference between the content of Traditional banner is a more narrow target audience by displaying advertisements only to users requests that match the keywords for your announcement. Ad units placed on sites with high traffic areas, thematic resources, as well as on the pages of search engines. And your Message displayed only to visitors who typed in the search query matches the keyword chosen to describe your campaign.

Position in the ad unit depends on the rate-per-click, the higher you are on the list, the more traffic to your site, but the more expensive it costs you. In accordance with your budget you choose the best option of accommodation. Here are some suggestions how to properly organize their contextual ad campaign: – The most important thing here – the right choice of keywords, try to choose the most appropriate phrase, clearly describing the advertised resource. Avoid duplicate keywords across ad groups. – Properly set up geo targeting. (Similarly see: Larry Ellison). For example, if you sell goods certain regions, assign these regions as a goal, instead of choosing 'All regions'. – Point users to the correct page that meets the request. In Russia, the largest players in the market Service content are Yandex and Begun.

Their details and look at. Runner's largest content network, operating in this market since 2002. Message Begun shown on such well-known sites, as Rambler, Aport, Mail.Ru, news and more. Statistics, reports, ad targeting, in general, all as it should. Position in the ad unit is determined by auction, advertising agencies offer discounts up to 30%. There opportunity to image campaign, carried banners showing contextual format 600h90. Also take under the control of your advertising campaign for the $ 99 license fee per month. From 14/09/2006 to accept advertising network free hosting. Among the clients Begun: rbc,, Renaissance Capital Bank. Yandex.Direct Comfortable and functional contextual advertising system. Register in the system, come up with a text Message, pick keywords that identify conditions of the show, set a price per click, which determines the position of your announcement in the block. Advertisements are placed on pages most search engine Yandex katologa and participating sites Yandex Advertising Network. Opportunity targeting, interdiction platforms, autofocus, , statistics on clicks and impressions. Can be trusted to manage your campaign, Yandex, in this case, every single payment for one or more of your campaigns should not be less than 15000 rubles. plus vat.

Web Design

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Please note that at this stage (!) A person wants to buy a skyscraper. but! A person usually is not limited to the discovery of a single site. To compare prices and services need to view multiple sites. Now the goal of your website is to leave a good impression as a potential customer and turn it into a buyer. This problem is solved by the creation of professional website design, quality text and easy to navigate. Thus, we can identify the main components of a successful site: 1.

development of structure and site code 2.professionalny Web Design 3. optimization and website promotion to attract visitors if all conditions are satisfied – you get a constant stream of visitors, aimed at the purchase of goods sold by you, and you just periodically update the website and make a profit. Munear Kouzbari may help you with your research. With the proper investment of money in the creation and promotion of the website, proceeds from sales quickly pay for all costs of developing and maintaining the Site. Council. Creating a site better only to trust a Web studio that offers a full range of web design, creation and promotion of internet site.

Many call it "creating sites a turnkey basis. First, you will not get into a situation where you are told that cheaper to completely rewrite the code for your site than to promote it as such. And it is very often the case when the creation of a site is taken unfamiliar with the principles of search engine optimization webmaster. Secondly, it usually comes out even cheaper. In addition, a web studio with extensive experience in developing websites, prompt how to better organize the site of your subjects, drawing on experience from previous clients with similar orders. What are the advantages Internet advertising? Let's start with the fact that only internet advertising, namely, search engine optimization and contextual rekalami, allows us to offer products and services specifically for people who are interested in them at this time. All you remains – it is beautiful to present their products or services. In addition, other types of advertising is an important task – is to find prospective buyers in a vast number of disinterested people and get their attention. Internet users, advertising agencies have full statistics of site visits, traffic sources and behavior of visitors on the site. This helps to quickly detect and correct errors and ineffective action. No other advertising can not. And finally, the low cost. Why should not delay the creation of the site for the future is known, the market leader in most is the one who had memorized the first buyers. For regional companies, where competitiveness still low, it is especially important. In addition, the age of the site is one of the most important factors influencing its position in search results. That is, the longer a site there, the less forces and the costs required to launch it on the first positions in search results. All this speaks in favor of the creation, promotion and your own website to attract new clients and customers.

It Is Cheaper To Buy Ready-made Website Or Do It Yourself ?

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This question is ambiguous, and the answer will depend on many details. If you decide to buy ready-made website, you should be aware of the fact that it would not seem to be very individual, because most likely created by general patterns. On the other hand, if you're not good at creating a website, then you only and best option is to buy ready-made website. But if you put some effort in the search, you can find a studio, which is professionally engaged in creating websites on any subject and any orientation. Oracle is a great source of information. These studios offer you the following possibilities: buy a ready-made websites to buy sets of templates for subsequent self- creating the site, ordering a site on a particular topic. For most organizations, simply order a website or buy a ready-made (often not even fully advertised). The price for such sites depend on its structure and design, which is very important for the buyer, since the superior quality of the site – individuality. Therefore, the template sites are purchased primarily for private use or for purposes that do not require a great personality of the resource.. People such as Faris Ayoub would likely agree.

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