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One of the most famous interpreters of reggaeton is Tito El Bambino, who these days has been doing a lot of productions for all their fans who see in this representative of the above-mentioned pace one of its best exponents because the versatility of his compositions, as well as the constant renewal that makes his subjects and their improvisations on stage and in his most recent musical deliveries. Former member of the famous duo’s reggaeton Hector y Tito, decided to undertake his solo career at the end of the year 2006 with the support of the public who saw it grow along with former teammate of battle, giving him the necessary recognition with the premiere of his production debut Top Of the Line. In it, Tito El Bambino explores the deepest Reggaeton roots, that accommodates your particular style of singing and presentation to the achievement of a new way of seeing the genre that has done so recognized. Runs and dile, Sonsoneo, Mia (where does presentation with Daddy Yankee), your waist (along with Don Omar) and Flow Natural (combination with Beenie Man and Devani), were some of the most outstanding productions of this release that began to consolidate the name of Tito El Bambino within the musical scope Reggaeton. Presentations, recognitions and great collaborations with other colleagues did Tito El Bambino one strong Reggaeton names, at the same time that consolidated his own clothing brand, T Bambino, characterized by commercializing the look that characterizes the atmosphere of reggaeton with its particular shirts, pants known Court informal and accessories such as sunglasses, blings blings and chains. This facet helped him, in addition to gaining a considerable source of income, to consolidate its name as a versatile brand that just could move under the strata of the fashion and music without any problem. And Titus seems don’t know stay still, because the following year of its launch debut was with a new production called Its My Time, of which we can highlight cuts such as Fans, La Busco, En la Disco and Sun, beach and sand. To broaden your perception, visit Lisa Scullin. This season, Tito El Bambino has released his latest album El Patron with different melodic tests, of which already are considered almost classics of reggaeton release you, Mi Cama Huele a Ti, grasp it and Under..

Trade Management

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The project was required to unite in a system based on the '1 C: Enterprise 8 '7 operation, retail and back office. The objectives of the project specialists 'BIT' together with the customer identified: obtaining more productive system, ready to scale with the expansion of chain stores and allows to solve the problems in the future automation of budgeting; reduction cost to broadcast data and analysis of data from different databases, accounting for several entities in one database; connection to a single information system of commercial equipment in the stores and warehouse; reducing costs in the area of sales accounting fees; reducing the cost of maintaining the regulated accounting. To achieve the objectives in the back office has been selected product '1 C: Operations Management Enterprise 8 ', because it allows you to create a common information space for all business units and has the necessary functionality for the further implementation of the budgeting system. For automation of retail outlets were chosen solution '1 C: Trade Management 8 '. In addition, the company 'ICE' was supplied the necessary Equipment: bar code scanners and label printers for retail stores.

All work is completed within 3 months, the system covered 37 jobs in seven stores. Have been automated following areas: Managing procurement; Inventory; Wholesale sales; Retail sales; Commission trade; Inter-company sales of; Regulated Accounting. Running an information system was implemented simultaneously in the central office and in the shops. All the shops are run remotely, previously there had installed the software and commercial equipment.